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Future World Music Catalog: Volumes 01 - 11 screenshot
Future World Music Catalog: Volumes 01 - 11
11 volumes | MP3 | 320 kbps, 48 kHz, stereo | RAR=1,8 Gb

Future World Music Catalog: Volumes 01 - 11 - Future World Music is a custom boutique music library that provides high impact cinematic music for motion picture advertising.

Content of Collection:
FTRWRLD-001 - Epic Action & Adventure
FTRWRLD-002 - Epic Drama
FTRWRLD-003 - Epic Action & Adventure II
FTRWRLD-004 - Epic Drama II
FTRWRLD-005 - Romantic, Holiday & Family Comedy
FTRWRLD-006 - Suspense & Horror
FTRWRLD-007A - Evolution (Disc A)
FTRWRLD-007B - Evolution (Disc B)
FTRWRLD-008A - Worlds Apart (Disc A)
FTRWRLD-008B - Worlds Apart (Disc B)
FTRWRLD-009A - Water, Earth & Fire (Disc A)
FTRWRLD-009B - Water, Earth & Fire (Disc B)
FTRWRLD-010A - Immortal Empire (Disc A)
FTRWRLD-010B - Immortal Empire (Disc B)
FTRWRLD-011A - Millennium (Disc A)
FTRWRLD-011B - Millennium (Disc B)



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