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Aether Green-Steel Kook screenshot

Aether Green-Steel Kook
Re-colored Skin for 2C-Audio Aether v1.5.1

A touch of Steel-Grey with lime green.....

Download @

Place this new folder into following direction:
HD > Library > Application Support > 2C-Audio > Aether > Skins

Imortant NOTE
Never rename the Skins folders of Aether or you might face
serious issues, if you do you have to re-install Aether from scratch!!

Enjoy - Kook
direct download from fast private server
urmusiczone.com/download:Aether Green-Steel Kook.html


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Thnks Kookaboo !
Sightly skin wink
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  Resident 8.08.2010 5 74
Thanks - This is hot !

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