I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you will never get it done. (c) Bruce Lee

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'The Voice Vol 1' from Ueberschall includes male and female acappella chorus lines (verbal) for Pop, Dance and RnB productions. This is something revolutionary, vocal phrases of a choir with independently editable voices. Only 'The Voice Vol 1' gives you total control over each single voice and melody within a choir.
● Full pack contained 128 synth sounds + 200 samples and drum loops.
● Perfect for all EDM genres such as Big Room, Progressive, Electro, Hard, Trance etc.
● Most of the presets are transformable by ModWheel, PitchBand, Aftertouch controllers.
● Requires Spire version 1.0.17 or later.
'40 Grams' brings you a dynamite Trap series filled with blazing and unique sounds. This pack includes five massive bangerz inspired by the best producers in the game, such as Young Chop, MikeWillMadeIt, TMinus,Bo1da, and many others.
It's a small electric piano that has a rather weird way of producing sounds!
The plastic of the key is mounted on a pivoting metal bar, onto the back of which a slightly sticky silicone rubber pad is slid. The pad sits on top of, and in contact with, a flat metal reed (not a tine) and presses it down so that the reed is under a bending strain. When you depress the key, the pad lifts, not only allowing the reed to spring straight, but also pulling it upward for a fraction of an inch before the adhesion is broken.
Kind of cool!
This is a deeply sampled library featuring the talents of the greatest woodwind players in London today. Recorded to tape via the finest signal chain in the finest room. This volume contains no less than a selection of essential articulations curated by multi award winning composers and musicians. The library features multiple round robins, dynamic layers and easy to use, fully functional legato with control of vibrato. This instalment is sure to become a modern classic and we hope will encourage and inspire your best writing.

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