I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you will never get it done. (c) Bruce Lee

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TOXIC Omnisphere released - by Seth Norman Strezov Sampling Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Free Demo Kontakt - Free Problem loading V station preset Steinberg reports OSX Yosemite installation issues Installing softwares to logic 10 Mesa/Boogie unveils Cabclone cabinet simulator Akai Pro Rhythm Wolf Analog Drum Machine Kontakt intensity script Fiedler Tin Whistle Kontakt - Free Could some of you Mac guys please try this.


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Ethnic Bulgarian singing is something really special for us, because it's something we are proud of as a nation. This special type of "throat" singing is truly unique and gives a new and interesting timbre that is not typical for the choir ensembles. This is why we decided that this requires a special approach - we wanted to get away from pre-recorded phrases and loops and to give the user the possibility and freedom to do what they like with this choir.
Sonic Reality's Signature Kit series takes fast-loading stereo kits to the next level by providing multi-channel output mixing of each stereo kit piece, a convolution impulse library of famous studio rooms and more. Focusing on "kits only," this collection is ideal for any e-drummers, keyboardists, producers or drum programers who like to work with MIDI-played kits as opposed to audio loops. Volume 2 is included with Volume 1 for over 50 kits and over 17 gigabytes of drums.
Serafine FX Tron SE is a 3.5+ gigabyte library of high-quality sound effects created with legendary sound designer Frank Serafine (Star Trek, Hunt for Red October, Lawnmower Man, Tron). With over 1,000 sound effects covering every category, you can instantly shape, reverse, layer, stretch and warp effects to suit any need for film, video or any media project. Match sound effects to dialog using convolution and more.
Carving out a reputation of quality, MSXII Sound Design is proud to present The Sammich Kit 3-Boombap Edition! Inspired by some of the most notable records we've all come to love, The Sammich Kit 3 is full of neck breaking snares, thuddy kicks, and dirty hi-hats. It also features that warm, analog character texture MSXII is known for. Again, no punches pulled here; all sounds are ready to find their way in your production! No fluff, no fillers, no bullshi#. Layered to taste, and carefully eq'd to cut through your mix. 69 sounds. Priced effectively. If you own the first two Sammich Kits, you'll definitely love this one. Grab The Sammich Kit 3-Boombap Edition now!
Cardiak Returns With A Brand New Kit Straight from The Labs At HeartFelt Music Group. Cardi gives you all insight on the piano in its most minor details. From chords to progression Cardiak gives you dark, melodic piano loops just for your production formed Piano Loops in WAV format.
Was wondering if anyone happens to have IMPC Pro for iPad that they care to share?
Id love to get my hands on it to test out before i purchase it.
Thank you

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