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Looking for Sound Design Advice for Spire Cinematique Instruments on 30% sale!! NKI files with samples embedded? Scuffham S-Gear Watermarks in audio files About Audio Interfaces' I/O s... Joe Sample, Bob Crewe Do you know "PushPad - DJ Music Pad"? SonicCouture Scriptorium in Kontakt 5 u-he Podolski for Linux available


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Sample Magic Disco and Funk Keys WAV-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 14 September 2014 | 238 MB
The iconic Rhodes piano gets the SM Studio treatment in this exquisitely played and recorded collection of song-starting progressions, topline solos, backing loops and chord one-shots for disco, house and nu-disco productions.
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King Loops Soul Food Vol.2 WAV-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 14 September 2014 | 249 MB
'Soul Food Vol 2' is finally here. Are you looking for the finest RnB loops inspired by artists such as Trey Songz, Chris Brown, The Weekend, and many others? This top-notch sample pack comes with five Construction Kits, giving you everything you need in order to produce the next Billboard hit.
Samples » loops
Pulsed Records The Voice Of Svetlana Vol.6 WAV-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 14 September 2014 | 341 MB
'The Voice Of Svetlana Vol 6' features Multi-track Loops and Vocals from the Russian vocalist Svetlana. Produced by Oscitone at Pulsed Records studio, this product was designed to help build awesome Progressive House, Progressive Trance and Pop tunes, that will take over the dancefloors.
sound effects, loops
Vanilla Groove Studios Mandolin Magic Vol.1 WAV-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 14 September 2014 | 166 MB
'Mandolin Magic Vol 1' kicks off this series of real authentic Mandolin loops designed to bring some sharp mountain magic to your tracks. Featuring 84 blistering riffs, rhythms and melodies arranged into 7 loop sets, you'll find a range of phrases recorded on a steel string mandolin in both finger and plectrum style.
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DJ Pain 1 releases Hip-Hop Elements 6 free collection WAV screenshot
DJ Pain 1 releases Hip-Hop Elements 6 free collection WAV | 37.93 MB
With his first independently release drum kit coming soon, DJ Pain 1 releases this exclusive and original free kit full of soulful samples, hip-hop synth loops and thick drum tracks, perfect for all genres of urban music including pop, rap and r&b. Do not miss out on Hip-Hop Elements 6.
Samples » Kontakt
Cinematique Instruments GECKO Kasimir & Karoline KONTAKT screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 14 2014 | 114.6 MB
The Gecko Kasimir und Karoline was created to be the master tool for writing the score to a modern adaption of Ödön von Horváth's famous play "Kasimir and Karoline" which was recently premiered in a big German theatre. In order to fulfil all the demands of the script and the director, we collected, recorded and produced tons of sounds, textures and noises, mixed them up and put them into the Gecko framework. The result is the most versatile and complex Gecko we´ve created so far.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Ableton Templates Knife Fun Ableton Project-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 14 September 2014 | 11 MB
Dirty dirty Electro house track with complextro elements. Blood & Sand are pioneering their own sound - and now you have the chance to build on their original project file. Ableton producers love the techniques they learn from this template. If you don't already have the FX VSTs used in this file the channels have rendered versions you can use. Take your production skills to the next level by building on this track. This track is dirtier than that Tinder girl that messaged you!
multi-libraries, Kontakt, loops
Zero-G Classical Vocal ACiD WAV AiFF SAMPLER PATCHES-DISCOVER screenshot
'Classical Vocal' from Zero-G is a brand new library bringing you tragedy, triumph, desperation and heartbreak in these fantastic vocal performances. With 1.2 GB of male and female operatic vocal phrases recorded in pristine 24-Bit audio, 48kHz, obtaining top-drawer classical vocal performances is no longer an arduous undertaking.
multi-libraries, loops
Future Loops Dub Horns Section 2 WAV REX-DISCOVER screenshot
Future Loops presents 'Dub Horns Section 2', the highly anticipated second volume from their smashing 'Dub Horns Section' hit, a mighty collection of Dub & Reggae brass samples and loops. 'Dub Horns section 2' is packed with even more high quality horns section arrangements that will delight all Dub and Reggae producers featuring ready-to-mix arrangements with Saxophone, Trombone and Trumpet.
Samples » loops
Future Loops Progressive Trance Vocals WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
Future Loops presents 'Progressive Trance Vocals', an essential collection of over 350 royalty-free female vocal loops specially developed for DJ's and EDM producers. 'Progressive Trance Vocals' is a must-have vocal sample library from Future Loops highly popular Voxx Series dedicated to bring you professional and inspirational vocal samples that you can edit, process and mix as you please.


Samples » loops
Nova Loops - Dirty South Tour MULTiFORMAT screenshot
Nova Loops - Dirty South Tour MULTiFORMAT - DYNAMiCS | 549 MB
Nova Loops brings you.....Dirty South Tour. 25 Construction Loopsets representing the Dirty South's finest. From the ATL to the MIA to Houston and all points in between. Expand your library of loops with 803 total WAV, Apple and Rex Loops. Mix and match as you please, change tempos and keys with ease. All parts are separated for complete mixing and editing freedom. Use in Fruity Loops, FL Studio, Garageband, Reason or any sampler that accepts WAV files. Mix and match loops to create thousands of new ideas. Take a tour of the Dirty South and make the next big hit today. Download another hot set from Nova today. All Nova Loops sounds and samples are Royalty Free. The best sounds, the best prices, that's Nova baby.
Hobby Horse Productions Drums on Demand Vol.06 CD1-2 24 BiT WAV ACiD-DYNAMiCS screenshot
Team DYNAMiCS | Dec 2008 | 1.28 GB
Volume 6. From traditional jazz to crossover pop and swing, the 2-CD Jazz/Latin Collection offers 1400 loops, Loop Layers™ and single hits in 31 Song Sets™. (An average of 44 loops per Song Set!) You'll find grooves prevalent in smoke-filled jazz clubs to Big Band dance floors -- with a touch of soul and R&B too. Featuring snare- brush- and stick-based Song Sets™, there's everything from waltzes and two-beats to the latin bossa novas, rhumbas and samba's that form the core of many traditional jazz compositions. A vintage ‘60s Gretsch kit and special edition Noble & Cooley snare round out the authenticity of this release.
Samples » loops
Sony MediaSoftware Methods Of Mayhem Industrial Toolkit WAV ACiD screenshot
Team DYNAMiCS | 12.12.2010 | 444MB
The Methods of Mayhem: Industrial Toolkit collection is a smorgasbord of mysterious and delirious musical sounds, designed to add a little dissonance and disorder to your next project. From twisted guitar riffs and distorted synth loops to feedback rhythms and mouthbox beats, this disc gives you hundreds of aggressive samples – all original and royalty-free – that will add a little chaos to your compositions.
Samples » sound effects
Sound Ideas The Dark Side Of Sound CDDA WAV screenshot
DViSO | 24.09.2004 | 640 MB
The Dark Side of Sound is a delightfully sinister 2 CD royalty free sound effects collection. Its 401 sound effects are designed to be supernatural and spooky. This is a ramped up science fiction and horror sound effects collection of drama & suspense ambiences that includes a full selection of creatures, monsters, ghosts, vampires, zombies, haunted houses as well as lots of very creepy sound effects: Encounters with Evil, Dripping Blood, Ripping Flesh, Graveyards, Coffins, Dungeons, Guillotines, Secret Passageways, Demonic Languages and the ever popular Eerie Whispers – all dark, all the time with The Dark Side of Sound.
Samples » sound effects
Sound Ideas Series 5000 Wheels 2nd Gear Sound Effects Library CD5040 WAV screenshot
SUNiSO | 04.12.2008 | 373 MB
Series 5000 – Wheels 2nd Gear Sound Effects is the first vehicle sound effects collection to use "multi-track recording" - a technique that records a variety of sounds simultaneously from every perspective, inside and out. Each of the car sounds is recorded in isolation on its own track. Since the sound effects were recorded on the same take, you can switch from an interior sound to an exterior sound and be confident that they will be perfectly matched when used in your production.
Samples » sound effects
Sound Ideas Series 5000 Wheels 2nd Gear Sound Effects Library CD5037 WAV screenshot
SUNiSO | 04.12.2008 | 301 MB
Series 5000 – Wheels 2nd Gear Sound Effects is the first vehicle sound effects collection to use "multi-track recording" - a technique that records a variety of sounds simultaneously from every perspective, inside and out. Each of the car sounds is recorded in isolation on its own track. Since the sound effects were recorded on the same take, you can switch from an interior sound to an exterior sound and be confident that they will be perfectly matched when used in your production.
Samples » Kontakt
Vienna Symphonic Library Clarinet KONTAKT screenshot
KRock | 6 December 2011 | 5.54 GB
The Clarinet instrument from the Woodwinds Section of the Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) in Kontakt (.nki) format.
The clarinet is the most recent addition to the woodwind family (flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet) and was the last woodwind instrument to be integrated into the symphony orchestra.
Samples » loops
Ueberschall Rhodes Attacks WAV MiDi screenshot
9 february 2011 | 350.73 MB
(1 CD Audio + MiDi)
The legendary rhodes is back in town. With some ultimative hypnotic vibes and grooves. For drum&bass, house, R’n’B, trip hop productions. Kick back and get inspired by lots of phrases, licks and harmonies. Hit the rhodes! MIDI files of all licks and phrases from the audio-tracks !
Samples » loops
Ueberschall Black Beats From Da Block WAV screenshot
TEAM CoBaLT | 26.01.2004 | 700.06 MB
Ueberschall offers up Black Beats from da block. 2 CD´s packed with the hottest new material for HipHop and RnB productions, Inspired by some of the worlds greatest Producers like: Neptunes, Timbaland, Erick Sermon, Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z. Ueberschall were also responsible for the best selling Da Nu RnB Hip Hop 1 & 2 and Hip Hop Era just to name a few. So you know this CD is the real deal when it comes to fresh Hip Hop beats.
Samples » loops
Ueberschall House Musique CDDA WAV ACiD screenshot
TEAM EtHnO | 29.07.2003 | 857.05 MB
Fresh & funky disco house material for your pleasure: inspiring, dynamic construction kits up to 1 min for professional needs; plus extra lick & loop material: e-bass (73’stingray), funk & wahwah guitars (65’strat), flute, clavinet (D6), organ (B3), acoustic piano, e-piano (mk1); plus useful drum & percussion collections for exs24, halion & kontakt; all sounds also in .wav on CD2
Future Loops - Jonas Steuer Progressive House screenshot
WAV | 4,16 GB

Future Loops is proud to release Jonas Steur Prog House, a supreme collection of dance samples that pushes the boundaries of progressive house and is simply packed with a monumental amount of 5 star loops specially developed from the ground up for your own mixing delight !
Hobby Horse Productions Drums on Demand Vol.3 CD1-2 24 BiT WAV ACiD-DYNAMiCS screenshot
Team DYNAMiCS | 03.06.05 | 1.38 GB
Volume 3. For rock, rowdy pop and some rowdy country. Upbeat & Aggressive is a 2-CD set featuring 1,700 royalty free loops and matching single hits in 25 easy-to-use Song Sets™. Choose from an average of 45 verse, chorus, fill, bridge, break, intro, endings and other loops in each Song Set™. But there's much more: We're pleased to introduce Loop Layers™-- that allow you to create your own matching multi-channel groove loops and breakdowns (isolated kick, snare, rim, hat and ride patterns that you can combine in almost limitless ways).
Samples » loops
PS-28 Vocal House Samples screenshot
WAV | 2000
Powered by Mousse T, a collection from Best Service that will really blow your mind. Drum & percussion loops & hits, vocals, guitar, Rhodes, organ and piano licks, FX-vocal-loops, basses, vibes, hits, soundeffects, single-instruments. Tested on the dance floor. Caution! Horny Samples!
Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
Syntaur SCD-2 DJ Jazzy Jeff Signature Series ENSONIQ screenshot
ALFiSO | 11.04.2004 | 254 MB
An authentic collection of loops, drum sounds, special effects, and unique turntable scratch performances created exclusively for Ensoniq by rap's premier DJ/producer, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and his production company, A Touch of Jazz. Caution: Many of these instruments are too large to load into an EPS-16 Plus, and will require an ASR with expanded memory.
Samples » multi-libraries
Vienna Symphonic Library Horizon Series Opus1 Orchestra D1-D4 EXS KONTAKT WAV screenshot
2012-08-16 | 19.69 GB
This is in EXS/Kontakt2 format (WAV + NKI)
This introduction to the world of professional orchestral sounds is the opposite of a “light” version – it is the largest, broadest collection in the entire Horizon Series. The feedback from users of the award-winning VSL orchestral sample libraries was the driving force behind the creation of Opus 1. It contains handpicked samples and Performance Elements from the Vienna Symphonic Library’s Pro Edition.

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