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Samples » Kontakt
Big Cat Vospi's City Piano KONTAKT screenshot
free | 23/07/2014 | 180 MB
A cool chap named Vospi who I met on Reddit kindly reworked the Clean City Piano. He tightened it up and added a bit of room IR. Now in its fourth version thanks to the help of many folks, I think this is the best the City Piano has ever sounded. It is free and entirely public domain.
Samples » Kontakt
Big Cat Musyng Kite KONTAKT screenshot
free | 23/07/2014 | 226 MB
Sarcyan has created a huge Soundfont called Musyng Kite. I've started to mess about with transferring it to Kontakt 5. This is a long term project that progress pretty well.
Just so we are on the same page. These are fun, classic, retro sounds. They are not intended to take the place of the sounds on the K5 Factory library.
Samples » loops
Function Loops Techno Drum Box WAV screenshot
free | 22/07/2014 | 198 MB
We spent hours of work on the perfection of this sample pack, hand picked each element to craft all together into slamming loops, to get that super-sonic rhythms, fat and driving grooves. Fits great in genres like Tech-House, Progressive House, Techno , Tribal-Tech and many other low-bpm creations.
Samples » loops
Function Loops SHARP Sampler WAV screenshot
free | 22/07/2014 | 182 MB
SHARP (sub-label) sampler for FREE DOWNLOAD!
Inside you will find 106 killer samples and loops covering EDM, Dubstep & Deep House genres. Top quality analog and digital sounds for you next productions. A taste of what to expect from our sub-label - SHARP!
Samples » sound effects
Glitchmachines CYBERNETICS WAV screenshot
free | 22/07/2014 | 244 MB
CYBERNETICS is a FREE download of 50 SFX by sound designer Ivo Ivanov.
Cybernetics is the first installment in our FREE Nanopack series. The goal with this series of sample packs is to bring you exclusive, high quality sound effects with the same uncompromising production values as our paid products.
Samples » sound effects
Glitchmachines SPORE WAV screenshot
free | 22/07/2014 | 515 MB
SPORE is a FREE download of 50 SFX by sound designer Ivo Ivanov.
Spore is the second installment in our FREE Nanopack series. The goal with this series of sample packs is to bring you exclusive, high quality sound effects with the same uncompromising production values as our paid products.
Software » Windows
AIR IGNITE screenshot
Ignite includes over 275 instruments, many of which are taken from our renowned instrument collections - including Strike, Structure, and Velvet. All sounds have been optimized to load quickly, and the editing controls are automatically mapped to your Ignite supported keyboard. These extraordinary sounds include keyboards, drums, percussion, basses, guitars, synths, strings, brass, and woodwinds.
Samples » Kontakt
Embertone Intimate Strings LITE KONTAKT FREE screenshot
Beatcrowd | July 21 2014 | 258 MB

We may be teasing you a little bit with this sneak peak, but hey! It's a free instrument, and in our humble opinions, it's useful as hell. For standalone melodies or to supplement other string sounds, what you get is the sound of a string quartet.
• Made for Kontakt 4.2.4+ (NOT Kontakt Player) • 4 virtuoso string players
• Expressive, natural tone. True legato • 3X round robin neighbor borrowing
• 500 MB instrument, 16-bit/48 KHz • Part of a larger series!
Software » Mac
IRC Measure v1.0.4 Ked MAC OSX
Standalone Software

IRC Measure v1.0.4 Ked MAC OSX screenshot

The Shark | 17.1 MB

The ‘iRC Measure’ app measures the acoustic characteristics of your
loudspeakers within the listening environment and then optimizes for
timing, phase and frequency anomalies imposed by your room.
The result is massively improved imaging and sound staging because
now your room will be working with your sound system, not against it.

Samples » multi-libraries
Big Fish Audio Virtual Instrument Tension Orchestral FX and Elements MULTiFORMAT-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
MAGNETRiXX 23 July 2014 | Reason: 1.78 GB | EXS24: 1.78 GB | MachFive 3: 1.78 GB | KONTAKT: 1.79 GB
Tension: Orchestral FX & Elements is a large collection of short ensemble and section phrases and percussion one-shots composed, orchestrated and conducted by "Beethoven-Award" winner Kostas Varotsis. Tension is the perfect resource for quickly adding that orchestral flare you are looking for in your next cinematic score. Recorded with a large 76-piece orchestra, Tension is jam packed with orchestral gems like runs, stabs, rips, bends, flutters, risers, clusters, and a whole lot more. In total, you’ll find 100 patches filled with endless inspiration. For example, when opening the strings clusters patch you won’t just find one or two samples, but multiple variations of string section clusters all across the keyboard. In addition, a large collection of percussion one-shots have been included to round out this collection.


Windows, Mac
Michael Kingston RetroBand v1.5.7 - (FREEWARE) screenshotWIN SIZE: 1.23 MB | OSX SIZE: 1.15 MB
RetroBand is a distortion unit at heart. It does warming, sharpening, roughing up, softening and smoothing - or all these combined. It may enrich sterile sound sources. Failing equipment can be easily simulated. With some luck it makes things sound larger than life. The transient enhanced distortion models with mid-side stereo controls can change or revive a stereo image.
Software » Windows
Audio Record Wizard 7.12 x86 screenshot
x86 | 4.46MB
The world is full of music - but since it's available in so many different formats and on so many different channels, it can sometimes be difficult to capture and save for later enjoyment. Perhaps you'd like to record the music you enjoy on your favorite online radio station? Maybe you have a collection of old cassette tapes that are gathering dust on your shelves? Here's the solution: whenever you want to record music, This is the audio recording software you need.
video DJ
Loops Vj footage Kaleidoscopic Trip screenshot
QuickTime | HD 1080 720 | SD 576 | 361 MB
A triangle Evolves in time. Nice glow effect Mir, background, texture, fluid, dynamic, vj, vj loop, tube, space, abstract, party, disco, event, conference, surface, terrain, glow, animated texture, animated background, back, shadows, lights, illumination, heat, fire, burn, futute, form, wave, fractal, noise, rotate, radial, random, bright, futuristic, pulse, flat, low poly, stylish, hypnotic, warm, yellow...

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