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ver the past fifteen years, Thomas Penton has established himself as a premier DJ and producer in the electronic music industry. His works have earned strong support from some of the world's biggest DJs, including Paul Oakenfold, Sasha, John Digweed, Dave Seaman, and Chus and Ceballos. His extensive discography includes releases on some of the industry's most respected record labels such as Perfecto, Intenso, Stereo Productions, Sutil, and Baroque. Now, with the release of his complete Essential Series sample collection, Thomas is putting his trademark production sound at your fingertips!

Thomas Penton's complete Essential Series is a three-volume masterwork that sets a new standard in quality for sample collections. This third volume, his "2008 Update", includes 200 kick drums, 100 hi-hats, 100 filler loops, 100 claps and snares, 75 fx, 50 synth stabs, and 49 bass line loops. Thomas has recorded all of these killer sounds as 24-bit WAV files, and he has normalized, eg'd, compressed, and truncated them to proper specifications. This allows you to instantly import the samples into a sequencer or sampler for easy use and play. Enjoy!

Thomas has meticulously crafted and mastered each sound in his Essential Series samples to provide you the highest quality ingredients for your productions. His 2008 Update collection will give you the sounds you need to take your music to the next level.

Tech Specs:

200 Kick Drums
100 Hi-Hats
100 Filler Loops
100 Claps and Snares
75 Effects
50 Synth Stabs
49 Basslines

Pass : www.audioz.info


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