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Sugar Bytes Effectrix VST v1.4.0 WORKiNG screenshot
Team: ASSiGN | Date: 06 NOVEMBER 2010 | Size: 5.26 MB
Effectrix is a multi-effect sequencer featuring 13 effects and a 32-step sequencer with 12 sub-patterns. Effectrix is the ideal tool for grooving sound mutations and exciting breakbeat effects.

Contained Effects:

- Looper.
- Timestretch.
- Scratch.
- Reverse.
- Tape Stop.
- Tonal Delay.
- Stutter.
- Crush.
- Filter (10 filter types).
- Phaser.
- Chorus.
- Delay.
- Reverb.

Reuploaded. PiRAT


niki1990   status registered comments rating
  Member 15.09.2012 196
robbinbanks   status registered comments rating
  Member 14.08.2013 23
Cant get it to show up in ableton dunno
  status registered comments rating
  guest -- 0
Link is dead. Please reup.

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