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sound effects, loops
Natura Viva Tom Hades Secret Sounds WAV-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 07 April 2014 | 45.7 MB
Tom Hades opens the doors of his studio with “Tom Hades Secret Sounds”.

He’s a well known and respected producer on the Techno scene since years with a great discography, he signed his Music on labels such as Bedrock, 1605, Drumcode, Suara, Deeperfect and is a long-time collaborator for Marco Bailey's MB Elektronics.
multi-libraries, kontakt libraries
Tronsonic Progressive Clavi D6 KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 07 April 2014 | 34 MB
Progressive Clavi D6 is two sets of samples from the classic Clavinet, sampled as usual to worn tape on 60s valve equipment, to emulate the characteristics of the Mellotron.

There are over 40 patches each for ESX24 and Kontakt 4.2.2 - the intent of this pack is to explore new sonic possibilities from the Clavinet. Compatible with NNXT and Structure but no patches available.
multi-libraries, kontakt libraries
Kirk Hunter Studios Spotlight Strings UPDATED Bertha KONTAKT-VON.G screenshot
TEAM VON.G 2014-04-06 | 4.14 GB
Actually, Spotlight Strings started out as "Solo Strings 3" back in 2008. I was experimenting with Kontakt's LFO abilities to simulate string vibrato. This was due to the fact that I wanted to be able to have the user manipulate vibrato in any way so as to suit his or her needs. At that time, it seemed there was really no way to realistically alter vibrato speed, intensity or fade-in time in real time by merely using samples and crossfading. So LFO manipulation seemed to be the solution. And also at that time, it seemed to me that there was just no convincing way to simulate a good string player's vibrato using Kontatk's LFO's back then. It was ok, but not good enough.
sound effects, loops
Sample Magic Dubstep WAV REX2 AiFF-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 07 April 2014 | 357 MB
Combining underground club workouts with anthemic arena-sized sounds, SM23 Dubstep delivers 585+MB of pounding 2-step rhythms, cone-quivering basslines, searing synth leads, monstrous music loops and more. From its early esoteric d'n'b roots to contemporary bassline-infused bangers, Dubstep covers all ground and more, with subtle nods to rave, garage, grime and classic electro.
multi-libraries, kontakt libraries
Soundiron Luminabells KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 06 April 2014 | 361 MB
Designed to perform a million tasks, in a millions different shapes and sizes, the incandescent lightbulb illuminated human existence and enabled the world to finally and truly find its way out of the dark. Over the generations, this old filament-syle lightbulb and the various offspring have served humanity well. Indeed, the very concept of a brilliant idea is most often signified by this single iconic image.
multi-libraries, kontakt libraries
8Dio Epic Room Percussion KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 06 April 2014 | 37.9 MB
Epic Room Percussion is about punchy custom toms, octobans and rototoms recorded in studio environment. The library includes a variety of high, mid and low toms, dual octobans, triple roto-toms and metallic rims.

The sample set compliments 8Dio products our other Epic Percussion series, but yet distinctively different due to the room it was recorded in and the way the drums were tortured. Unfortunately we had to put a few of the drums to rest after the session, but thats what happens when you treat things with tender, yet firm, love and affection.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

multi-libraries, kontakt libraries
Soundiron Glass Beach KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 06 April 2014 | 391 MB
Glass Beach, about 150 miles outside San Francisco, CA, is all that’s left of a former garbage dump. For decades, the townspeople brought their household and industrial trash to the sea, dumping into towering piles rising above the surf. We spoke to a lifelong resident, who told us the heaps grew to over 30 feet high, before “The Dumps” were finally shut down in 1967. After numerous clean-up efforts, all of the refuse was removed, save for the tons of broken glass shards that were too small and far to plentiful to remove. It can now be found in MacKerricher State Park, running along the beach, by an old abandoned saw mill complex.
Samples » multi-libraries
Henry Olonga NV Fifty12 Pre PRO 192 For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 06 April 2014 | 73.7 MB
This preamp is a workhorse that sounds modern but clean. This is a companion library to the normal preamp release but has the filters engaged with the silk button on. The positions are 20 hz, 70 hz, 100 hz, 150 hz and 250 hz. It is one of the best preamps when one is looking for an all rounder with its input and output transformers adding a certain dimension to your audio.
Samples » multi-libraries
Henry Olonga Maccy PRE 192 khz For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 06 April 2014 | 73.5 MB
These Maccy Onnyyx preamps have been described as being as good as some standalone boutique mic amps. I wouldn’t go as far as that as I have found them to be solid but not in the same league as GML or API. But they do sound really nice, tight, clear and make things sound more real. These are the amp section pre EQ and pre fader.
Samples » multi-libraries
Henry Olonga Titan V2 Line IN ELITE 192 khz For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 06 April 2014 | 199 MB
This is part of the Titan V2 series but is also ELITE as I sampled it with the highest quality settings I am able to extract out of the hardware and my sampling tools. Superb upgrades on the original samplings with improved calibration, and size optimisation. This is the line input of my Vintage Lustraphone Helios module. Use an EQ before or after this baby to carve your sound further. I was in the throes of pre-mixing my a second album and after determining that I was going for an overall Helios sound, I realised that I was yet to sample the line input. I had made the Preamp available but the line in was not there. So I duly went about sampling it in an afternoon. There is one distinct difference between the line in and the Preamp.
Samples » multi-libraries
Henry Olonga The Console strip Punchy Kick 192 khz For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 06 April 2014 | 666 MB
This is a superb sampling of a 1u rack mounted channel strip that has four modules. This sampling focusses on the Kick drum. If you have ever wanted that punchy sound on your kick you can have it now. Covering punchy to clear to deep – get it easily in superb quality. The G-drive gives you real depth and harmonic content.


Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
VSL Horizon Series Mallets GIGA DVDR-AI screenshot
Team AI | 07-20-2004 | Size: 3.58 GB
The Horizon Series' Mallets collection features all of the mallet instruments from the Vienna Symphonic Library Pro Edition as well as temple blocks and wood blocks. It is the largest and most comprehensive library for mallet instruments ever created. It's extensive articulations include a variety of single strokes played with up to six different mallets, tremolos, chord tremolos and glissando for every instrument as well as loads of special effects like bowed notes (vibraphone, marimba), notes played with a superball, rubber, fingernails (marimba), cluster mallets (xylophone) and more.
2014-03-08 | ~315MB
Best Service XXLarge No Kick vol.2 [Kontakt, WAV]
Volume 2 of the very popular drumloop collection with over 1500 hot new stereo ADD-ON, PERCUSSION and RHYTHM EFFECT loops without bass drums and low frequencies. These loops are the "Groovemakers" for every modern dance production. Additionally, XX-Large "No Kick 2" includes a big new collection of really kickin bass drums. All loops are perfectly timed to beats per minute and arranged in groups from 75-140 bpm.
Samples » multi-libraries
ToneHammer Epic Tom Ensemble Proper MultiFormat-AudioP2P screenshot
Team AudioP2P | 10-26-2009 | Size: 470.00 MB
The Epic Tom Ensemble is a large multi-sample library dedicated to massive ensemble percussion. We captured a variety of power articulations, using a combination of high-tuned 10″ – 14″ toms, roto-toms and octabans, various floor toms, bass drums and custom designed mega-toms. Perfect for raging battle scenes or when you just need a really loud boom. We highly recommend trying it with our Epic Dohl, Small Epic Percussion and Bamboo Stick Ensembles. All extensively recorded by some of the very best percussionists* in the world, in a high-ceiling glass, stone and tile hall specifically designed for sample recording.
Samples » kontakt libraries
ToneHammer Forgotten Voices Cait KONTAKT+Update-AudioP2P screenshotTeam AudioP2P | 10-13-2009 | Size: 812.03 MB
Singer Cait McWhir, originally hailing from Ireland, draws her inspiration from almost 20 years of exploration with indian, balkan, middle-eastern & celtic vocal styles. She has an incredible versatility allowing her to freely cross between conventional folklore to ancient Sanskrit chants, Vedic mantras to free improvisation in self made languages.
Samples » kontakt libraries
ToneHammer Forgotten Voices Terrie KONTAKT-AudioP2P screenshot
Team AudioP2P | 12-10-2009 | Size: 1.18 GB
Internationally renowned, Terrie Odabi, is a classically trained singer who studied under Gwen Brown, Bill Bell and the late John Patton. While traveling she started gaining interest in other cultures and languages from Latin to Spanish, from a variety of African to Middle Eastern dialects. Her incredible depth and understanding of music cultures were the premise of the library, which covers several African dialects to Gospel, Soul, RnB and more experimental types of singing.
Samples » kontakt libraries
ToneHammer Forgotten Voices Barbary KONTAKT + Update-AudioP2P screenshotTeam AudioP2P | 07-26-2009 | Size: 864.15 MB
Barbary Grant is a highly renowned vocalist and harper within Celtic communities. She sings- and articulates fluently- in all three Goidelic languages: Scots Gaelic, Irish, and Manx. This homage won her first place in the sean nós competition at the 1998 Great American Irish Fair. Sean nós – “old style” in Irish – is a highly ornamented style of a cappella singing.
Best Service XXLarge Extreme 1 - 1750 Brandnew DrumLoops [Kontakt, WAV]] screenshot
2014-03-07 | ~340MB
Best Service XXLarge Extreme 1 - 1750 Brandnew Drumloops [Kontakt, WAV]
With it`s latest production, the German XX-Large team presents the biggest Dance Drumloop collection worldwide! Included are 1750! brand new stereo drumloops. Styles include House, Jungle, Rap, Hip-Hop. All of the loops are tuned accurately on beats per minute and arranged in groups from 80-180 beats per minute. In addition to all of this you get more than 100 current Dance Sounds: House Organs, Jungle Basses etc. etc. - you can`t live without it....!
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Native Instruments Absynth Spectral Expansion screenshot
Absynth Expansion | 60.75 MB
KORE SOUNDSPACKS are sort of like a cross between Pokmon and Voltron. It's hard not to snatch up every single pack that gets added to the collection, especially since each addition component serves to make Voltron stronger. Voltron, in this case, is the Native Instruments Kore 2 Synth Workstation and Free Kore Player, and Native Instruments ABSYNTH SPECTRAL EXPANSION KORE SOUNDPACK forms the head or possibly left arm.
Samples » multi-libraries
Steinberg - VST Drum Sessions  Straight Rock screenshot
Make no mistake, when we say Heavy Rock, we mean monstrous, headbanging grooves that will shake up your mixer and drive the vermin out of entire city blocks.
Featuring all heavy styles and replete with impressive ride tom grooves and vicious double kick drum patterns that even the finest real drummer would be hard-pressed to match. Great for authentic-sounding drums in VST or creating your own drum loops.
Sonic Mayhem Noize Loops Toxic Textures CD1-2 24BiT WAV-N0C screenshot
Team N0C | 25.02.2004 | Size: 1.30 GB
tox·ic (tok'sik) : Capable of causing injury or death, especially by chemical means; a dump for toxic industrial waste

After the success of the original, award-winning "Noize Loops" sample CD, sonic mayhem is following up with their latest release, "Noize Loops: Toxic Textures," a massive 2-disc collection of chemically altered Atmosphere's. "Toxic Textures" contains Ambient beds, bizarre soundscapes, dark drones, evolving drones , Orchestral beds, Stingers, Hits, swells and more. A must have for producer of movies, trailers, commercials, videogames and music production.
Big Fish Fear POD Vol.1 WAV screenshot
WAV | Size: 393.11 MB
Inside the pod your fear grows. Is it pitch black or have you merely lost your eyes? Strange sounds come from all around you, some rhythmic, some soothing and some maddening. You panic as the warm ooze, you thought so comforting, starts to digest your skin. At that moment, as you've begun to dissolve, reality fades into the most beautiful sonic textures this side of your demise- Over 1,000 audio events, loops and atmospheres.

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