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[dead] Waldorf - Drum n Bass X Citers [Refill] screenshot
This is the in ya face place! The where's the gaps between the beats place! The vibrant jumping jacked up ace space! The Drum'n'Bass-X-citers Series exhibits a complete spectrum analysis of this progressive genre's irresistible mutative power. A force able to attract / consume and re-project, freaky Leftfield, Jazz & Funk Rhythms FX the LOT! And still has the energy to absorb and blast out, loops based on Rock!

Drum'n'Bass-X-citers holds a massive selection of interlocking Drum Loops, Fills, Rolls and Hits, in, inventive variation. All material is sampled at the same tempo 160 (80) bpm; this provides an unobstructed route (no need for tempo adjustment!), to a freer and easier, mixing and matching of samples.

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