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Software » Windows
Neonway 120 Guitar Chords v1.2-LAXiTY screenshot
LAXiTY | 21 July 2014 | 22.24 MB
Play the Guitar chords right away - no experience required!

The app contains all necessary chords to be able to play all your favorite songs!

Take advantage of clear, easy-to-use interface with retina support and learn the basic and advanced chord charts.
Software » Windows
Neonway 120 Piano Chords v1.2-LAXiTY screenshot
LAXiTY | 21 July 2014 | 23.99 MB
Play the piano chords right away - no experience required!

This app contains over 120 chords. These are all the chords you'll need to know to be able to play all your favorite songs!

Take advantage of clear, easy-to-use interface with retina support and learn the basic and advanced chord charts.
Software » Windows
Prominy SR5 Rock Bass - Ony Update 1.10 screenshot
Prominy SR5 Rock Bass - Ony Update 1.10 - 5,3mb

New feature:

- Now the Poly mode is independent from the Auto Sustain mode and the Play Keys feature are fully available when the Auto Sustain is OFF. (In the previous version, the Play Keys feature is available only when Auto Sustain is ON)
Software » Mac
DM1 The Drum Machine v1.2 MacOSX Retail-CORE screenshot
TEAM CORE 2014/07/18 | 57.22 MB
DM1 is an advanced vintage Drum Machine. It turns your iPad into a fun and creative beat making machine.
Easy and fast to use, loaded with 99 superb electronic drum kits and beautiful hyper-realistic graphics, DM1 has been designed for a lot of instant fun.

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Software » Windows
Cockos REAPER v4.7.0a5095 Incl Keygen and Patch-BRD screenshot
Team BRD | July 17 2014 | 7.6 MB x64 8.9 MB
REAPER is digital audio workstation software: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.

REAPER works with almost any hardware and can be used in combination with a vast universe of other software and plug-ins.
Windows, Mac
Voxengo PHA-979 v2.4.1 Incl Keygen WiN/MAC-R2R screenshot
TEAM R2R 2014.07.17 | WiN: 7.28 MB | MAC: 35.37 MB
PHA-979 is a professional audio AU and VST plugin which allows you to apply an arbitrary phase shift to sound material. What is meant by the phase shift here is simultaneous shifting of all frequencies across the active frequency range of the signal by the given value in degrees. This is achieved by linear-phase design.
Windows, Mac
Voxengo EBusLim v1.0 Incl.Keygen WiN/MAC-R2R screenshot
TEAM R2R 2014.07.17 | WiN: 6.89 MB| MAC: 33.86 MB
EBusLim is a brickwall peak limiter and loudness maximization plug-in for professional music production applications. EBusLim implements a single EL-4-based limiter mode originally designed in Elephant mastering limiter plug-in. This mode is suitable for bus, drum bus, master bus and track processing. The design idea behind EBusLim is to produce an extremely easy-to-use yet effective limiter.


Software » Windows
Mildon Studios OtoMarch VSTi v2.0.2-ST3RE0 screenshot
VSTi |Team- ST3RE0 | 6.60 MB
OtoMarch is a VSTi that turns your keyboard into a marching army. It automatically shuffles different samples for a realistic stomping effect. The samples used were recorded in stereo, featuring a 24-person marching army. It has faders for basic EQ, reverb, and width.
Software » Windows
Mildon Studios HUE-X VST v2.0-ST3RE0 screenshot
Team ST3RE0 | 21/08/2011 | 2.9 MB
HUE-X 2 is an EQ that lets you colorize your sound instantly and easily. It gives you 10 easy faders for controlling different sound characteristics such as Depth, Boom, Fullness, Warmth, Body, Clarity, Sheen, Brightness, Sparkle, and the newest addition: Punch, which makes use of subtle dynamics. It also has a waveform display to help you visualize how each fader affects your sound. Can be used on Mono and Stereo tracks.
Windows, Mac
Gforce M-Tron Pro v1.0 VSTi Dxi RTAS AU HYBRiD DVDR-DYNAMiCS screenshot
TEAM DYNAMiCS | Jan 2010 | 3.55 GB
The GForce M-Tron Pro virtual instrument is an incredible emulation of the classic Mellotron—the unique tape-playback keyboard used by such luminaries as The Beatles, Yes, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Moody Blues and Radiohead.

The 3.5GB sound library of the GForce M-Tron Pro features over 200 tape banks (sample sets) including 19 of the original GForce M-Tron tape banks, which have been remastered at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios.
Software » Windows
Ugo Dualism VST v1.0 peace-out screenshot
VST | Team: peace-out | 4.44 MB
Dualism is a plugin version of the dual arpeggiators and 2X MIDI utilities found within M-theory and, as such, provides you with the ability to arpeggiate/double any other synth you wish, including hardware synths.
Software » Windows
Ugo M Theory VSTi v1.1 peace-out screenshot
VSTi | Team: peace-out | 10.63 MB
M-theory is a physical modeling hybrid synth that provides a very wide range of high quality synthetic and hybrid acoustic modeled sounds. M-theory is the successor to the popular String Theory and, in comparison to its predecessor, M-theory is far more flexible and delivers a much higher quality tone, with greater depth, clarity, and character.

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