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If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you will never get it done. (c) Bruce Lee

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The Ultimate Drum Bundle is a high quality, natural sounding, mono sample bundle, specially developed for drum replacement in mixing situations. The Ultimate Drum Bundle contains 17 Kicks, 19 Toms and 18 phenomenal sounding snares recorded with top of the line microphones, preamps and converters. The samples are easy to use in all industry standard drum replacement plugins and allows users to fully customize the close mic’s, overheads, room and additional microphone levels of each sample.
From the M25 orbital to The Hacienda, don your dust masks as Warehouse Rave transports us back to the birthplace of UK dance music and the second Summer of Love with over
700MB of blistering breaks, authentic analogue synths and bass, classic
pianos, old skool organs, throwback vox, madcap FX and more.
Greetings all,
About a week or so ago, there was an update for PreSonus' Notion 5. It was updated to version 5.0.363. There are some important bug fixes in the update. I have the installer for the update. I'm looking for someone who can...well, you know ;). Please contact me if you can and I will send you the updated installer! Thanks!
Hi, i recently discovered Air MUsic Tech Instruments and they looks realy fantastic
someone might upload this wonderfull synth (or other from Air Music Tech) ?
thanks for share great tools and sounds

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