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Samples, multi-libraries
Sony MediaSoftware Evolver Distinctive Electronica WAV ACiD-SoSISO screenshot
Sony MediaSoftware Evolver Distinctive Electronica WAV ACiD-SoSISO | 303.88 MB
Evolution: a process of formation and growth; a pattern formed by a series of movements. In music, it describes the process of creative reinvention, which is why we've titled this library Evolver: Distinctive Electronica. From nomadic techno excursions and house music bangers to glitch guitar serenades and crunk ruminations, Evolver opens wormholes to electronica's storied past and gives fresh clues to lead you into its possible futures. Souled-out six-strings wail, 808s bounce, synthesizers attack from all angles, and bass bubbles up from the underworld in these ten explosive construction kits. Additional folders of perfectly edited and ACIDized one-shots, processed rhythms, and roaming pads provide you with even more firepower to light up your DAW. Eclectic eccentrics 3kStatic are joined here by a host of guest musicians, including Kevin Max (DC Talk), David Manion (Kansas), and Robert Bond (Liberty Horses). As an added bonus, Evolver features a companion audio CD with song versions of each royalty-free construction kit.



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