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Download Free Trance Samples Deep House Elements Piano Theory C Maj and Min (10 Vids) Recording MIDI Output From Kirnu Cream Performer recent ni software & 10.6.8 users Please - no "Mac please"! dark electronic rock project Your Top 5 Mixing and Mastering plugins/tools What Archive Format Do You Prefer Ralph Kings - Azul [PGZTR070]


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So Effective Crunked Up Bangers screenshot
So Effective Crunked Up Bangers - 312MB
‘Crunked Up Bangers’ Contains six Construction Kits inspired by the likes of Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins. Included are all the individual musical parts looped to perfection with keys, tempos and single drum hits in each kit, giving you all the ingredients you need to make your next ‘Crunked Up Banger’.
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DN Loops - Thank Drizzie Vol 2 [MULTIFORMAT] screenshot
DN Loops - Thank Drizzie Vol 2

'Thank Drizzie Vol 2’ from DN Loops contains five brand new thumpin' Construction Kits in the style of Drake and is packed with pure platinum loops. Each Kit is available in ACID/WAV, Apple Loops, MIDI and REX formats and is in the Hip Hop genre.'Thank Drizzie Vol 2’ is the second installment of the hit series. It delivers that iconic Drake sound from the filter drums to the haunting synths, drones, and keys.
Samples » loops
Black Hand Loops - Luxury Beats [MULTIFORMAT] screenshot
Black Hand Loops - Luxury Beats

Luxury Beats’ produced by Black Hand Loops is a collection of five Hip-Hop and RnB Construction Kits, inspired by top artists such as J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, Drake, Rick Ross, and others.‘Luxury Beats’ will take your productions to another level and make you feel like a Boss.
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Camel Audio Himalaya: Vintage Soundset for Alchemy screenshot
Camel Audio Himalaya: Vintage Soundset for Alchemy | 325 MB

Himalaya: Vintage taps into funk, fusion, old school electronica and synth pop, offering instruments with an authentic vintage vibe and playability. Enjoy squelchy basses, rich multi-layered pads, cutting synths, dancing arps, shimmering strings and breathy choirs. Alchemy's resynthesis and granular engines have also been used to add a selection of sounds with a more contemporary edge, as well as a huge number of creative performance and modulation options.
Samples » sound effects
[dead] Star Trek Sound Effects (WAV) screenshot Star Trek Sound Effects | WAV | 413 MB
Star Trek burst upon T.V. screens in the summer of 1966. The guiding genius behind this massive effort was Gene Roddenberry. Roddenberry recruited a hand-picked technical crew to create the incredible series which became a legen in its own time. The challenge of finding and creating the multitude of sound effects was of particular interest since no television series of this magnitude had ever been attempted before. Virtually all the sound effects were created exclusively for the television series, i.e.: the pneumatic doors of the Enterprise were actually the sound of an airgun played in reverse. Spock's viewing machine was in reality the thump of a torpedo firing pin played backwards. A few effects included here were also used in the Star Trek animated series.
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Psyload - Psyload FX Pack Vol 1 [WAV] screenshot
Psyload - Psyload FX Pack Vol 1 [WAV] | 150MB
Psyload's 'Psytrance FX Sample Pack Vol 1' is a fantastic collection of Psytrance and Progressive FX one-shots perfectly created to cover psychedelic Producers needs. You'll get over 150 MB of sweeps, lasers, down fx's, explosions bassdrums, downfilters... A must for every modern electronic producer.

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[dead] Live Soundz Productions - Jazz Amazing Keys Vol 1 screenshot
Live Soundz Productions - Jazz Amazing Keys Vol 1

Jazz Amazing Keys Vol 1 from Live Soundz Productions brings you the Jazz of the decade, giving you some of the most incredible chords and riffs played by some of the most professional musicians. These Construction Kits are influenced by the likes of Marcus Miller, Chick Corea, Bobby Sparks, and many more.These Construction Kits represent that smooth Jazz with those funky chord progressions. All sounds and samples are licensed as Royalty-Free for you to use in commercial productions or even for remixing, editing, chopping and slicing.
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[dead] Live Soundz Productions - Gospel Worship Announcements Vol 1 screenshot
Live Soundz Productions - Gospel Worship Announcements Vol 1

'Gospel Worship Announcements Vol 1' is the first installment of this worship style Gospel series. This product is inspired by Gospel hit-makers Israel, New Breed, Michael W. Smith, Hill Song, Kim Burrell, and many more. These products are tempo and key-labelled and ready to use in all major DAWs.These five Construction Kits will give you high quality Gospel music that will take your production to the next level.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Psyload PsyLoad Access Virus TI Psytrance Soundset screenshot Psyload PsyLoad Access Virus TI Psytrance Soundset | 1.9 MB
Psyload deliver their Access Virus TI Soundset! Created specifically for Psytrance & Progressive producers this sound bank is a perfect production tool for those in need of fresh sounds.

The soundest features 103 fantastic presets that no psychedelic producer should be without in their Access Virus preset collection.
Samples » loops
[dead] MVP Loops - Dirty Electro House Bass Essentials [MULTIFORMAT] screenshot
MVP Loops - Dirty Electro House Bass Essentials | 2.12GB

'Dirty Electro House Bass Essentials' brings you the best in Electro House. This pack contains 150 bass/lead grooves that have been processed with FX to give you that authentic Electro House sound. 'Dirty Electro House Bass Essentials' is available in Acid, Apple and REX formats and includes 5 Kontakt bass patches with 91 samples.These sounds are fashioned in the style of Deadmau5, French Foundation, Swen Weber, Miles Dyson, Chuckie, LMFAO, Freddie Le Grand, Crookers, Herve and many more.
Samples » loops
[dead] Realsamples - Slap Bass Collection [MULTIFORMAT] screenshot
Realsamples - Slap Bass Collection
• Exs24 • Halion • Kontakt • GigaStudio • WAV | 4.85GB

'Slap Bass Collection' from Realsamples brings funky slap single notes of a Warwick® Streamer™ electric bass to your sampler. The bass was recorded directly through a Mindprint® DTC™ high quality channel-strip.Chromatically sampled, every note is available in 32 velocities, so you have 32 different samples of each note's dynamic range. Additionally, every string has been sampled up to higher regions (G-string up to the 15th fret) to provide great realism and flexibility. Ghost notes are included as well.


Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] USB Jazzistic [AKAI] screenshot
At long last, a sample CD totally devoted to Jazz! Pure Jazz drumloops, brush loops, hi-hat and cymbal loops, all laid out so you can program your own beats. Tons of tempos and coverage of even the more obscure Jazz styles such as swing, funk, Latino, African and even some Caribbean! Round it off with some of the sweetest Jazz guitar, double stand-up bass, tons of drum, guitar and bass samples, plus a pile of construction kits covering authentic Jazz! ...and as if that weren't enough, there's a bonus section of suitcase electric piano and Hammond organ on the CD-ROM! Finally, all the building blocks for the genuine Jazz touch!
Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] Sonic Reality Interactive String Section (Deluxe) [AKAI] screenshot
Beautifully recorded Violins, Violas, Celli and Basses in a variety of playing styles including legato, marcato, staccato, pizzicato, and tremolo for solo, medium and large sized ensembles. Unlike other libraries, these strings were designed for use with your own external processing, like reverbs and other effects, because they were recorded with minimal room ambience, allowing for tremendous flexibility.
Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] Ueberschall House Worx [AKAI] screenshot
Powered by Mousse T. work it out! a collection of 1600 loops & samples that will really blow your mind. Drum and percussion loops, vocals, guitar, rhodes, organ and piano licks, FX vocal loops, basses and bass licks, vibes, hits, breaks, synthesizers, sound effects, single instruments, drum and percussion samples. it's all you'll ever need for breathtaking housetracks. your top ten hit is pre-programmed. caution ! horny samples !! 100% licence-free !!
Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] Ueberschall D&B Flash Trackz [AKAI] screenshot
A must for every drum'n'bass producer. Contains material from various drum'n'bass producers and styles from 2 Step and Hardcore beats to live recorded jazz titles. FLASHTRACKZ is structured in an easy-to-use format: 60 short demo mixes follow the corresponding drum loops and individual sounds: sub-basses, pads, instruments, effects and stretch sounds.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Sonic Implants Fender Strat & Creamy Fuzz Guitars [GIG] screenshot
Boston guitarist Jud Crane got the world groovin' with his excellent Strat Guitar chops. After several days in the studio with his Classic Fender Strat with Seymour Duncan pickups and a Fender Vibrolux amp, Sonic Implants recorded a truly sweet guitar sound. Included are both individual tones and tons of chords. The tones file consists of multi-velocity mutes and tones that are so dynamic, they pop right off your fingers onto your guitar track.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Sony Creative Software - Vince Andrews: Jazz Solos and Sections (Wav) screenshot Sony Creative Software - Vince Andrews: Jazz Solos and Sections (Wav) | 241 MB
Sony Creative Software presents the Vince Andrews Jazz Solos and Sections collection, a polished assortment of silky and sparkling brass and woodwind riffs designed to make the perfect solo statement on your contemporary jazz track. But it ain't all happy jazz…dig a little deeper and you'll find a huge batch of severely processed and trippin' counterpart files created by Sony Creative Software's own sound design crew.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Sony Creative Software - James Johnson: Slow Silhouette screenshot Sony Creative Software - James Johnson: Slow Silhouette | 592 MB
Following the success of our Spektral Minimalism (2001) collection, Sony Creative Software provided gifted composer/producer James Johnson with as large a palate as possible upon which to cast his second contribution to our catalog. Slow Silhouette is the result – a double disc collection of long, sparse music segments designed for creating sustained, non-looping musical passages.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] SampleLab – Discography (MULTIFORMAT) screenshot SampleLab – Discography (MULTIFORMAT) | 1.04 GB WAV, HALiON, EXS24 , Reason Refill
The definitive dancefloor collection. Over 600 sample-accurate files make up this awesome collection of dancefloor essentials that mixes the best of retro with the coolest of now. Full of wah guitars & percussive loops, funked up breaks & vinyl FX, this 3 CD set contains everything you’ll need to build up your next dancefloor hit.

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