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Software » Mac
Fielding DSP Reviver v.1.3.2 Mac OS X screenshot
AU/VST 32/64Bit | 16.07.2014 | C0PYL3FT3R
Reviver creates harmonic distortion, a sound which is often connected to vintage gear. It does not emulate analog equipment, but instead gives the user full control of overtone generation and volume. Despite this high level of controllability, Reviver's user interface is intuitive and provides the desired result after just a few mouse clicks.
Software » Windows
Cockos REAPER 4.71 x86/x64+Portable screenshot
Cockos REAPER 4.71 x86/x64+Portable | 16.37 MB | 15.9 MB
REAPER is digital audio workstation software: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.

REAPER works with almost any hardware and can be used in combination with a vast universe of other software and plug-ins.
Software » Mac
Serial Box 07.2014 MacOSX screenshot
Serial Box 07.2014 + SerialSeeker 1.3.6 (B10) + iSerial Reader 2.0.15 | MacOSX | 9.22 MB
issue #143
19 new entries

Serialbox is finally a Tool running on the Macintosh that is offering you a huge selection of serials exclusively for the Mac Platform.
Software » Windows
One Small Clue  VSTi Poise v1.1.50.72 RETAiL-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | July 15 2014 | 213 MB
Poise makes working with drum samples quick and effortless, allowing you to focus on creating music.

Poise features 16 drum pads, which can each use 8 samples. Sample layers have parameters for pitch, volume and balance, as well as amplitude and pitch envelopes. There are several sample switching types including random, velocity and round-robin.
Software » Windows
de la Mancha sets free Scylla synth plugin X86.X64 screenshot
de la Mancha sets free Scylla synth plugin X86.X64 | 7.86 MB
fa SampleDelay is a simple but powerful effect plugin for applying signal delays. It’s main purpose is to solve time difference problems occuring in multi microphone setups and furthermore reduce horrible sounding comb filter effects (often called phase issues). Nevertheless, you can also apply interesting haas delay effects, compensate plugin latencies introduced by other plugins or intentionally create comb filter effects to create colorful filter textures.
Software » Windows
TN Audio Transcendental 2000 vsti/standalone-FREE screenshot
TN Audio Transcendental 2000 vsti/standalone | 4.19 MB
From left to right the switches are:-
Norm / NPD These stand for normal triggering where if a key is pressed and held any more notes played will not retrigger the envelopes (basically legato mode) and new pitch detect where every key strike triggers the envelopes.
KBD / OSC This is the gate signal sent to the amplifier controlled by either the keyboard or osc (LFO).


Software » Windows
Modartt Pianoteq Standalone VSTi v2.3 screenshot
VSTi | 24 MB
Different perspectives are provided with each instrument: player, recording (4 mics in the C3 solo recording), close mic, binaural. These are only a few among the infinitely many perspectives that users can create themselves by choosing their own recording settings: mics placement and mixing. Thus any musician or producer should find the piano they need.
Software » Mac
Metric Halo SpectraFoo v4.1 Incl.Keygen OSX Intel screenshot
VST | 8.05.2010 | 20.15 MB
SpectraFoo provides all of the tools today's digital projects demand. Whether you are a live sound engineer or a studio mixer, you need the power that Foo provides. Including standards-based level metering, high-speed, high-resolution spectral analysis, the unique Phase Torch, correlation metering, triggerable waveform display, power balancing and a variety of power, envelope and spectral histories and phase analysis on any number of input or output channels, the SpectraFoo range is absolutely essential for broadcast production and critical mixing & mastering.
Software » Windows
Twin Delay VST-free screenshot
VST | 2.67 MB
Twin Delay is a VST plugin designed for emulation of digital and analogue delay effects. The program is not an exact copy of already existing hardware-based equipment, nevertheless it can be used for producing a majority of popular effects, as well as some modulation and 'unusual' effects, for instance Flanger, Metallizer.
Software » Windows
Mildon Studios OtoMarch VSTi v2.0.2-ST3RE0 screenshot
VSTi |Team- ST3RE0 | 6.60 MB
OtoMarch is a VSTi that turns your keyboard into a marching army. It automatically shuffles different samples for a realistic stomping effect. The samples used were recorded in stereo, featuring a 24-person marching army. It has faders for basic EQ, reverb, and width.
Software » Windows
Mildon Studios HUE-X VST v2.0-ST3RE0 screenshot
Team ST3RE0 | 21/08/2011 | 2.9 MB
HUE-X 2 is an EQ that lets you colorize your sound instantly and easily. It gives you 10 easy faders for controlling different sound characteristics such as Depth, Boom, Fullness, Warmth, Body, Clarity, Sheen, Brightness, Sparkle, and the newest addition: Punch, which makes use of subtle dynamics. It also has a waveform display to help you visualize how each fader affects your sound. Can be used on Mono and Stereo tracks.
Windows, Mac
Gforce M-Tron Pro v1.0 VSTi Dxi RTAS AU HYBRiD DVDR-DYNAMiCS screenshot
TEAM DYNAMiCS | Jan 2010 | 3.55 GB
The GForce M-Tron Pro virtual instrument is an incredible emulation of the classic Mellotron—the unique tape-playback keyboard used by such luminaries as The Beatles, Yes, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Moody Blues and Radiohead.

The 3.5GB sound library of the GForce M-Tron Pro features over 200 tape banks (sample sets) including 19 of the original GForce M-Tron tape banks, which have been remastered at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios.

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