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IK Multimedia T-RackS CS Complete v4.6 Incl Keygen WiN/MAC-R2RNative Instruments RISE & HIT KONTAKT DVDReveal Sound Spire v1.0.13 WiN/MAC-R2RGlitchmachines Scope WiN/MAC-DISCOVERUPDATED: 0RGan1c: Native Instruments Super-Ultra-Mega-Extreme-Maschine Expansion Bundle of JoyAudio-Assault GrindMachine v1.2 VST AU RTAS WiN/OSX RETAiLNative Instruments Supercharger GT v1.1.3 (WiN and OSX)



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WARNING (again) - Do Not Install iLok Software Session Strings update has encrypted the library Maschine 2.1 Unlocked issue CDSoundMaster The ARQ Tride-N-Tru A-Range VST (x86 & x64) for PC Never was a fan of Crysonic plugins - But check out the new one Stolen Dongle w Nexus 2 (need Help) Through A Google Glass, Darkly World's most dangerous road's Gigabit Internet from Solar-Powered Drones Testing new Spire saw-pwm oscilator type


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Education » Literary » Magazines
Pianist Magazine - April/May 2014 screenshot
Pianist Magazine - April/May 2014
English | 92 Pages | True PDF | 16.57 MB

Issue 77 of Pianist (April/May) we talk to Italian pianist Federico Colli, about how winning the 2012 Leeds International Piano Competition has changed his life. Plan your perfect summer this year with our pages of information on Summer Courses and Festivals 2014 in the UK and abroad. Just think how much you’ll improve your playing this year!
Software » Mac
jBridgeM v0.82K - HY2ROG3N screenshot
jBridgeM is a generic VST bridge for Mac OS X VST hosts/plugins (up to the VST 2.4 specification).

jBridgeM aims to make it possible to run 32bit bit VST plugins in 64 bit VST hosts and vice-versa, as well as do 32bit to 32bit bridging, allowing you to use all the available RAM in your machine, overcome the memory limitations of your 32bit VST host, or use your favorite 32bit plugins in your 64bit VST host.
Samples » multi-libraries
LinPlug RMV LiBRARY screenshot
LinPlug RMV LiBRARY | 2.25 GB
The RMV is a dream machine, but you need to try it to understand just how flexible it is, how intuitive and easy to use the interface is, how well the library system works. A wonderfull machine. RMV Drum Addiction Drum Synthesizer, Drum Sampler, Audio Loop Slicer and Drum Librarian for Windows. RMV is the result of many years of investigation and programming and a huge step forward from its predecessor, the RM IV.
Software » Mobile
String Master v2.2.0 iOS  screenshot
String Master v2.2.0 iOS | 42.41 MB
StringMaster is an advanced iPad application suitable for beginner through to advanced Guitarists and other fretted instrument Musicians. With its beautiful, natural sound, StringMaster supports a wide range of instruments. The chord building and detection, comparison between instruments, fretboard learning system, scales and advanced song writing tools are all supported with any instrument in any orientation, and with tremendously flexible alternate tuning and capo support.
Software » Windows
MeldaProduction MTotalBundle v8.00-CHAOS screenshot
Team CHAOS | April 15 2014 | 1.04 GB
MeldaProduction has updated all its effect plug-ins to 8.00, providing a new styleable and resizeable GUI engine, GPU acceleration, powerful metering system and more. The MDynamicsLimiter and MMultiBandRhythmizer plug-ins have also been released separately (previously available only in a bundle).
Software » Mac
LinPlug Alpha3 v3.30 AU VST RTAS Ked MAC OSX-Cook

LinPlug Alpha3 v3.30 AU VST RTAS Ked MAC OSX-Cook screenshot

Team Cook | 25.2 MB unpacked

Released: 15.Apr 2014
Changes v3.3

Major update with the following changes (not all apply to FreeAlpha):
new, scale-able User Interface
new full window bank/preset browser
undo / redo functionality
noise now in three colours: white, pink and brown
prev/next switch for browsing through waveforms
pitch bend range now saved per preset
matrix now with 11 slots
filter drive/saturation now as destination in the matrix
main pan position now as destination in the matrix
new random and alternate modulation sources
all LFO now with same features
controller mapping for modulation wheel and aftertouch/pressure
several new setup options
FreeAlpha got several features previously only available in the full Alpha


Education » Video Tutorials
Buddy Guy Teachin' The Blues 2005 DVD screenshot
MPEG2 7020 kbps | 720x480, 30 fps | AC-3, 48 kHz, 224 kbps | English | 1:12:40 | 4.4 Gb
In this special DVD lesson, Chicago blues legend Buddy Guy passes on what he learned from Jimmy Reed, Guitar Slim, T-Bone Walker and Lightning Hopkins. Learn 9th chord licks, pick versus fingerstyle, turnarounds, special rhythm parts, and more. Hot Licks classic video titles have been made available on DVD, making it even easier to learn with the world's top players...
Education » Video Tutorials
How to Play Heavy Metal Bass screenshot
DVD5 | English | iso | MPEG2 720x480 7500 kbps | AC3 2 ch 192 kbps | 3.46 GB

Containing more than 70 minutes of lessons, How to Play Heavy Metal Bass DVD gives you everything you need to know about playing bass in a hard rock band! You'll learn fret-hand techniques, tunings, riffs, fingerpicking and much more. Tab files on the disc also include backing tracks for you to play along with.
Software » Mac
Waves NS1 v9.1.3.5 Build 3830 MacOSX-Xdb screenshot
VST | MAC OSX-Xdb | 22MB
The most intuitive professional noise suppression plugin ever created, Waves NS1 Noise Suppressor intelligently differentiates between dialog and unwanted noise. Perfect for post production, audio forensics and musical applications alike, NS1 instantly analyzes and adapts to your signal in real-time, bringing the foreground into focus as it eliminates unnecessary background noise. Controlled by a simple single fader, NS1 also features an attenuation meter which shows you just how much overall energy is being removed from your input signal. With NS1, noise suppression is as easy as fading away.
Software » Windows
Novuzeit The Hands Of Darkness VSTi-AMPLiFY screenshot
VSTi | 5.6 MB
The Hands Of Darkness represents a very unique and innovative concept
culminated into tangible VST form. The idea? A binary box for but one
purpose, to create dark, unsettling organic/metallic ambient textures.
Obviously this concept has a limited demographic, but for those in need
of such a device... surely they will be delighted. If you find the concept
of an "ominous texture generator" intriguing, please read on...
Software » Windows
Novuzeit NeoRetro VSTi-AMPLiFY screenshot
VSTi | 10.5 MB
NeoRetro models the most interesting features of the Commodore 64's Sound
Interface Device chip and the Nintendo Entertainment System's 2A03 APU sound
chip. Said features come together into one cohesive easy to use synthesizer
for the first time ever. A veritable dream come true for chiptune musicians.
Software » Mac
M-Audio Torq v1.5.3 screenshot
MacOSX | 18.08.2010 | 18 MB
Torq is a fully equipped DJ software workstation that provides innovative tools and production power to set you apart from everyone else. In addition to essential cueing, beat-matching and mixing, Torq goes beyond all other DJ applications by offering a host of real-time creative options unavailable anywhere else.
AVMediaSoft Pack All-in-One screenshot
AVMediaSoft Pack All-in-One | 42.1 Mb
AVMediaSoft - Record, Edit, Convert & Join Audio Files as Well as Convert Video Files and Burn & Rip. AVMedia provides many products to record, edit, convert and join your audio files and so on.
lounge » site news
Unfairly Downrated Comments screenshot
Recently some members become worried that they might be unfairly downrated.

If you believe you become a victim of heavy downrating (-5 and lower), send me a PM with:
1. Link to the post where your comment got downrated;
2. Screenshot of the exact comment.

It was obvious from the beginning that there will be some "rating spam" and it's totally normal.
You don't need to worry about it.

Furthermore, i remind you that comments are opened to discuss the release, not anything else. If you wish to discuss any other matters, you are always welcomed to do that at our great forum.

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