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Presets for SPL Vitalizer MK2 screenshot

Presets for SPL Vitalizer MK2

DownLOAD @

19 new presets extracted from the actual version 1.4.1


– Clear Female Vocals.aupreset
– Crisp Mono Acoustic Guitar.aupreset
– Crisp Snare.aupreset
– Deep Smooth Low End.aupreset
– Dry Male Vocals.aupreset
– Low End Rock Bass.aupreset
– Mastering Session Start.aupreset
– Mid Boost for Loud Mixes.aupreset
– Nasty Electric Bass.aupreset
– Phatt and Crisp Drum Beats.aupreset
– Phatt and Wide Stereo Metal Guitars.aupreset
– Punchy Dry Low End.aupreset
– Rock Bass Drum.aupreset
– Sexy Male Vocals.aupreset
– Stereo Metal Guitars - The Saw.aupreset
– Stereo Uber-Width.aupreset
– Wide and Big Grand Piano.aupreset
– Wide Crisp Stereo Acoustic Guitar.aupreset
– Wide Low Stereo Acoustic Guitar.aupreset

Place them into: user > Library > Audio > Presets > SPL > SPL Vitalizer MK2-T
If the last folder does not exist, simply create one.
Load them with Logic or similar DAW from the presets browser.

Original factory presets
transcribed into au.preset format by Kook

direct download from fast private server
urmusiczone.com/download:Presets for SPL Vitalizer MK2.html
download safe and fast with Usenet
en.usenet.nl/search/Presets for SPL Vitalizer MK2


  Resident 6.06.2011 9 170
why not provide for vst version? :(
  Resident 8.12.2011 3 136
because vst is bad :(.... when i ear of read vst or cubase... ................ i want dead... damn

:)... it's a joke :)...
  Resident 8.11.2011 2 19
I downloaded but I think these presets are MAC only. Paths doesn't matches on PC.
It's a pity but anyway thanks for the upload!
Not much words, just plugged to the community
  Member 13.05.2011 988 3557
LargeZ - Sorry but the post says it: au-presets.
AU is for MAC only.
2008 – 2014 goodbye AudioZ.
  guest -- 0
  Resident 30.11.2010 76
Presets install with last assign release plugin alliance.
  Resident 12.11.2010 1 44
it is for mac and it says "new presets" but i did not see old or even any preset until now for spl plugins.
  Resident 31.10.2010 2 36
Can we have the presets for PC
  Resident 15.06.2009 98
all these presets already exist in the latest version of Vitalizer, you don't have to install them separately
  guest -- 0
yes but once one person wants them, everyone watns them regardless of whether they need them or not
  Member 13.05.2011 988 3557
all these presets already exist in the latest version of Vitalizer, you don't have to install them separately

no May be true for PC freaks but not for MAC users as the latest unlocked Plugs didn't have any presets at all!! Big mistake of the developers......

2008 – 2014 goodbye AudioZ.
  Resident 25.02.2012 111
Thanks for these - been after them for ages wink

Actually ... just loaded them up into vitalizer Mk 2 on Mac (the version originally without the presets) and they don't work for me. They are all almost identical settings and don't correspond to their titles (Bass soft/tight never varies and stereo not engaged on stereo widener for example). Any suggestions/alternative source of presets?

(edit) Now I'm really confused, although the knobs hardly ever change, you get a different sound with different presets - even with those that have exactly the same knob positions. I'm still on 5.8 with logic 8 (because it works!). Anyone else found the same? Maybe that's why they never gave us the presets originally. Software works perfectly otherwise.
  Member 13.05.2011 988 3557
Hi Sonorite,

dunno Dunno why you can't use them....
They work 100% here! yes Im also on MAC 10.5.8 but LOGIC 9.1.5.
When i load them, each single preset changes the settings right.
And they correspond to their titles.
Wish you luck.

2008 – 2014 goodbye AudioZ.
  Resident 25.02.2012 111
OK, cheers man, I'll have a playaround - keep up the good work :)
  Member 13.04.2012 71
  Resident 9.09.2009 1 63
plz reupload
  Member 6.01.2013 1
Re-up plz? sad
  Cleaner 21.01.2012 1591 3190
Presets for SPL Vitalizer MK2 | 23.17 KB


Contact me if you need a reupload

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