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World, New Age - 25 (1.12%)
Avant-Garde - 33 (1.48%)
Folk, Country - 23 (1.03%)
Ska - 4 (0.18%)
Electronic (general) - 449 (20.17%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 55 (2.47%)
- Club, Dance - 85 (3.82%)
- D&B - 85 (3.82%)
- House - 222 (9.97%)
- Trance - 132 (5.93%)
- Industrial - 45 (2.02%)

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Plugin Gui 99Sounds Project Pegasus Kontakt - Free Boz Digital Labs - New Plugin: +10db Acustica Amber EQ (Acqua VST Plugin) Greetings from Per @ SampleTekk New Maschine owner needs help w software (OSX) reverb in master channel?? Michael Brun Samples? Ableton Plugin Skinnerbox: TIME & TIMBRE [PGZBLUR005] Beatzquit - Sacred | Progrezo


fresh releases

sound effects, loops
Magnaloops Thread Sounds WAV Exs24-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 25 November 2014 | 1.14 GB
'Thread Sounds' is an inspiring massive Cinematic sound design collection for music producers and sound designers. You will find amazing dynamic instruments, soundscapes, big expensive drones, scores, mysterious textures, powerfull drums, FX and loops.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Abletontemplates - Week End screenshot
Just skip ahead to the 4:00 minute mark and listen to the track in full bloom. It's a thing of beauty. Nedbass has created an awesome Progressive House template jam packed with cool effects, production techniques and energy. Ableton producers can learn a whole lot from a project file such as this. This is a great tool for anyone who wants to take their musical knowledge to the next level, and beyond.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Abletontemplates - Accivi screenshot

Ableton producers are going wild playing around and building on this project file. Seriously, you gotta listen to this one the whole way through. It has that SICK Avicii kind of sound and teaches you how to reproduce the same sound. Blood & Sand did an amazing job putting this template together and intentionally left the vocals to a minimum. This is where you step in and add your own samples, soundbanks and style. You're an hour or two of creative input away from having a Swedish style hit in your synthesizer. You got this!
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Abletontemplates - Massive Dance screenshot
It really gets interesting after 45 seconds when all the sounds connect and the vibe of the song hits you. Magic Tracks making fire in the studio again...and we're thankful! 'Massive Dance' offers heaps of production knowledge jam packed into a 1:37 minute template. Play with all the MIDI channels and you'll enhance the music even more. Let's get it rockin'!
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Abletontemplates - Busted screenshot
This. Is. A. Banger. Magic Tracks has got HUGE talent and even bigger potential. We're not quite sure why he's giving away all his production secrets in templates, but we suspect it's because he wants other producers to succeed in creating the dance music hits of the future. His story is remarkable, and is a true inspiration to the rest of us. Open up this project file and reverse engineer 'Busted'. It's amazing to think that with your input it could get even better. Don't know til you try...
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Abletontemplates - Chill screenshot
Congratulations to Nedbass for making something so cool and sharing it with the world. This Deep House template for Ableton rocks it in every way. Perfectly balanced, nicely mastered, and packing a range of sounds, you're sure to build something you'll be proud of with this as a headstart. Break down parts of the project file and learn everything at your own pace. Take that knowledge and apply it everywhere else. This is progress.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Abletontemplates - Deadnau5 screenshot

Just in case you were working in Ableton one day and wanted to know what the inside of a Deadmau5 project file looks like...well here's something that is as close as it gets to recreating his signature sound. He is a pioneer in the industry and is always innovating - dissect this template and learn the techniques that helped define his productions. Nedbass did a SICK job putting this file together and included 7:44 minutes of intense knowledge and practical skills that will bring you up to the next level. Jump to the 2:20 minute mark and listen how it evolves from here...building on this is about as fun as it gets as a producer.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Abletontemplates - Deeper screenshot
Another high quality Deep House template from Nedbass - it's got that classic piano/synth sound that people just love. The basic framework of something really awesome is here - we'll admit that with your input in switching up the MIDI and perhaps a vocal layer, it will be a lot better. While you edit this project file, you'll inevitably learn proper composition tricks and how to create a truly balanced sound. Ableton producers have given us great feedback from this. Watch the video first and get a sense of what this template looks like on the inside.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Abletontemplates - Electro Random screenshot
There's a reason Complextro music has taken off and shows no signs of slowing. It's like Electro meets Dubstep with a hint of House - it's really beautiful in a weird kind of way. The vocals in this track add another dimension that brings this track to life. Fast-forward to the 1:20 minute mark and listen for this perfectly executed drop. This will probably be one of the most fun project files you'll ever get your hands on.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Abletontemplates - Feel Me screenshot
Now this is a good Ableton template. It's got a crisp sound and excellent use of different tools. It uses Operator throughout and the synths can be modified in so many different ways. This is probably one of the most fun templates to customize because it's already so advanced. The compression on this track is really clean as well. Fast-forward to the 4:00 minute mark and take a listen. We'd love to hear how you remix this track!
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Abletontemplates - Karmon Style screenshot
Smooooth. How else could we possibly describe this Deep House track. Watch the video because there's few words that could express how cool it is to make a sound like this using only the tools available in Ableton. Nedbass is very conscious of making templates that gives people the maximum amount of value and production knowledge. This one is no exception - you'll love the way your music sounds once you've mastered the techniques you'll learn in this project file. It's a great investment.


lounge » music
The Audio Sexed Album Is Finally Here!!! screenshot
There is nothing wrong with your computer. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next 2 hours, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your computer. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to – the sexy limits.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Abletontemplates - Burn it Up screenshot

When will the reign of Magic Tracks ever end? This file is pure FIRE. What a unique sound...great use of compression, awesome all around effects - shall we continue? Listen for yourself starting at the 40 second mark. Rewind and hear that drop again. And again. And again. Now make it yours!
Education » Literary » Magazines
Professional Audio - Magazin für Aufnahmetechnik Dezember 12/2014 screenshot
Professional Audio - Magazin für Aufnahmetechnik Dezember 12/2014
German | True PDF | 100 Pages | 11.9 MB

Professional audio bietet durch Produktvergleiche und im eigenen Testlabor durchgeführte Produkttests eine fundierte Kaufberatung für Musiker und Toningenieure, vom anspruchsvollen Amateur bis hin zum Semiprofi und Profi. Ausführliche News-Strecken, umfangreiche Marktübersichten, Reportagen, Workshops und Interviews ermöglichen einen umfassenden Überblick über neue Trends und Produktangebote.
Samples » multitrack, acapella
Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux Feat. Kalibwoy - Legends Stems screenshotFORMAT: WAVE | RAR5 SIZE: 41.8 MB | EXTRACTED SIZE: 86.3 MB
Yellow Claw is a Dutch DJ trio from Amsterdam, Netherlands.[1] The group consists of Bizzey (Leo Roelandschap), Jim Aasgier (Jim Taihuttu) and Nizzle (Nils Rondhuis). Their music is a mix of wide range of genres and often incorporates elements from trap music, hip hop, dubstep, electro house and moombahton.
Prime Loops Procussion screenshot
WAV REX2 | 840 MB
Rhythm and melody collide in "Procussion", the tempo tripping new sample pack from big league beat makers Prime Loops! Palpitations are a-plenty in this percussive collection of one-shot hits & loops, fresh from the vaults of our top secret testing facility!
Producer Loops Commercial RnB Trance and Dance Vol.4 screenshot
WAV | 796 MB
'Commercial RnB: Trance & Dance Vol 4' continues this hit-making series from Producer Loops, bringing you FIVE construction kits inspired by the hottest crossover styles in the charts today. With both commercial and underground appeal, as well as a professional feature set, this is a must-have sample library for any wanna-be Pop icon..
Education » Video Tutorials
House Of Blues - Blues Guitar - Learn & Master - Complete Course [ReUp] screenshot
2011 | 2хDVD5 | NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR | MPEG, ~4801 kbps | ~3 hours | English: AC3, 192 kb/s (2 ch) | 4.11 GB + 3.93 GB
The House of Blues and producers of The Rock House Method join together to bring you this unique and comprehensive Blues Guitar Course! With this course designed by world renowned instructor/guitarist John McCarthy you will develop a solid foundation for playing Blues guitar by learning essential blues chords and scales, the BB Box, lead techniques used by greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Guy and B.B. King, string bending, vibrato, hammer-ons, pull-offs and complete blues rhythms including the 12 bar blues.
Education » Literary
Rock Band Modern Rock Edition Guitar Play-Along Vol 97 BkCd by Hal Leonard Corp screenshot
2008 | Hal Leonard | English | Pages: 64 | PDF | 134.86 MB
The Guitar Play-Along Series will help you play your favorite songs quickly and easily! Just follow the tab, listen to the CD to hear how the guitar should sound, and then play along using the separate backing tracks. The melody and lyrics are also included in the book in case you want to sing, or to simply help you follow along.
Education » Video Tutorials
The Art And Science Of Sound Recording screenshot
2010 | 25xDVDRip | MP4 / AVC, ~1072 kb/s | 1024x576 | Duration: 10:33:02 | English: AAC, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | 5.32 Gb
In the Keyfax DVD instructional series, Alan Parsons Art & Science of Sound Recording, you'll go on a journey through sound and recording starting with the basics and exploring each major aspect of professional music production - all in spectacular HD quality! This three DVD set contains more than 10 hours of original material, led by master recording engineer Alan Parsons (The Beatles, Pink Floyd) himself.

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