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fresh releases

Windows, Mac
Image-Line Plugins Pack 2014.08.10 by R2R screenshot
Image-Line Plugins Pack 2014.08.10 by R2R | 781.48 MB

Windows, Mac
Future Audio Workshop Circle v1.1.9  WiN/OSX Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | August 10 2014 | OSX 40.0 MB | WiN 16.1 MB
A powerful, easy to use software synthesizer.

Future Audio Workshop (FAW) has announced the release of Circle, which it describes as "a fresh look at software synthesis" and "a software synthesizer designed for Creative Flow". "Flow" refers to the state of mind in which you are at your most creative and productive, a place where hours pass like minutes and musical ideas become reality. Staying in flow becomes increasingly difficult however, when dealing with the complexities of modern software synthesizers.
Software » Mobile
IK Multimedia GrooveMaker v.1.2.1 iOS  screenshot
IK Multimedia GrooveMaker v.1.2.1 iOS | 44.7 MB
Loop remixing to a whole new dimension

GrooveMaker® 2 is the latest version of this revolutionary iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app, designed for creating non-stop electronic, dance and hip-hop tracks in real-time by anyone anywhere, with results that sound like they were produced by a professional DJ. Making music with loops will never be the same.
Software » Mobile
Music Studio v.2.5 iOS  screenshot
Music Studio v.2.5 iOS | 669 MB
Music Studio offers a complete music production environment for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch with features and a sound quality previously only known to desktop applications and expensive audio hardware.
It combines a piano keyboard, 118 studio-quality instruments with sustain, a fully fledged 127-track sequencer, extensive note editing, reverb, real-time effects and much more on a user-friendly interface.
Software » Mobile
BIAS Amp Designer and Modeler v1.5.1 iOS  screenshot
BIAS Amp Designer and Modeler v1.5.1 iOS | 128 MB
BIAS is an Amp Designer, Modeler and Processor for iPad. It's warm, accurate and more versatile than any other modeler, processor in hardware or software ever created.

Tap once to open your BIAS amp in JamUp app and add awesome multi-effects.
Software » Mobile
iMPC Pro Akai v.1.1 for iPad iOS  screenshot
iMPC Pro Akai v.1.1 for iPad iOS | 346 MB
iMPC Pro is a 64-track music production powerhouse for your iPad. With built-in sampling functionality, a massive sound library, effects, and over 30 performance-driven features, iMPC Pro brings the functionality of Akai Professional's coveted Music Production Center to your iPad. Developed in partnership with Retronyms, the developers of the original iMPC app, iMPC Pro comes with pro-grade tools for intuitive beat creation whenever inspiration strikes. It combines multiple sampling methods, producer-tested MPC features, a custom sample library from Richard Devine, and an intuitive gestural editor for the most powerful, creative and fun iPad music production experience yet.

Software » Mac

Cockos REAPER v4.71 Ked MAC OSX-Copylefter screenshot

Cockos REAPER v4.71 Ked MAC OSX-Copylefter
32 + 64 Bit MAC–DAW | Rev 39c85a (July 15, 2014)

Included : REAPER Themes (various).

REAPER is digital audio workstation software:
a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing,
mixing, and mastering environment.

• Record audio and MIDI from multiple inputs simultaneously
• Layer recorded tracks and takes over previous recordings
• Edit recordings in almost any imaginable way
• Hundreds of audio and MIDI processing effects included, or choose from
thousands of third-party effects
• All editing and effects are completely non-destructive

Software » Windows
Avid Media Composer 8.1.0 x86 screenshot
x86 | 2.23 GB
Media Composer is proven and trusted by professional editors in every segment of film, television, and broadcast. Designed to handle high volumes of disparate file-based media, Media Composer delivers accelerated high-res-to-HD workflows, real-time collaboration, and powerful media management, eliminating time-consuming tasks so you can focus on telling a great story.
Software » Windows
NUSofting daHornet v1.43-R2R screenshot
TEAM R2R 2014.08.07 | 1.32 MB
The Universal Binary version for intel Macs (included the brand new 64 bit versions AU and VST) and an optimized update for Windows (32 and 64 bit) are available for a minimum suggested donation of 9 USD, the more you donate the more daHornet will be supported with new updates. Thanks to all who donated so far.
Windows, Mac
LVC-Audio TonedPLUS v1.0.0 Incl Patched and Keygen WiN/MAC-R2R screenshot
TEAM R2R 2014.08.07 | WiN: 4.11 MB | MAC: 3.14 MB
TonedPLUS is a specialized tone shaping plugin with selectable analog modeling. Expanding on the concept of the free plugin Toned, TonedPLUS is designed primarily for use in the mastering process or on two-track audio busses. TonedPLUS uses two distinct equalization processes: a three-band tone-shaping matrix, and a specially designed high pass (HP) filter.
Software » Mac

OverTone DSP 500-series v2.1.0 MAC OSX screenshot

OverTone DSP 500-series v2.1.0 MAC OSX

New updates to the OverToneDSP plug-in range are now available.

OverTone DSP have updated their 500-series plug-ins for Mac OS X. VST3 versions are now included, adding all the benefits of the new format, together with live re-sizable user interfaces to suit any screen size or resolution.

Software » Windows
Virtual DJ Pro 8.00.1897.763 Patch-MPT screenshot
TEAM MPT 06/08/2014 | 34.26 MB
VirtualDJ is a DJ software for PC and MAC. It is used by DJs to replace their turntables and CD players, and use digital music instead of vinyl and CDs. In the same way that the CD players used by DJs have more options than a regular Hi-Fi CD player, VirtualDJ has more options than a simple media player like iTunes. It lets you "mix" your songs, by playing two or more tracks at the same time, adjust their relative speed so that their tempo will match, apply effects like loops etc, and crossfade from one side to the other. It also lets you scratch your songs, set and recall cues, and all the other regular features DJs expect to find to be able to mix.
Software » Windows
SONY Sound Forge Pro 11.0 build 293 incl keygen screenshot
SONY Sound Forge Pro 11.0 build 293 incl keygen | 184.48 MB
Sound Forge™ Pro is the application of choice for a generation of creative and prolific artists, producers, and editors. Record audio quickly on a rock-solid platform, address sophisticated audio processing tasks with surgical precision, and render top-notch master files with ease. New features include one-touch recording, metering for the new critical standards, more repair and restoration tools, and exclusive round-trip interoperability with SpectraLayers Pro 2. Taken together, these enhancements make this edition of Sound Forge Pro the deepest and most advanced audio editing platform available.


Software » Mac
Overloud BREVERB 1 v1.5.15 MAC OSX
Re-uploaded by request | August 2011

Overloud BREVERB 1 v1.5.15 MAC OSX screenshot

AiR-Keygen | 76 MB

Overloud BREVERB is a high quality reverberation plug-in, modeled on the most acclaimed
hardware classics. BREVERB is the ultimate solution to any recording, mixing and live need.
It comprises four different algorithms, Hall, Room, Plate and Inverse, each one accurately
modeled and engineered with no compromises in sound quality.
The advanced modeling research effort that was put in the development of BREVERB
allows you to recreate the sounds of countless records or even create your own signature
sounds thanks to advanced customizable options.

Windows, Mac, outdated
Bornemark Broomstick Bass VSTi Win/Mac screenshot
VSTi | Win/Mac | 811 MB
The program was developed Bornemark Software, the authors of the idea of Groove Agent and Virtual Guitarist. Broomstick Bass – samoigrayuschy new musical instrument that can be used to avtoakkompanimenta, to help composers and arrangers, as well as a library of bass sounds of exceptional quality. For the game enough to take a few chords on the keyboard, and the program will build on the specified harmonic on the bass riffs and sequences. In addition to the large number of ready-made patterns, the program can be used for independent game with the keyboard.
Software » Windows
AM Groove & Phrase Synth v2.0-Beat screenshot
VSTI | 87.16 MB
After a year of work we have released the Groove & Phrase
Synth. This VSTi is a versatile synth with many features for
many different styles of music. Great for sequencing as
performing live on stage. This VSTi can give you instant
roovy basslines without having to groove quantize from the
equencer. If you are out of ideas the random function on the
groove adjust and CV step sequencer is a great help. The
Groove & Phrase Synth has got the analog sound you might
expect from a expensive virtual analog synth, and has got a
Sounfont Oscillator so you can load your own (created) banks
for that hybrid sound.
Software » Windows
Khaelis Unov v1.0-UNION screenshot
VST | Tean-UNION | 4.04 MB
Unov is a powerful distortion remover and the first of its kind. Mistakes can happen, this is why this tool has to be in your palette of plugins you'll never know when you'll need it.
Software » Windows
Noisebud - GranMA v2.0 - HY2ROG3N screenshotWIN: x86 VST | RAR SIZE: 5.27 MB | EXTRACTED SIZE: 5.50 MB
We made Noisebud GranMa since we needed a fast and effective buffer scratch thing. GranMa will simply sample the source as soon you hit the rec button and play it back at the buffers location with the two scratch platters (the left one will only move the buffer position and the right one will try to pitchbend it’s way to the platters position).
Software » Windows
Noisebud - Binvert v2.0 - HY2ROG3N screenshotWIN: x86 VST | RAR SIZE: 5.16 MB | EXTRACTED SIZE: 5.39 MB
Binvert was originally meant to be a plain mix tool to handle phase problems when mixing several channels with bass heavy material. But we realized that what most people liked about the plugin was not the multiband phase shift but the extreme resonance that we added as a bonus to sculpt the sound around the filters cross over frequency. So when we decided to develop Binvert further we began to develop that part of the plugin.
Windows, Mac
Smartelectronix - AnalogDelay v1.0.1 - HY2ROG3N screenshotWIN & OSX | RAR SIZE: 2.83 MB | EXTRACTED SIZE: 3.02 MB
It consist in a delay unit followed by a 2nd order lowpass filter with saturation. The delay-time can evolve between 0 and max-delay which lets you be very accurate. You can also synchronise the delay to the tempo with different resolutions from 1/128 to 1 bar and control the way the delay-time is interpolated with the kind of interpolation and the time-constant.
Software » System Tools
WinMount - Compress & Mount RAR ZIP CD DVD HDD screenshot
The best and fastest way to extract multi-layered Compressed files.

Rather than decompressing them, WinMount mounts ZIP and RAR archives into virtual drives to view or use them.
Mounting a large 10 GB Compressed RAR Archive takes only 5 seconds.
After Mount the Compressed file You can extract easily the second Compressed Layer Files.

To use compressed RAR or zip files You don't need to extract files more. Mount it in seconds and use your files

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