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Samples » Kontakt
8 DIO Seahorse KONTAKT screenshot
Swimming all the way from Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico to the San Francisco Bay, this unique & manually chiseled hanging metallic seahorse was spawned from carbon-infused sheet metal. Its vivid metallic colors were applied by firing mineral powders directly onto the solder.
Seahorses hide in mangrove stands, coral reefs, and sea grass meadows where they remain camouflaged by deep brown and grey patterns, blending into the sea grass backgrounds.While seahorses turn vivid colors in surprising surroundings and social situations, this seahorse wiggled and squirmed until finally yielding its metal and bell-like resonances. Utilizing the fins, tail, and body brings bright harmonics nostalgic of banging on trash cans, delicate clinks, plunking kalimbas, and deep marimbas.

The instruments are programmed in Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 standard .nki file format for easy playback through a host sequencer. Instruments range from single articulations to master patches of similar sounds.

8Dio Sea Horse by 8dio.productions

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surprisingly bad ass for a sea horse...
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thanks useful
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ll Sea Horse not Seahorse angry
aber thx
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