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Hi AudioZ Community,
The HOFA IQ-Limiter is fairly new, I appreciate everything that is shared here, and am posting this request so hopefully we the community see this plugin at some point.
Agitato Grandiose Legato for Ensemble and Divisi Cellos nails something incredibly rare.
It nails the true vibrant sound of a passionate 6 and 3 piece Cello Ensemble.
You won’t sit and wonder why it doesn’t sound real or why the strings are not “singing”.
This library is about that soaring lushness of strong melodic strings.
'NDS Components: FX Sounds & Loops' includes over 300 mind-blowing booms, risers, zaps, and even a load of looped and delayed sounds set to inspire and turn your next production into something a little bit special. The NDS Components series just got a whole load more explosive, and next up is their meaty collection of FX.

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