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loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Pound Audio - Dr Lex Crown Edition 3 [WAV-MIDI-FLP] screenshot
Pound Audio - Dr Lex Crown Edition 3

'Dr Lex: Crown Edition 3' is the third installment in this Pound Audio series giving you the crown of Dirty South. This product is inspired by Lex Luger, the master of the sub 808. These multi-format Kits are ready to use in all major sequencers and include all the essential elements of the genre.All parts are separated, including fat, signature sub 808 inspired sounds, synths, bass, brass, kick, snare, claps, hats and percussion loops. Mix and match these elements to get your own unique sound.
Samples » loops
NTS Audio Labs - Tech House Most Wanted Grooves [WAV] screenshot
NTS Audio Labs - Tech House Most Wanted Grooves
07.08.2012 | DISCOVER RELEASE | WAV | 147MB

With this amazing collection you will get 300+ of Techno & Tech House common used grooves that you can use for your own productions. All the grooves are subdivided in Levare, Mixed, Swing styles folders for an easy use and organization. Also included are lots of groove addons and kick drum loops, to make the collection like a big Construction Kit where you can start your production fast and in the complexity you need.
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Studio Wormbone - Dubstep Rises Drops & Transitions [WAV] screenshot
Studio Wormbone - Dubstep Rises Drops & Transitions
07.08.2012 | DISCOVER RELEASE | WAV | 323MB

'Dubstep Rises, Drops & Transitions' from Studio Wormbone includes 50 mind-blowing FX rises, 50 drop FX, and 80 massive technological transitions. Embellish your Dubstep masterpieces with these cutting-edge builds, climactic crestings and drastic drops to lead listeners exactly where you want them to go.You have a passion for Dubstep. Your drum tracks are already thumping and cracking, your wobble basses are chest-poundingly punishing and your synths are careering through your speakers straight from the future itself.
Samples » multi-libraries
Industrial Strength Records Future Clash MULTiFORMAT screenshot
Ya mon! Rise up and blast off with this truly original collection of modern Jamaican musical stylings straight from the ISR camp. Industrial Strength continues to push the limits of genre, this time by lacing the authentic sounds of Dub, Reggae, and Dancehall with futuristic flavor. Future Clash is specially designed for producers looking to delve deeper into material rooted in real foundation.

Following in the foot steps of our Dubstep Massive pack Future Clash is bursting with 1.7 Gb of smoking 24 Bit content, and with all the extras we added, this bag of tricks is gonna be your new go to sound source for deep dub goodies.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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Bunker 8 Symphonic Blue WAV screenshot Bunker 8 Symphonic Blue WAV | 1.35 GB
There are moments of extreme intensity, then there are the moments of complacent reflection, emotional darkness and quiet somber thought, 'Symphonic Blue' is that library.

Employing a team of seven well established media composers, Bunker 8 has selected only the very best, most intense content possible for this new release.
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Bunker 8 Gotta Have House MULTiFORMAT screenshot Bunker 8 Gotta Have House MULTiFORMAT | 899 MB
Gotta Have House' from Bunker 8 is a collection that features 15 electro, house, minimal, progressive kits. Each kit contains a full sample mix, an instruments only mix, a drum mix, plus all of the elements separated. All of the elements are at 128 BPM, just the optimal tempo to bring your next dance floor filler to life!
Samples » loops
Bunker 8 Caddy Traps WAV screenshot Bunker 8 Caddy Traps WAV | 765 MB
'Caddy Traps' is a new Hip-Hop loop library produced by Bunker 8 Digital Labs. Influenced by a wide variety of sounds. These sounds are influenced by artists such as Noah 40, Drake, Waka Flocka, Kendrick Lamar, Odd Future, 2 Chainz, Lil' Wayne, French Montana, and many others...
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Perimeter Sound Arts Disturbance WAV screenshot Perimeter Sound Arts Disturbance WAV | 328 MB
DISTURBANCE: Dark Soundscapes contains dark atmospheres, noise-scapes and jagged pulsating textures produced by Todd Milne & Jeff Rhodes.

This is a must have download for soundtrack creators and Hip-hop, Jungle and Industrial Producers with a taste for the dark side.
Samples » loops
Perimeter Sound Arts Abstract World Fusion 1 WAV screenshot Perimeter Sound Arts Abstract World Fusion 1 WAV | 383 MB
ABSTRACT WORLD FUSION is a collection of melodic and rhythmic loops by Todd Milne & Jeff Rhodes. It combines World and Ethnic sounds with Ambient, Experimental & Electronic sounds.

ABSTRACT WORLD FUSION is a prism of artistic imagination inspired by tradition, combining World, Ambient, Experimental & Electronic sounds.
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Sounds To Sample Complextro Bass & Patches 2 (WAV) screenshot
Sounds To Sample: Complextro Bass & Patches 2 (WAV)
Language: English
Team: N/A | 160 MB

Along with some of the grittiest electro loops any human being could possibly fathom, Complextro Bass and Patches 2 includes presets for the ultimate in complextro soft synths! FM8, Massive, and Sylenth! So fire up those audio suites, drop in some loops, and tweak these pre-sets and you'll be on your way to the next chart topping main-room slayer.
Windows, presets, patches, impulses
Galaco for Vocaloid3AEFE screenshot
Galaco for Vocaloid3AE\FE
AlexVox 05 August 2012
Galaco (ギャラ子 / Gyarako) was a secret Vocaloid voicebank offered exclusively in the Vocaloid Shop competition. She was made for the Vocaloid 3 engine. Her Vocaloid artwork is by KEI.
She first appeared in the music video galaxias! by an artist unit of the same name, composed by the singer Kou Shibasaki and musicians DECO*27 and TeddyLoid.
loops, sound effects
Prime Loops Secret Lab Club Mix Insanity WAV screenshot Prime Loops Secret Lab Club Mix Insanity WAV | 247 MB
Deep inside a nuclear bunker, on the western border of the former Soviet Union, a secret laboratory has been discovered. Dusty documents reveal that in the last years of the Cold War, scientists covertly experimented with extreme synthesized sounds, searching for sonic combinations that would instantly drive all enemies to insanity. It has been reported that some of those experimental sound waves leaked out of the test chamber into the control room, causing Permanent Dance Syndrome in every member of the research team. Their knowledge was lost, until now...
loops, sound effects
Prime Loops Dancehall Kingz  WAV screenshot Prime Loops Dancehall Kingz WAV | 213 MB
Welcome di King of di Dancehall - welcome Dancehall Kingz! This ultra-fresh sample pack from your loyal beat addicts Prime Loops gives you castles full of musical ammunition for your riddim productions, whether you're loading up the next dancefloor smash somewhere near the equator or rocking a mega-rave in the heat of the desert!

Tropical flavours both classic and cutting edge combine in this majesterial musical melange, with the tricky groove of rustic Dancehall combining with the energy and vibrancy of Electro to form one serious contender for the crown of


Samples, ReFill, Elastik etc.
[dead] Power FX The Electro Jazz Funk Thing [REFILL] screenshot
Power FX The Electro Jazz Funk Thing [REFILL] 230MB
This refill contains a wide range of vintage instruments (such as Wurlitzer & Rhodes pianos) as well as a plethora of slammin' drum loops, colorful effects loops and much more. In addition to offering convenient construction kits, there's a huge variety of tasty Wurlitzer & Rhodes chords that make it easy to get that classic Jazz sound into your project.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] East coast 2 coast brass &string from Nova Loops  (wav) screenshot East coast 2 coast brass &string from Nova Loops (wav) | 138 MB
Looking for brass and string melodies as grimy as the streets of NYC? VIP Loops Platinum Series is pleased to bring you East Coast Brass and String Melodies. Packed with 30 multi-track brass and string melodies in the styles of east coast hip hop hit makers. Just add drums to these melodies and you've east inspired orchestral sounding grooves ready for streets. Mix and match the loops to create thousands of new music ideas.
Samples, ReFill, Elastik etc.
[dead] LA Scoring Strings Lite - Ensemble Patches screenshot LA Scoring Strings Lite - Ensemble Patches | 1.29 GB
LA Scoring Strings (LASS) brings a whole new level of expressiveness, realism and real-time playability to sampled strings.

At the heart of its revolutionary sound are Real Legato performance sample patches and a unique “layered ensemble” approach. These ensembles were all recorded individually in a large film scoring studio. LASS also features solo instruments performed by the section leaders. The players are recorded in position on the scoring stage and mixed in the traditional orchestral seating perspective, making it simple to get a magnificent string mix out of the box.
Samples, ReFill, Elastik etc.
[dead] Nucleus Soundlab Nano Sequences REX Format Extracted Refill screenshot Nucleus Soundlab Nano Sequences REX Format Extracted Refill | 521 MB
Nucleus SoundLab presents both its first loop-based product and its first Reason 5 exclusive ReFill - NanoSequences. NanoSequences is a fresh set of RX2 format loops recorded from wavesequences, electronic basslines, arpeggios and melodies. But NanoSequences is more than just great sound content - its also about the innovative way in which this content is played back.
Samples, ReFill, Elastik etc.
[dead] Vst Patches - BassMaker V2 (Reason Synth Bass) screenshot Vst Patches - BassMaker V2 (Reason Synth Bass) | 233 MB
Bassmaker V2 is the latest version of the BassMaker Reason 4 Refill, with more patches and samples.
The V2 version will be FREE to all existing BassMaker Refill owners.
is a collection of 165 synth bass patches for Reason 4. It contains 100 Combinator patches and 65 NN-XT patches, made using the included 485.7MB* of sampled waveforms (there are 531 wav/aif sampled waveforms made using a range of hard and soft synths).
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Digg Audio Dirty South Hit Makers [WAV] screenshot
Digg Audio Dirty South Hit Makers [WAV] 90MB
'Dirty South Hit Makers' is an incredible and authentic dirty south product that contains 5 fully produced construction loop sets and individual hits. Made for the modern producer looking to make club pounding dirty south beats this product will add a pro sound to your productions.
[dead] Tonehammer - Bamboo Stick Ensemble (KONTAKT) DYNAMiCS screenshot
Tonehammer - Bamboo Stick Ensemble (KONTAKT) DYNAMiCS | 153MB

The Tonehammer Bamboo Stick Ensemble (featured in movies such as Avatar and Tron) is a powerful display of how far you can take a simple musical ingredient like bamboo poles, which provides a powerful clack sounds when they are smashed together and … serves as great tuned based instrument when (mis)treated the right way. Our Bamboo Stick Ensemble was recorded using a variety of 6' long 2" diameter Chinese bamboo poles. We were blown by the power of these sticks, since they made sounds we have never remotely encountered before.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Bunker 8 Digital Labs Nemesis Drum Collective 1 MULTiFORMAT DVDR screenshot Bunker 8 Digital Labs Nemesis Drum Collective 1 MULTiFORMAT DVDR | 1.23 GB
Inspiration lying comatose in your ideas outbox? Got a killer melody and no beat? Or just need to restock your rhytthms? Then check out the visceral, direct rhythmic injection of Nemesis: Drum Collective 1. Bunker 8 have programmed their digits to the bone to serve up 684 Acidized Wav Files and 701 Apple Loops in 51 raw, twisted, all-new drum construction kits featuring blastin' kicks, punchy balls-to-the-wall snares, turntable scratches, edgedriven hats, deep resonant taiko drums, blippy shakers, reverse course transits, deep urdus and more.

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