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Sommer-Leiter B Side feat SES, Mercurio, Loris Brega & + AntiSample - Cinematic Grand - 50% off How do you make this "wind" sound? Do you need SCWFs? Groove Agent 4 is finally here! Zero-G - Electro Cinematic released Steinberg Groove Agent 4 released Topo Presents_Active Brand 051 (Insomniafm) How to unlock NI Komplete 9 Ultimate? Celldweller StudioTour


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DJ Maestro 1 R&B Flows 2 WAV screenshot DJ Maestro 1 R&B Fows 2 WAV | 346 MB
R&B Flows 2 is back with influences from songs in the styles of Mary J Blige, Joe, Timbaland, R Kelly, and more! All sounds are Royalty-Free
for commercial use and are premixed and easy to chop or rearrange as you please. This top-class product will give you all the R&B vibes you need.
Samples » ReFill, Elastik etc.
Soundiron Venus Symphonic Women's Choir KONTAKT screenshot
Soundiron Venus Symphonic Women's Choir KONTAKT
AKADEMiC | July 2012 | 16.75 GB

We here at Soundiron are proud to present the latest chapter in our series of powerful, flexible and exquisitely recorded virtual choral libraries: The Venus Symphonic Women’s Choir. We took all we learned from recording previous choirs and applied them here to make certain Venus is extraordinarily playable, diverse and stunningly beautiful. With Venus, we are aiming for versatility. Instead of focusing on one language, we offer both Slavonic (Russian) and classic Latin content, so composers can explore even more flavor and realism. We spent 10 days in our favorite church recording the 33-voice women’s chorus, featuring top notch talent from Volti, SF Symphony Chorus and the SF Choral Society, capturing all of the delicate nuances of the female human voice. Venus is all about power, clarity and fluidity. It includes 2 mic positions (stage and hall) so composers have the flexibility to incorporate the brilliant, natural sound of Venus easily into their mix. Now finally Venus has risen in the night sky, to join her Male counterpart Mars.
Samples » loops
Diginoiz - Electro House Producers'Kit [WAV-AIFF] screenshot
Diginoiz - Electro House Producers'Kit
08-07-2012 | DISCOVER RELEASE | 16-24Bit - WAV - 24Bit AIFF | 110MB

'Electro House: Producers' Kit' contains 100 loops and one-shots and 16 NI Massive presets, totalling 236 MB of multi-format material. These sounds are ready to be used in your favourite sampler or sequencer, both hardware and software. This pack includes all that a producer needs to create tracks in the Electro House genre!You will find here 100 loops and one-shots including 16 kicks, eight drum loops, seven hits, 31 music loops, 22 analogue bass one-shots, 15 perc instruments and 16 presets for one of the greatest and most popular VSTi instruments,NI Massive! All loops are in 128 BPM with root key included.These sounds are compatible with Logic, GarageBand, Soundtrack, Digital Performer, Sony ACID, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools, Stylus RMX, Emagic EXS24, and many more.
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LDN Soundproduction - Sub Low [WAV] screenshot
LDN Soundproduction - Sub Low
08-07-2012 | DISCOVER RELEASE | WAV | 106MB

LDNsoundproduction brings you sample pack number 4: ‘Sub Low’. A collection of sounds with a low, ambient and wobbly style that’s guaranteed to a add punch to your productions. Inspired by artists like Youngsta, Kryptic Minds and Biome, this pack contains 120 unique, high quality samples and loops.
Samples » ReFill, Elastik etc.
Chris Hein Horns Compact KONTAKT screenshot
Chris Hein Horns Compact KONTAKT | 4.1 GB

The most complete virtual-instruments library of Brass- & Woodwind instruments for Jazz, Pop, Big-Band and Funk. CHH-Compact is a powerful Brass & Woodwind instrument including all the 53 solo-instruments from the highly acclaimed Chris Hein Horns Complete plus six synth-brass instruments.
Samples, loops
Big Fish Audio - Brush Artistry 2 (Stylus RMX) screenshot
Big Fish Audio - Brush Artistry 2 | RMX | 5.15 GB

Brush Artistry 2 is a modernized follow up to the classic Brush Artistry collection of loops containing beautifully recorded drums played with brushes. The nearly 3 Gig collection contains 68 drum loop construction kits, each with a plethora of variations and fills for your music. Styles include traditional Jazz Swing, Ballad, Waltz, Samba, and Bossa Nova, as well as contemporary Americana and World grooves. Each construction kit also contains various main grooves, fills, endings, as well as a unique "snare only" track, featuring just the brushes playing on a snare, allowing you to build your own grooves around them with other drum sounds. There are two sampled drum kits included with the collection for this purpose. Brush Artistry 2 will give your music the rich warmth and human touch that only real brush playing can provide!
Samples » loops
Digg Audio - NYC Gutta Construction Loop Sets [ACID/WAV-REX-AIFF] screenshot
Digg Audio - NYC Gutta Construction Loop Sets

Welcome to the streets of NYC! 'NYC Gutta Construction Loop Sets' represents 5 blazin NYC style construction loop sets and 25 indvidual drum hits.... Available in ACID/WAV, Apple Loops and REX formats.All of the construction loop sets in this package are formatted in acidized WAV, apple, and rex loop format. Additionally, this package includes individual drum hits for your beat making pleasure. All keys and tempos are provided, mix and match loop to create tons of new combinations. Just the right size package to help create a collection of NYC laced gutta beats. Digg Audio.....Sounds Like A Hit!
Samples » loops
Digg Audio - Pop Nation [ACID/WAV-REX-AIFF] screenshot
Digg Audio - Pop Nation

Welcome to 'Pop Nation'.... Digg Audio brings you the best in pop construction loop sets with this collection of 9 Construction Kits. Fashioned after the styles of Lady Gaga, Kesha, Britney etc. Available in ACID/WAV, Apple Loops and REX formats. All keys and tempos are provided.


Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] SampleLab – Discography (MULTIFORMAT) screenshot SampleLab – Discography (MULTIFORMAT) | 1.04 GB WAV, HALiON, EXS24 , Reason Refill
The definitive dancefloor collection. Over 600 sample-accurate files make up this awesome collection of dancefloor essentials that mixes the best of retro with the coolest of now. Full of wah guitars & percussive loops, funked up breaks & vinyl FX, this 3 CD set contains everything you’ll need to build up your next dancefloor hit.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] SampleLab – Analog Archive MULTIFORMAT screenshot SampleLab – Analog Archive MULTIFORMAT | 710 MB WAV/HALiON/EXS24 / REASON REFILL
As good as many of today’s emulations are, nothing can beat the raw organic power of the classic analog monsters featured here – the most comprehensive collection ever assembled into one library. Programmed by Danish synth guru Jesper Siberg, and meticulously recorded to ensure the full character of the original equipment was retained, the collection contains the sounds of over twenty of the rarest instruments from around the globe.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Homegrown Sounds Alien Landscapes Multiformat screenshot Homegrown Sounds Alien Landscapes Multiformat | 388 MB Kontakt, HALion & EXS24
This Sample CD, ALIEN LANDSCAPES is a potent mix of otherwordly soundscapes and atmospheric textures, an impressive collection of one-shot samples that are perfect for filmscore work, ambient electronica, and chill-out grooves, with echoes of Neu!, Trans Global Underground, Boards of Canada, and Pink Floyd.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Sony Media Software World Pop (WAV/ACID) screenshot
Sony Media Software World Pop (WAV/ACID) | 519MB

As musicians look for new directions in which to expand their creative palette, world music has become increasingly influential in today's modern pop compositions. Asian-influenced melodies and instrumentation bring exotic flavor to cutting-edge rock, funk, hip-hop, acid jazz, and electronic dance music.
Samples, presets, patches, impulses
[dead] Palancarware Spectral Relativity IR screenshot
Convolution reverbs have burst upon the music software scene as an easy and powerful way for musicians and sound designers to add lush and realistic emulations of real acoustic spaces to their work. One thing that many people may not realize is that convolution is itself little more than a highly intricate filtering mechanism, not any sort of reverb-specific thing.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Olson-Audio Synthetic Instruments KTK [Kontakt, WAV] screenshot
Synthetic Instruments (SI-KTK) is a CD-ROM library with 43 waveform sets and more then 250 individual synthesizer instruments. SI-KTK will work in Kontakt version 1.2 and up. SI-KTK's instruments are true subtractive synthesizer programs, taking advantage of Kontakt's synthesizer engine, filters and modulation capabilities. Carefully prepared and unfiltered audio spectrums has been programmed and sampled, using an Analogue Systems 5-VCO modular and a Waldorf Microwave XT. The instruments were made by combining the audio data with parameter and filter tweaking - inside Kontakt.
Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] EastWest Rich Mendelson Phat&Phunky [AKAI] screenshot
Rich Mendelson is the programmer of the five star rated sample CDs Dance/Industrial 1 and 2 - Phat & Phunky is his latest effort and includes over 2 hours (165 loops and over 2000 samples) of complete loops; the samples for each loop; and a disk containing all the MIDI sequence data for every loop!!. The featured material is R&B/Hip-Hop/Slo Jamz - perfect for any type of project. Many of the loops are almost complete tracks, except Phat & Phunky provides all the components and the sequence data to enable you to completely customize the loops. Unlike other loop CD's you get complete control over the loop components.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] MOTU MachFive - Symphonic Fiels Sound Library screenshot MOTU MachFive - Symphonic Fiels Sound Library | 583 MB
MachFive delivers the very latest cutting-edge sampling technology by merging four worlds of advanced sound design: samples, loops, synthesis and effects. Now you can import, edit, synthesize, process and play multi-sample instruments, loops and phrases in MachFive's unified, intuitive environment.

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