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Sharp Winter Tech WAV screenshot
P2P | 17 July 2014 | 265 MB
"Winter Tech" delivers a fantastic set of professionally produced, mix-ready loops and single-shot drum sounds aimed towards tech-house producers, but also applicable to other related genres. It is a perfectly sized collection of useful loops and beat construction kits you'll be coming back to in months to come.
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Biome Digital Progressive House Free Loops WAV-FREE screenshot
Biome Digital Progressive House Free Loops WAV-FREE | 197 MB
Biome Digital is pleased to present our first FREE sample pack. Progressive House Free Loops is not just a great example of the quality of our sample packs, but an essential set of sounds in its own right! Featuring loud & punchy drum loops, heavy basslines & beautiful melodies this is one free sample pack you don't want to miss.
sound effects, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Singomakers Enigmatic Space Electronica WAV MiDi-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 17 July 2014 | 1.56 GB
'Enigmatic Space Electronica' from Singomakers has been inspired by the amazing tunes of Enigma, Depeche Mode, Jean Michel Jarre, Space, Zodiac and other amazing projects within this enigmatic genre. In detail, expect to find 2.68 GB of 24-Bit/44100kHz samples with 10 Construction Kits of full royalty-free tracks, fully processed with Class A equipment, exported separately and as a full mix too.
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Elite Sounds Ratchet Beats WAV MiDi-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 17 JULY 2014 | 241MB
'Ratchet Beats' from Elite Sounds is inspired by the hottest music on the radio today, and is specially hand-crafted to push any speaker to the max. This pack delivers heavy 808's, simple yet super catchy rhythms, and that classic 'ratchet' sound. Add this inexpensive pack to your library today.
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Elite Sounds Ultimate ToolBox Vol 1 WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 17 JULY 2014 | 125MB
'Ultimate ToolBox Vol 1' contains the most up-to-date high quality sounds you will hear on the market. Elite Sounds know how frustrating it is to constantly hear the same boring Kits over and over. They take one-shots to the next level with this pack, bringing you a multitude of fresh sounds to be immediately incorporated into any style of production you choose.
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Elite Sounds Sounds Of Nicki WAV MiDi-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 17 JULY 2014 | 418MB
'Sounds Of Nicki' features exclusive new samples from Elite Sounds. Don't let the pink fool you, this release is undoubtedly the most sonically intuitive pack to hit the market. Nicki Minaj has made such an impact on the music industry and these sounds deliver just that, impact.
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Elite Sounds Trigga Vol 3 WAV MiDi-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 17 JULY 2014 | 482MB
'Trigga Vol 3' is jam-packed with the best R&B material on the market today. This is not a club-sounding kit, so don't mistake it for one. This is for R&B lovers, bringing you so much great lush material to add to any type of production. With the upcoming album "Trigga" by R&B singer Trey Songz, this packs is sure to keep you ahead of the trends of popular R&B.
multi-libraries, Kontakt, loops
Organic Loops World Percussion Carnival MULTiFORMAT-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 17 July 2014 | 882 MB
'World Percussion Carnival' is a collection of loops and one-shot samples arranged into 52 different instrumental ensembles featuring a variety of percussion instruments from around the globe. Organic Loops join the Mardi Gras with these brand-new royalty-free percussion collection featuring spirit-lifting drum ensembles to celebrate the festival season.


Samples » loops
Big Citi Loops EDM Pop Dance WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
Big Citi Loops EDM Pop Dance WAV

'EDM Pop & Dance' offers you nine Construction Kits & nine vocal samples for vocal ideas to add a touch of magic to your tracks. These Construction Kits contain not only excellent, commercial vocal lines but great synth hooks too. This is an essential pack for creating your next club bomb.
Samples » loops
Pound Audio - Rated R Dirty South screenshot
07.2011 | RAR SIZE 304 MB

'Rated R Dirty South' from Pound Audio features 15 Construction Kits and 395+ unique loops including Drum Hit Folders for each loop. Inspired by Dirty South hit-makers, such as Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Pitbull, Lex Luger, Trick Daddy, and more.
Samples » loops
Pound Audio - Rich People Club Muzik 2 screenshot
12.2011 | RAR SIZE 115 MB

'Rich People Muzik 2' is finally back with five Hip Hop Construction Kits from Pound Audio. This awesome pack contains elements from some of the best composers in Hip Hop today and is inspired by the likes of J.U.S.T.I.C.E LEAGUE, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and more!
Samples » loops
Pound Audio - Rich People Club Muzik screenshot
07.2011 | RAR SIZE 183 MB

Rich People Club Musik' is a smoking hot collection that is rockin the club and bringing down the house with 10 Construction Kits and nearly 372 unique musical loops & Drum Hits covering all the essentials of the genre. You'll find drums, horns, synths, keys, FX, and more in this Royalty-Free collection.
Samples » loops
Pound Audio - West Coast Guitar Funk screenshot
07.2011 | RAR SIZE 191 MB

'West Coast Guitar Funk' from Pound Audio brings you seven Construction Kits with that West coast funk sound you can only get from Pound Audio. Royalty-Free individual loops are influenced by artists such as Rick Ross, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and many more.
Samples » loops
Waveform Recordings Glitched Vocals Pt.1 WAV screenshot
12.2011 | TEAM DYNAMiCS | RAR SIZE 308 MB

150 glitched vocal loops, melody-laced layered toplines, beat-building vox rhymatics and more, all expertly engineered to give vocal sparkle to deep, tech and house producers.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

multi-libraries, Kontakt, loops
Loopmasters Steve Lawler Dark Percussive House And Techno MULTiFORMAT (Complete) screenshot
05.2011 | TEAM DYNAMiCS | RAR SIZE 3.44 GB

Loopmasters are very proud to present an exclusive collection of sounds and samples from one of the most in demand global DJs of his generation, the one and only Steve Lawler. Dark Percussive House & Techno features more than 1GB of inspirational samples for the next generation of Dance music producers who are looking to take their music production to a higher level.
multi-libraries, loops
Good Stuff Audio Didgeridoo And Overtone CDDA screenshot
Team: CoBaLT | Date: 06.17.03 | Size: 407,84 MB
Didgeridoo & Overtone Dance Collection is from Swiss company Good Stuff Audio (GSA). The official line is "The main aim of this project was to produce a top quality selection of usable didgeridoo and other overtone instruments samples to meet today's high standards of recording.
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Big Fish Audio Didgeridoo and Other Primitive Instruments AKAI screenshot
Team: CHiC | Date: 06.27.2003 | Size: 396,3 MB

Didgeridoos, bullroarers, jawharps, doo drums, Native American flutes & more.
Embark upon a sonic adventure that takes you from the desert plains right into the studio! This Australian and Native American collection is like no other- the most stirring sounds and loops from Australian didgeridoos, bullroarers, jawharps, doo drums, Native American flutes, drums, shakers and rattles.
multi-libraries, loops
SonicCouture - Tremors screenshot SonicCouture - Tremors 01.2009 | DYNAMiCS | RAR SIZE 865 MB FORMAT....: AiF/Apple Loops/REX2/WAV
Tremors - Dubstep Drums + Atmospheric Breaks

Tremors is a stunning new collection of dark, paranoid, funky and downright unclassifiable drum loops. Ranging from 65 bpm to 150 bpm, the tempos shift, double up on themselves, and then turn themselves inside out.
multi-libraries, loops
SonicCouture - Abstrakt Breaks 2 screenshot SonicCouture - Abstrakt Breaks 2 11.2007 | RAR SIZE 1.0 GB FORMAT....: WAV/REX/Apple Loops
Abstrakt Breaks2 is the next installment of our hi-tech drum loop series. Ideal for producers of Electronica, IDM, Glitch, D'n'B, Industrial and Film soundtracks, this collection builds on the new ground broken by Abstrakt Breaks 1. Produced and mastered at 24 bit, the sparkling sharp sound ensures you have a full frequency range to shape and mould into your production.
multi-libraries, loops
SonicCouture - Abstrakt Breaks screenshot SonicCouture - Abstrakt Breaks 11.2007 | RAR SIZE 728 MB FORMAT....: WAV/REX/Apple Loops
A One-Stop Bass shop - Electrics, Upright, Drones, Dub basses, dry snappy synths, massive snarling filter sweeps, evil distorted groans and moans - all in one package. Every type of Bass sound is covered in the Library, making it incredibly simple to load up the exact bass you need in seconds - or scroll through instruments to try out lots of different basses in your track.

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