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EDM discounted mega sample pack - WAV & MIDI format - 100% Royalty Free. Influenced Loops & One-shots for Deep House & Garage production. Updated Soundcloud 8Dio Agitato Grandiose Legato Try-Pack Edition Simple (single oscillator) VST synths? J1000 releases CH4D free VST chorus effect Gus Bonani - Walking In Circles (Futurist-Deep-House) uploaded coupn code K5 Freebie: Cute Emily Guitar Remade Ohhh How I have missed AudioSex..


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Software » Windows
Cockos REAPER 4.72 (x86/x64) + Portable screenshot
Cockos REAPER 4.72 (x86/x64) + Portable | 16.39 MB | 15.92 MB
REAPER is a powerful but sensible Windows application that lets you record, arrange, edit, and render multi-track waveform audio. It provides an extensive set of features, but is a very small and lightweight application (the installer is less than 1 megabyte, and includes many effects and a sample project). REAPER supports ASIO, Kernel Streaming, WaveOut, and DirectSound for playback and recording. It reads WAV, OGG, and MP3 files, and records WAV files. You can arrange any number of items in any number of tracks and use audio processing plug-ins (DirectX and Jesusonic). REAPER also supports volume, pan controls and envelopes per track, multi-layer undo/redo, and user creatable color themes.
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Astro Loops Timbo Da King 3 WAV MiDi-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 14 August 2014 | 81 MB
'Timbo Da King 3' from Astroloops is the latest volume in this popular sample and loops series inspired by super-producer, Timbaland. This Construction Kit pack includes five explosive tracks packed full of Timbaland's unique style. Get your hands on this pack and take your place on the throne.
Software » Mac
Rogue Amoeba Intermission v1.1.2 MacOSX Incl Keymaker-CORE screenshot
TEAM CORE 2014/08/14 | 6.18 MB
Turn back time? Yes! Intermission lets you pause and rewind live audio on your computer. Streaming audio will never be the same! With Intermission, you can jump back and replay something you missed, then resume live playback. Use it to pause any audio while you take a call, answer the door, or use the restroom. You can even pause streaming audio on services like Pandora, iTunes Radio, or Spotify to build a buffer, then skip right past the ads and songs you don't want to hear!
Software » Mac
Rogue Amoeba Piezo v1.2.6 MacOSX Incl Keymaker-CORE screenshot
TEAM CORE 2014/08/14 | 7.48 MB
Piezo makes it a snap to record audio on your Mac. In seconds, you'll be recording audio from any application or from audio inputs like microphones.

Piezo requires almost no configuration, and it's a blast to use. Simple and inexpensive - that's a winning combination.
Software » Mac
Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack Pro v2.11.1 MacOSX Incl Keymaker-CORE screenshot
TEAM CORE 2014/08/14 | 9.15 MB
Audio Hijack Pro drastically changes the way you use audio on your computer, giving you the freedom to listen to audio when you want and how you want. Record and enhance any audio with Audio Hijack Pro - it's the cornerstone of your digital audio experience.Audio Hijack Pro will allow you to record any application's audio, from internet streams to DVD audio and everywhere in between. If your machine can play it, Audio Hijack Pro can record it. And that's not all - Audio Hijack Pro will also enhance any audio, unsing industry-standard VST and AudioUnit audio effects to make your music sound incredible. Record. Enhance. Enjoy!
Software » Mac
Rogue Amoeba Fission v2.2.2 MacOSX Incl Keymaker-CORE screenshot
TEAM CORE 2014/08/14 | 14.79 MB
Crop and trim audio, paste in or join files, or just rapidly split one long file into many. Fission is streamlined for fast editing. Plus, it works without the quality loss caused by other editors, so you can get perfect quality audio even when editing MP3 and AAC files. If you need to convert formats, Fission can do that too! You can rapidly export or batch convert files to the MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC, AIFF, and WAV formats.
Software » Mac
Rogue Amoeba Airfoil v4.8.8 MacOSX Incl Keymaker-CORE screenshot
TEAM CORE 2014/08/14 | 10.3 MB
Send any audio from your Mac to AirPort Express units, Apple TVs, iPhones and iPods Touch, and even other Macs and PCs, all in sync! Use Airfoil with web-based audio like Pandora, music services like Spotify, Rdio, MOG, and WiMP, or any other audio playing on your computer. Airfoil for Mac gives you your audio on AirPlay devices all around the house.
Windows, Mac
LVC-Audio Plugins Pack 2014.08.14 By R2R screenshot
LVC-Audio Plugins Pack 2014.08.14 By R2R | 29.98 MB
Software » Windows
Manx updates Gigmate free synth to v2.0 screenshot
Manx updates Gigmate free synth to v2.0 | 11.93 MB
Manx has released version 2.0 of the Gigmate free synthesizer instrument for Windows.

For version 2 we have totally redesigned the envelope and filter sections; control systems (such as the ‘auto env trigger’) have been improved upon and the patch library has been completely updated to accommodate the version 2’s new dynamics.


Software » Mac
Fielding DSP Reviver v1.3.0 Ked MAC OSX screenshot
AU-VST-VST3 | Thanks to Copylefter
Alias-free harmonic distortion
With your new software, you can compensate a general weakness of digital audio, the lack of harmonic distortion. Furthermore, Reviver avoids aliasing, digital audio's most common problem. Instead of trying to simulate analog gear like tube amplifiers or tape machines, our goal was to hand the full control over to the user. You can add 2nd or 3rd order harmonics without unwanted distortion, noise, or hiss, that would occur when using analog gear. Depending on the audio ma- terial, Reviver can change the sonic colora-
tion and furthermore add fatness, tightness and impact to the sound.

NOTE : This is not the newest version!
Search for the v1.3.2 by Copylefter if you want it too.
Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
Team: SynthX | Size: 625 MB
Featuring the very best of Sound Ideas industry standard sound FX collection. This set contains over one Gigabyte of sound effects. Nearly every Foley sound imaginable as well as a complete set of ambiences and Hollywood Series cartoon sounds. You also get city atmosphere, parks, construction, harbors, jungles, swamps, mountains, deserts, forests, country & residential, highways, airports, outdoor crowds, indoor crowds, restaurants, bars, offices, room tones and thousands more.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Total Guitar - September 2014 screenshot
Total Guitar - September 2014
English | 116 pages | True PDF | 25.13 MB

"As Europe’s best-selling guitar magazine, Total Guitar has the best access to interview guitar heroes. Every issue is crammed full of the world’s best and most accurate guitar tab and there are great songs, tracks and riffs for every level of player from beginner to expert.
From the latest metal and indie hits to classic rock, Total Guitar has more songs than any other guitar magazine. "
Education » Literary
Eric Clapton Complete Clapton (Guitar Recorded Versions) screenshot
PDF | 2008 | English | Pages: 344 | 25.3 MB
(Guitar Recorded Versions). Note-for-note transcriptions of three dozen Clapton hits fill 344 pages! This must for every Slowhand fan features: After Midnight * Badge * Change the World * Cocaine * I Feel Free * I Shot the Sheriff * Layla * My Father's Eyes * Pretending * Riding with the King * Sunshine of Your Love * Tears in Heaven * Wonderful Tonight * more!
Samples » Kontakt
Embertone The Keyboard KONTAKT screenshot
free | 5 MB
It's a simple, intricately recorded, rare and mysterious marvel that we acquired through a game of chance. It's truly a timeless piece: retro yet modern, subtle yet powerful, and it's hard to put down once you've loaded it! We brought this rarity in front of a deluge of microphones, recorded it first on reel-to-reel through a million-dollar Neve board, then converted to a pristine 24-bit/192KHz, and carefully edited the content before down-sampling to 44.1/24.
Samples » Kontakt
Embertone Canjo KONTAKT screenshot
free | 211 MB
A Canjo is a single string musical instrument. It is held like a guitar but may also be played on a table or lap. The neck is made of furniture grade kiln dried hard wood hand rubbed with boiled linen seed oil. On the neck fretted diatonically (like a dulcimer including a 6-1/2 fret) are twelve notes or finger positions.
Samples » Kontakt
Embertone Harmonette KONTAKT screenshot
free | 29 MB
Is there a 12-step program for "sampling-random-stuff-aholics"? Let us know if you're aware of such a group (we'll bring Peaslee and the gang along with us)… but until then, we'll keep capturing these random, beautiful specimens of sound.
The Harmonette is a rare, antique instrument, and in all of our research we could not find a similar one! It looks like a recorder, but functions and sounds more like a melodica. And it's super old - our best guess is somewhere between 60-80 years.

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