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Samples » loops
Perimeter Sound Arts Disturbance WAV screenshot Perimeter Sound Arts Disturbance WAV | 328 MB
DISTURBANCE: Dark Soundscapes contains dark atmospheres, noise-scapes and jagged pulsating textures produced by Todd Milne & Jeff Rhodes.

This is a must have download for soundtrack creators and Hip-hop, Jungle and Industrial Producers with a taste for the dark side.
Samples » loops
Perimeter Sound Arts Abstract World Fusion 1 WAV screenshot Perimeter Sound Arts Abstract World Fusion 1 WAV | 383 MB
ABSTRACT WORLD FUSION is a collection of melodic and rhythmic loops by Todd Milne & Jeff Rhodes. It combines World and Ethnic sounds with Ambient, Experimental & Electronic sounds.

ABSTRACT WORLD FUSION is a prism of artistic imagination inspired by tradition, combining World, Ambient, Experimental & Electronic sounds.
Samples » loops
Sounds To Sample Complextro Bass & Patches 2 (WAV) screenshot
Sounds To Sample: Complextro Bass & Patches 2 (WAV)
Language: English
Team: N/A | 160 MB

Along with some of the grittiest electro loops any human being could possibly fathom, Complextro Bass and Patches 2 includes presets for the ultimate in complextro soft synths! FM8, Massive, and Sylenth! So fire up those audio suites, drop in some loops, and tweak these pre-sets and you'll be on your way to the next chart topping main-room slayer.
Windows, presets, patches, impulses
Galaco for Vocaloid3AEFE screenshot
Galaco for Vocaloid3AE\FE
AlexVox 05 August 2012
Galaco (ギャラ子 / Gyarako) was a secret Vocaloid voicebank offered exclusively in the Vocaloid Shop competition. She was made for the Vocaloid 3 engine. Her Vocaloid artwork is by KEI.
She first appeared in the music video galaxias! by an artist unit of the same name, composed by the singer Kou Shibasaki and musicians DECO*27 and TeddyLoid.
loops, sound effects
Prime Loops Secret Lab Club Mix Insanity WAV screenshot Prime Loops Secret Lab Club Mix Insanity WAV | 247 MB
Deep inside a nuclear bunker, on the western border of the former Soviet Union, a secret laboratory has been discovered. Dusty documents reveal that in the last years of the Cold War, scientists covertly experimented with extreme synthesized sounds, searching for sonic combinations that would instantly drive all enemies to insanity. It has been reported that some of those experimental sound waves leaked out of the test chamber into the control room, causing Permanent Dance Syndrome in every member of the research team. Their knowledge was lost, until now...
loops, sound effects
Prime Loops Dancehall Kingz  WAV screenshot Prime Loops Dancehall Kingz WAV | 213 MB
Welcome di King of di Dancehall - welcome Dancehall Kingz! This ultra-fresh sample pack from your loyal beat addicts Prime Loops gives you castles full of musical ammunition for your riddim productions, whether you're loading up the next dancefloor smash somewhere near the equator or rocking a mega-rave in the heat of the desert!

Tropical flavours both classic and cutting edge combine in this majesterial musical melange, with the tricky groove of rustic Dancehall combining with the energy and vibrancy of Electro to form one serious contender for the crown of
loops, sound effects
Prime Loops Big Nasty Electro Basslines WAV screenshot Prime Loops Big Nasty Electro Basslines WAV | 100 MB
This dangerous and vast selection of adrenalin-chugging basslines packs savage punch, filthy intensity and head-spinning agility, and is arranged across three folders of basslines, synth chords and bass one-shots. From the fluttering crunch of "Rinse" to the bright and breezy "Freshness", the surging splendor of "Bounce" and the sporadic shifting of "Swagger", this sophisticated beast of a pack is bursting to be unleashed upon your Electro House productions!
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Mainroom Warehouse Mainroom Club Resort Nights Ibiza San Antonio Edition screenshot Mainroom Warehouse Mainroom Club Resort Nights Ibiza San Antonio Edition | 41 MB
'Mainroom Club Resort Nights: San Antonio' is full of peak-time patches for your next dancefloor smash hit. It's summer time and Mainroom Warehouse are back again with a brand new series packed with Ibiza anthems.
If you're into your Swedish, House, Electro, Dutch, Progressive, Big Room and Dubstep,
this is the pack for you.


Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] NiceBeats SynthLine Pack 3 [AKAI] screenshot
This set contains these AKAI CDs:
NiceBeats SynthLine vol.04 - Yamaha AN-1x [AKAI]
NiceBeats SynthLine vol.05 - Yamaha QS-300 [AKAI]
NiceBeats SynthLine vol.06 - Yamaha EX-7 [AKAI]
NiceBeats SynthLine vol.17 - Roland XP-80 [AKAI]
NiceBeats SynthLine vol.22 - Alesis QS-6 [AKAI]
NiceBeats SynthLine vol.31 - Yamaha SY-85 [AKAI]
Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] MasterBits TR-minator [AKAI] screenshot
With these programmes you can emulate the user interface of these cult machines right on the display of your sampler. "K909-A0-D2-T6" stands for a 909 Kick with the attack parameter set to 0, a decay setting of 2 and a tuning of 6. You have access to hundreds of different parameter combinations with their individual settings.
Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] E-MU Orbit The Dance Planet [AKAI] screenshot
The popularity of dance and techno music has made Orbit a hit with D.J.'s and remix artists. This SoundFont bank features the cutting edge sounds that will drive the dance floor all night long! Sub sonic basses, chord hits, synth pads, and killer kits will take your music into the next dimension.
Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] InVision Interactive Lightware vol.2, vol.3 [AKAI] screenshot
InVision Interactive Lightware vol.2 - Popular Instruments 1 [AKAI]
InVision Interactive Lightware vol.3 - Classical Instruments 1 [AKAI]

InVision Interactive is widely known by the Lightware series with samples in co-production with North Star and Sound Genesis, but also by the making of sample ROM expansion for Korg M1, EMU Proteus, and later with the QuadraCard- series from Alesis. InVision has changed its name later to Cyber Sound.
Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] Ilio Analog Meltdown [AKAI] screenshot
Here's a new twist on your average synth library. Designed, engineered, blown up and re-animated by mad programmer Kevin Wakefield, Analog Meltdown has the brains of one synth and the body of another. Wakefield adds an array of mod wheels, faders, breath controllers and pedals to each program, making this one of the most playable synth libraries you'll ever get your hands on.
[dead] Voltage Disciple Voltage Sequencer [ABLETON LIVE PACK] screenshot
Voltage Disciple Voltage Sequencer [ABLETON LIVE PACK] 18MB
Voltage Disciple has announced the release of Voltage Sequencer, an Ableton Live Pack for noise and glitch musicians.It contains devices, samples, clips and effects for use in LIVE 8.1.3 and above. All samples are from analogue modular synths and are in 24bit format.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Sony MediaSoftware World Percussion WAV ACiD screenshot
Sony MediaSoftware World Percussion WAV ACiD | 360MB

Sony Creative Software presents the World Percussion collection. A dedicated student of African percussion instruments, Marc Anderson's vast historical knowledge and incredible performance skills are matched only by his technical expertise in revealing the mystery and beauty of the instruments through imaginative sound recording and processing techniques. The World Percussion library contains essential single solo instrument sounds and performances, as well as the blistering walls of tribal thunder that have made Marc Anderson one of the most distinctive and original percussionists working today. Unique in the world of percussion libraries, the World Percussion collection is the perfect marriage of ancient and modern sounds and technologies, crafted by an artist with an intimate understanding of both.
Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
Title itself says pretty much what this is. A Showcase containing a collection of the very best Samples from East West. Since East West is a serious company enough to brake the trends and don't have a Website, any promotional material is pretty scarce to find.
Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] Kitch 70s DVDiSO [AKAI] screenshot
[bKitch 70s DViSO 300MB[/b]Made with numerous vinyl manipulations, the loops of Kitch 70's breathe authenticity. With beats from 84-133 bpm on audio CD or on CD-ROM with midi files, it's a snap to inject the sound of the 70's into your mix. A massive undertaking of more than 30,000 12" records were reviewed to make this disc a true 70's child. The accent is on extreme sound quality, tons of material and the very best of this era's sound
Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] Masterbits Total Zone [AKAI] screenshot
These were the famous last words in the Keyboards of our renowned Virtual Zone Sampling CD.We listened to this request and put together a "best of..." collection of our whole Zone Series. From the latest physical modelling instruments like the VL1, Nordlead, Wavedrum, VG8 to the psycho-acoustic environments of the FX Zone you will find a great collection of moody pads and megastax from SAMPLE ZONE and more dance-orientated material from the Inspiration Zone.

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