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TOXIC Omnisphere released - by Seth Norman Strezov Sampling Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Free Demo Kontakt - Free Problem loading V station preset Steinberg reports OSX Yosemite installation issues Installing softwares to logic 10 Mesa/Boogie unveils Cabclone cabinet simulator Akai Pro Rhythm Wolf Analog Drum Machine Kontakt intensity script Fiedler Tin Whistle Kontakt - Free Could some of you Mac guys please try this.


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Steinberg Cubase Score 1.0 for PC screenshot
Still using Hardware?, try this if you want very tight midi events, great for controlling hardware using midi synchronized instruments and unit's with individual sequencers, really small efficient program.
Production Mixing and Mastering with Waves screenshot
834.59 MB
With this interactive CD course you can learn how to master the tools that shape the sound of hit songs, films and shows. You will get to hear and experiment with 5 professionally mixed tracks using Waves proprietary plug-ins and browse the settings of each of the individual instruments that were used in the songs. We will demonstrate how Waves' plugins offer a professional solution to create an outstanding mix covering everything from Equalizers, Compressors, Reverbs, Delays, Choruses and Creative effects, to vintage modeled EQ's, Compressors and Reverbs. You will be guided through the process of how the songs were arranged, produced gaining knowledge of the techniques used and the ability to apply them to your own music.


Windows, Mac, outdated
Bornemark Broomstick Bass VSTi Win/Mac screenshot
VSTi | Win/Mac | 811 MB
The program was developed Bornemark Software, the authors of the idea of Groove Agent and Virtual Guitarist. Broomstick Bass – samoigrayuschy new musical instrument that can be used to avtoakkompanimenta, to help composers and arrangers, as well as a library of bass sounds of exceptional quality. For the game enough to take a few chords on the keyboard, and the program will build on the specified harmonic on the bass riffs and sequences. In addition to the large number of ready-made patterns, the program can be used for independent game with the keyboard.
MIDI, SF, Akai, outdated
VSL Horizon Series Chamber Strings DVDR 01-04 GiGA-AI screenshot
Team AI | 10-24-2004 | 9.73 GB
This harmonious ensemble of 15 strings (6 violins, 4 violas, 3 cellos and 2 double basses) covers nearly the entire spectrum of string chamber literature. Many composers use the CHAMBER STRINGS for larger orchestrations as well, doubling melody lines to enhance the string sound with more variety and expression. CHAMBER STRINGS I contains all imaginable articulations, including snap pizzicatos, glissandos and artificial harmonics. CHAMBER STRINGS II offers most of the articulations of CHAMBER STRINGS I as muted versions (con sordino).
PowerLib 4 - DanceFloor & Techno WAV screenshot
Dynamit für Ihre nächste DanceFloor- Party: Über 500 brandneue Top-Samples aus den Bereichen DanceFloor und Techno in CD-Qualität. Innovative Bass-Line, trendige Synthies und treibende Grooves für Ihre ultimativen Top-Hits. Die Samples liegen in verschiedenen BPMs vor - optimal aufeinander abgestimmt und in CD-Qualität. Und das Beste: 'PowerLib 4 - DanceFloor & Techno' ist kompatibel zu aktuellen WAVE-Programmen!
Sonic Flavours R66 VST v1.03 BEAT screenshot
10.04.2005 | Team BEAT | 359.53 KB
The R66 is a 32-bit stereo digital reverb built for the VST platform. The R66 is a musical reverb based on a new algorithm - not separate plate, hall and room algorithms, but a completely new concept that excels in warmth and transparency.

Even so, on seeing the R66 for the first time you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that it has everything you are already familiar with from other available reverbs.
Sonic Flavours DQ7 VST v1.0 BEAT screenshot
05.19.2006 | Team BEAT | 548.89 KB
The idea behind the DQ7 Equalizer is to provide a set of great sounding high-precision digital filters along with a large realistic display and a direct manipulation interface. The result is a multi-functional VST equalizer that can handle anything you would expect an equalizer to do for you. Besides great sound and broad functionality, the DQ7's interface and graphical display offer intuitive tools to create your own signature workflow. We find it's simply suitable for every equalizing job!

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