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MeldaProduction v7.00 VST VST3 x86 [Singles] screenshot
Team CHAOS | Singles Updated Daily

MeldaProduction, the total software solution. ... MeldaProduction professional audio software





links by genafon




links by genafon




links by genafon






Thanks again for everything CHAOS

Please show respect to the cracker


drably   status registered comments rating
  Resident 6.11.2008 210
lol is chaos really going to release these one by one?
i mean... meldaproduction has like 64+ plugins, if you count the x64 versions, that is at least 128 posts for an individual plugin.

this will essentially become a clutter of mess posting one-by-one.
probably a better idea to make an all inclusive package once they get everything ready.
drably   status registered comments rating
  Resident 6.11.2008 210
LOL there are 2 x 36 = 72 Plugins

ok so i was off by a few, thats even more* of dem crax!
same logic still applies.

cheers chaos
pilz971   status registered comments rating
  Resident 18.09.2010 811
You`ll do for me CHAOS!

Stick to ya guns and keep up the "cracking" good job ya doing! mates
korniceman3000A   status registered posts comments rating
  Resident 5.04.2011 3 109
This is really sad how so many people are getting well cracked software for free and still complaining and whining. How about showing some appreciation for the time and effort they spent so you don't have to pay a dime. You're even lucky there are still people spending the time to crack these plug-ins for you to use. This is part of the reason Assign stopped releasing anything... because you ingrates don't deserve the effort they put in... If you want the whole entire package at once and can't wait for the nice crackers to freely supply you the software, here's simple solution. GO BUY IT...
Kookaboo   status registered posts comments rating
  Member 13.05.2011 1018 3542
korniceman3000A is right here! yes

+ I'm not a really big fan of BUNDLES which don't give you the option to install only what you want. ONE person crack-Teams are sometimes better than other groups but their dark side is: they only release the goodies when they want & often they are very slow with reacting to the needs of others!

2008 – 2014 goodbye AudioZ.
I friggin rock   status registered comments rating
  Resident 16.09.2010 912
Nobody cares what 'you want or don't want'

scoobydoobypoo   status registered posts comments rating
  Resident 14.11.2008 7 91
hey hey

no need to get angry :)
I prefer a bundle then installing only a single plugins of the bundle - others like to install single plugins - no problem for me.

the talk about the groups is really stupid - you dont know much about the groups or you are close to the groups ....doesnt matter anyways...but thats maybe just my stupid way of thinking.. i maybe wrong and there exists another secret yet public place in the web where you get all your informations about groups like assign or chaos or wotever - havent found that pleace yet...maybe grannie knows these places, me i havent heardt about all that.
MAUDIO is right - though i dont like his style..sorry man!
melda is kind of freeware - no need to make such a talk about it.
but like allways in the audio scene since ages - everyone is so dogmatic WOOOF


thank you horsemen!
thank you audioz.info!
thank you dear god :)

Shayanix   status registered comments rating
  Resident 8.05.2012 170
wow wow

Thanks phones
  status registered comments rating
  guest -- 0
Thanks, great effort Chaos for the crack & Horseman for the post.

If anyone fancies cracking any one the Flux plug in's, particularly Epure II then you would be a god! wink
maladroid   status registered posts comments rating
  Resident 13.10.2011 12 162
yep thanks for the individual uploads man, its very useful for people like me who have low bandwidths, can please upload mharmonizer for windows? your realeases are spot on so far except the patching is a little tricky on my end
fuck yo couch
gatus   status registered posts comments rating
  Resident 22.01.2012 65 145
Thanks a lot wink
great effort Chaos for the crack & Horseman for the post.

errr....all links was deleted.....i was 10 days without internet connection...fucking isp angry
genafon   status registered posts comments rating
  Resident 3.09.2010 7 271
Please report any broken links PM. Thanks!

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