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Rob Papen PREDATOR AIOF Soundbanks 2012 Special FXB screenshot
FXB | 13.81 MB
24 Banks for Predator


Rob Papen Predator - Tau Trance for Predator - Pro Sounds - $ 24.95 USD

Pro-Sounds is proud to present our first soundset for Rop Papen's Predator: Tau Trance!

Tau Trance, designed by veteran Trance producer Andy Tau, is a bank of 128 presets
in FXB and FXP formats for Predator. Andy has risked life and limb to tame Papen's
beast in order to bring you a set of club-ready sounds. Users will find room shaking
basses, elegant arpeggios, searing leads, sublime pads, transitional effects,
and more sounds geared toward making the next club anthem!

Rob Papen Predator - Frank Genus Signature - FreeSet

A test run to sink our teeth into Rob Papen's excellent Predator Vsti. This bank features
32 hard-hitting presets by our CEO Frank Genus. Not for the faint of heart!

Rob Papen Predator - New Age Hippies - 101 Patches - FreeSet

- Chords / - Leads / - Sequences - / - Synths

Rob Papen Predator - 'Electronic' for Predator by Rob Lee - € 29.61 EUR

The new Predator soundset is here, 128 brand new presets designed by
Rob Lee specifically aimed at the Electronic Dance Music producer.

Rob Papen Predator - Second Sight Psytrance Predator - FreeSet

Second Sight is a progressive psytrance producer
and live act from Melbourne, Australia.

The sound is deep, dark and smooth and meticulously
crafted, showing his classical training. Sounds like:
Freq, Antix, Sun Control Species, Liquid soul etc.

Rob Papen Predator - Second Sight Evoltionary - FreeSet

Second Sight is a progressive psytrance producer
and live act from Melbourne, Australia.

The sound is deep, dark and smooth and meticulously
crafted, showing his classical training. Sounds like:
Freq, Antix, Sun Control Species, Liquid soul etc.

Rob Papen Predator - Dance&chill bank by Bootsie - FreeSet

Chillout and Dance - 115 presets including arps, pads, lead and more

Rob Papen Predator - King Con "House bank" - FreeSet

- 55 Presets

Rob Papen Predator - PainKILLER - FreeSet

- 7 Presets

Rob Papen Predator - Arksun Predator Minibank - FreeSet

- 24 presets for Rob Papens Predator synth.

Rob Papen Predator - 30 Ummet Ozcan Predator bank - € 25 EUR

- Contains: 120 High Quality Dance presets

Rob Papen Predator - Andy Lee - House Synth Presets - £ 14.95

Patchworx 08 - ' House Synths ' for Predator, is a collection of House
Bass, FX, Leads, Synth and Pad sounds exclusively created by Andy
Lee, one of the respected producers and in demand artists of the
House scene right now, a DJ and producer alongside the person
responsible for countless Loopmaster sample pack smashes!

Rob Papen Predator - James Jones - Osiris Predator - FreeSet

- Some free presets for the awesome Rob Papen Predator.

Rob Papen Predator - Jack Sparrow - Dubstep Presets - £ 14.95

Patchworx 19 - Dubstep is a great collection of Dubstep Basses, Pads,
Leads and FX, created using the Predator Synth by Jack Sparrow .

Rob Papen Predator - Nucleus SoundLab - Pandora Soundbank - $ 20 USD

Pandora features Sonic Elements' designers Shaun Wallace and bLiNd
(Jordan Aguirre). The bank was inspired by Vangelis, JMJ, Tangerine
Dream and also several modern day dance artists. --- There is a wide
range of usable yet emotionally charged patches suited for any genre.
Listen to the demos to get a feel the versatility of this sonic assault.

The bank features: 128 presets for Rob Papen's Predator

Rob Papen Predator - Predator - Hardstyle Predators Vol. 1 - € 4.90 EUR

Nuclear Sound Samples Hardstyle Predators For Rob Papen Predator
Be a master with Hardstyle Predators vol.1! select your sound and
start a new track. Learn how to create your ideal sounds with the
Rop Papen Predator, Learn how create Kicks, Nustyle Kicks,
Schreech and in perfect Headhunterz or Wildstylez style.

Rob Papen Predator - Xenos - Hydrospheric Trance Soundbank - € 2.62 EUR

Our first soundbank for Predator targeting upbeat, melodic Dance and
Trance music. The 40 sounds in this set - would best be described as
smooth and liquid,moving away from the harsher and more agressive
character that frequents many of our other Predator soundsets.

Rob Papen Predator - Ummet Ozcan Nu Breed Soundset - € 31 EUR

This bank is filled with "Nu Breed" sounds ready to be tweaked or
used in your productions! This soundset will give your productions
great value & is definitely a recommended purchase - 110 Sounds.

Rob Papen Predator - Voltage Disciple Vol.1 by Syikom - $ 10 AUD

This pack contains minimal drum sounds, percussion and fx hits.
There are 100 brand new sounds designed for your Predator to
help you produce big room minimal tech house tunes.

Rob Papen Predator - Xenos - Vintage Sounds Vol. 1 - € 3.12 EUR

Our first soundset in a planned series inspired
by classic hit songs from the 1970's and 80's.

Rob Papen Predator - Xenos - Vol.1 Dubstep and Drum & Bass - $ 5.25 USD

The original soundset that started it all! It contains 32
sounds,one half basses and the other half leads, pads.

Rob Papen Predator - Xenos - Vol.2 Dubstep and Drum & Bass - $ 5.25 USD

Continuing on with more hard-hitting-drum and bass / dubstep
sounds. This bank contains 37 punchy basses, warm pads and
cutting leads with various performance programming included.

Rob Papen Predator - Xenos - Vol.3 Dubstep and Drum & Bass - $ 5.25 USD

The third soundbank in the series picks up where the previous two sets left
off. Volume 3 contains 33 presets and places more emphasis on blazing
leads, sublime pads, exotic polysynths/keys and a touch of sound effects,
while still containing a token amount of new bass presets.

Rob Papen Predator - Xenos - Vol.4 Dubstep and Drum & Bass - $ 5.25 USD

The final bank in the series, Volume 4 introduces more new reeses,
wobbles and sub basses to give your low end some serious agres-
sion,while continuing on the tradition of giving you new leads,
pads, FX and keys to flesh out your tracks and inspire
new ideas.Volume 4 contains 32 patches in total.

Rob Papen Predator - Xenos - Vol.5 Dubstep and Drum & Bass - $ 5.25 USD

This set contains 35 Drum and Bass and Dubstep patches
mostly reeses, subs and wobbles, but with the addi-
tional severing of a few leads, pads and FX.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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That's what I call a collection !!

Thanks Kook

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Why is Uploaded never accessible ?
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Thyesnks Kook - Amazing!

PS: Kudos for the multilink. wink
I got peace not of this world!
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Awesome, thanks! wink
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Kingdom´s heaven is near !!
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Thanks a million wink Kook
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Interesting PDF rofl

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Sound and ...... Silence .... This is ParadAZ
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All Links Down!!!
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Reup request sent via Dazpower, check back tomorrow Lisa
UPD @ 23.02.2015:Reuploaded by the power of PiRAT
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Massive Thanks "Daz" & "PiRAT" for re-uploading! very fine from you!


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