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Waves All Plugins Bundle v9r18-R2RIK Multimedia AmpliTube 3 Complete v3.12.0.Incl Keygen WiN/MAC-R2RAbleton Live Suite V9.1.2 Incl Patch (x86/x64)Waves Complete v9r18 Mac OSXGlitchmachines Scope WiN/MAC-DISCOVERAudio-Assault GrindMachine v1.2 VST AU RTAS WiN/OSX RETAiLWaves Vitamin Sonic Enhancer AU VST RTAS Mac OSX



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Software » Mac
MixTape Pro 1.2.13 Mac OSX Cracked-Bytepatcher screenshot
MixTape Pro 1.2.13 Mac OSX Cracked | 3.02 MB
MixTape is a simple, beautiful, and easy-to-learn application for making beat-matched mixes.

By simply dragging-and-dropping the music you already have in iTunes (or from the Finder), MixTape adds detected tempo and beats. Tracks are then dragged onto a workspace where they now "snap to grid" along their beats and play in sync. Precisely in sync. Emphasised markers show where musical phrases start and a simple envelope adds that all-important final polish to your mixes. MixTape Pro adds a "HiLo" control, dropping the bass or treble for cleaner mixes; a "live" UI where you can hear what is under the playhead at all times, and a spectrogram which visualises beats and more...

Software » Mac
Native Instruments Contant Gardens 1.1.0 OSX only 0RGan1c screenshot
CONANT GARDENS brings the soulful vibe of Detroit to MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, and iMASCHINE, with a tasty main course of hip hop and a generous helping of funk, jazz, afrobeat and deep house on the side.

Conant Gardens is a district of Detroit – a famous landmark for the African American community and the birthplace of many artists and musicians, including the late J Dilla. Reflecting the varied and creative spirit of the neighborhood, this MASCHINE Expansion provides drum sounds, percussion, and a wide selection of sampled phrases to capture the deep, smoky sound of soulful modern hip hop.
Software » Mac
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Dark Pressure OSX 0RGan1c screenshot
DARK PRESSURE brings the sound of tough underground dance music to your MASCHINE or MASCHINE MIKRO.

Huge sub-heavy kicks, chunky toms, sharp hi-hats, crisp percussion, warm bass tones and crystallized lead synth sounds – all processed with analog gear and MASCHINE’s internal FX – provide the building blocks for muscular techno, tech-house, and minimal tracks worthy of the world’s most respected clubs.

Created in association with globetrotting DJ/Producer Steve Lawler and leading sound designers from Loopmasters, this Expansion delivers club-ready punch for maximum dancefloor response.
Software » Mac
Native Instruments Vintage Heat 1.1.0 OSX only 0RGan1c screenshot
VINTAGE HEAT provides a warm and meaty sound character based on samples from vintage analog gear combined with creative, modern recording techniques, perfectly in tune with contemporary, cutting-edge production standards. All samples were lovingly hand crafted by the renowned New Zealand sample guru Goldbaby, and consist of 51 kits including drum and percussion samples as well as multi-sampled melodic synth sounds and dedicated pre-programmed patterns for each kit.
Software » Mac
MacinMind Radiologik DJ 2014.3.1-FFF screenshot
TEAM FFF 04.04.2014 | 9.98 MB
Radiologik is a system suitable for both live DJing and 24/7 radio automation on the Mac that uses iTunes as its database and iTunes playlists as the logical building blocks for sophisticated programming. Radiologik was developed for and is used in LPFMs, NCE-FM, college and high school stations, and online stations. It's also used by radio and live venue DJs, Sirius/XM channels, and is licensed to users in over 50 countries.
Software » Mac
Native Instruments Platinum Bounce 1.1.0 OSX only 0RGan1c screenshot
PLATINUM BOUNCE is all about the sound of hits – fat beats for the radio and the hottest clubs.

After the hugely popular iMASCHINE Expansion SWAGG CITY, comes the mother lode of urban flavor – PLATINUM BOUNCE brings the fresh sounds of today’s urban pop toMASCHINE andMASCHINE MIKRO for the first time.

The included kits, patterns, and instruments are tweaked for maximum upfront response – get ready to bounce to this.
Software » Mobile
MIDI Designer 12 Professional MIDI Controller iOS  screenshot
MIDI Designer 12 Professional MIDI Controller iOS | 14.82 MB
Dream, create and play your perfect MIDI controller with MIDI Designer. We're adored by Recording Magazine, loved by Sound on Sound, raved about by enthusiastic users, and winner of the Sonic Touch Gold Award for Best App. Trusted on stage by touring acts like Todd Rundgren, POSTYR and Electroband. Used in studios, theaters, VJ and DJ booths all around the world, MIDI Designer is also the platform for community- and professionally-sourced layouts for top-flight gear, including synths by Korg, Roland and Casio. If you can dream it, you can create it in MIDI Designer.
Software » Mobile
Studio2 v2.1.6.iOS  screenshot
Studio2 v2.1.6.iOS | 15.99 MB
• 96 Tracks! YES, NINETY SIX TRACKS! Create as many tracks up to 96 as your iOS device will let you.
• BeatPad midi plugin: Tap the folder icon/new/track/midi then tap the Midi Track's input button to select BeatPad.
• Audiobus
-- (Create Stereo Audio track and set input to ausiobus. Sometimes, multiple attempts to pair are required.)
Software » Mobile
Audiobus v2.0.iOS  screenshot
Audiobus v2.0.iOS | 8.58 MB
With Audiobus, the revolutionary new inter-app audio routing system, you can connect your Audiobus-compatible music apps together, just like virtual cables.

With a simple and clean interface, easily connect the output of one Audiobus-compatible app into the input of another. Use Audiobus to play a synthesizer live into a looper or multi-track recorder, or use one app to manipulate the live output of another.
Software » Mac
Native Instruments True School 1.1.0 OSX 0RGan1c screenshot
NI True School Update for Maschine 2 Compatibility OSX (Full Expansion)

Old school + new school = TRUE SCHOOL. This MASCHINE Expansion shares the spirit of creative beatmakers who use their deep knowledge of hip-hop production to break the rules. Forget dusty clichés, and aim high with a new future aesthetic.

The kits, synths and patterns in TRUE SCHOOL combine inspired sampling, hi-tech sound design and creative drum programming to lay new foundations for the future of beatmaking.


Software » Windows
Prodyon Livemachine VST v1.3 MERRY XMAS-ASSiGN screenshot
ASSiGN | 25.12.2011 | 229 MB
LIVEMACHINE is a unique new live-performance Windows VST effect, designed to be used creatively on the stage, at home or together with friends for jamming sessions. LIVEMACHINE lets you compose and produce loops and song ideas on the fly. The heart of LIVEMACHINE is the eight channel recording-looper in where you can record phrases, vocals, effects, wav-loops and so much more in realtime. LIVEMACHINE is somehow an initiator of a new trend - the loop-based music production, which is endless fun and gets more and more friends worldwide.
Software » Windows
Rayzoon Jamstix VSTi v2.2.1 screenshot
VSTi | 13.12.2010 | 208.9 MB
Jamstix combines the features of a drum sample player, arranger and rhythm generator into a single plugin, allowing the user various workflows ranging from manually triggering drum sounds to programming and arranging grooves all the way to having Jamstix create grooves on-the-fly using sophisticated style and human drummer modeling. It can also adjust its playing to the audio or MIDI input for interactive jams.
Jamstix features limb simulation to ensure its output is always humanly playable, freeing the user from painstaking manual editing of MIDI data.
Software » Windows
Lennar Digital Sylenth1 v2.2.1.1 X64 WIN Pack (+21 Re-built Skins, 1000+ Banks) screenshot
Lennar Digital Sylenth1 (v2.2.1.1 X64) WIN Pack (+21 Re-built Skins, 1000+ .fxb) |Size: 82.59 MB | TnF
Sylenth1 needs no introduction. One of the most popular VST synths in the market.
With Ableton Live and other DAWs requiring Jbridge in order to run 32bit vsts i've went on and used the latest 64bit version to remake and fix some of old skins. Tested and supplied with original setup, keygen and a huge bank library i've been collecting for some time.
Software » Windows
JS Humanizer v1.0 VST screenshot
Rareware | VST | x86 (x64 works with jBridge)
A classic vowel/formant filter VST plugin with two separate multi-vowel-filters. The filters can re-produce the 5 vowels (a, e, i, o, u). This ancient but golden plugin was created by JS (Jerome Schmitt) in 1998 and still have made it ways into several EDM and dubstep tracks in this century. It is also included in Reaper.
Software » Windows
Prodyon Enchoir VST v1.6 MERRY XMAS-ASSiGN x86 screenshot
ASSiGN | 25.12.2011 | 6.22 MB
ENCHOIR generates up to six voices of vocal harmony using clever vocoding-techniques that run smoothly in the background while you sing and play. Simply press notes or chords on your keyboard, and sing into your microphone - ENCHOIR will do the rest. ENCHOIR isnt created for unmatched realistic choir but for effective background vocals and/or futuristic stuff for modern music productions.

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