I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you will never get it done. (c) Bruce Lee

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TOXIC Omnisphere released - by Seth Norman Strezov Sampling Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Free Demo Kontakt - Free Problem loading V station preset Steinberg reports OSX Yosemite installation issues Installing softwares to logic 10 Mesa/Boogie unveils Cabclone cabinet simulator Akai Pro Rhythm Wolf Analog Drum Machine Kontakt intensity script Fiedler Tin Whistle Kontakt - Free Could some of you Mac guys please try this.


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The set contains 156 (!) sounds – Taking you into the next realm in quality to fulfill all your needs for creating contemporary dance and trance music. These patches bring you the whole spectrum of club approved sounds – inspired by the latest dance tunes.
Waldorf have a long history of making incredible hardware synths. Bringing with them years of experience they created Largo, one of the best sound sounding software synths ever. This bank takes those incredible filters, punchy envelopes, crystal clear wavetables, huge polyphonic unison and gorgeous effects and delivers a high quality and inspiring Aiyn Zahev soundbank.
The Indian Harmonium is an essential part of Indian music and could be described as a hybrid of an accordion and a pump organ. The characteristic sound could be heard in most Indian folk music and in contemporary music influenced by the “sound of India”.
Originating in South India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu), but widespread also in the North, the Shruti box is a small wooden (usually teak) instrument which provides a rich drone background to support singing and other solo instruments, especially winds, like the Bansuri or the Shenai, or to practice sessions and concerts of Indian classical music.
Dulcimer and Zither Cinesamples is proud to present our new line of libraries - The WORLD SERIES! The first installment introduces the family of the Dulcimer and Zither, a favored instrument color by composers throughout the ages and around the globe. Recorded at the famous Firehouse Recording Studios in Los Angeles, and mixed by esteemed engineer Tim Starnes, the Dulcimer and Zither library will add stunning brilliance and color to any scoring palette.

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