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Best Service Convolution Space KONTAKT UPDATE + Only UPDATE screenshot
KONTAKT UPDATE + Only UPDATE | 8.5 GB + 35.25 MB
Welcome adventurers - to Convolution Space – an entirely new region of the sound universe containing unexplored and uncharted sonic landscapes! Based on a package of 8.5 GB of lovingly handcrafted Stereo and 5.1 Surround textures.


What is it?
Updated instruments for Convolution Space: All ADSR volume envelopes are completely reworked and have now longer attacks & releases.

How to install:
Simply exchange the existing High CPU & Low CPU folders with the new ones in the CS Instruments library folder on your hard drive.

This instrument update for Convolution Space will completely overwrite your existing instruments. If you created own sounds or modified some instruments from CS, please copy them to a save place before updating!

Reuploaded. PiRAT


  Resident 30.11.2010 76
Thank you very much!
  Resident 24.09.2008 55
hmm strange,....all *.nki
Library: Convolution Space
Created By: Unknown Tool (unsupported)
music is multilanguage
  Resident 11.03.2012 1 25
Probably because it's only an update, not the full library. Hence the reason why there are only nki files.
  Resident 3.05.2011 132 1902
how the fuck to install this library with kontakt 5.0.3? i have no idea?! there was no installer or anything else :) i hope some1 could help me.

i know its just the update - ive downloaded the full 2 dvds by dynamics :) so i have everything here but i havnt found anyway to install.
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  guest -- 0
@Articstorm... just replace the old .nki files with the updated ones.
  Resident 22.11.2013 146
Is there any way to download the original package? Is it still available anywhere?
  Member 8.01.2015 23
Thank you! I hope this update works because original gave me library encrypted msg! Im running V5.3.1
the only good bug is a dead bug!

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