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Sugar Bytes Artillery VST v2.0.6 WORKiNG screenshot
Team: ASSiGN | Date: 06 NOVEMBER 2010 | Size: 5.11 MB
Artillery is a MIDI-controlled multi-effect plug-in that comes with 28 effects which can be put to keyboard zones and triggered with MIDI notes. With Artillery you can create unlimited effect combinations and modulate effect parameters with an unlimited number of modulator engines.

The included effects vary from classics (Delay Effects, Filters, Compressors, etc.) to innovative creations like Looper, Step Looper, Reverser, Vocoder with internal Synth, Vowel Filter, Karaoke or a Turntable effect.

The Effects:


- Eq.
- Multimode Filter.
- Vowel Multimode Filter.
- Vintage Lowpass.


- Standard Delay.
- Diffusion Delay.
- Filter Delay.
- Reverb.
- Tonal Delay.
- Reverb HQ.


- Amp.
- Compressor.
- Sync Dumper.
- Enveloper.
- Normalizer.


- Looper.
- Step Looper.
- Tonal Looper.
- Reverser.
- Pitch.
- Turntable.
- Pitch Looper.
- Scratch Looper.
- Time Stretcher.


- Flanger.
- Chorus.
- Phaser.
- Ring Deluxe.


- Retro.
- Vocoder.
- Overdrive.
- Karaoke.

Reuploaded. PiRAT


pilz971   status registered comments rating
  Resident 18.09.2010 810
I LOVE this plug in.

Would have been INCREDIBLE if this had been an update.

Still a great share for those who have yet to give ARTILLERY a whirl. wink

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