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Zero-G Rosss Rising Funk Guitar DLP WAV ACID screenshot

Zero-G Rosss Rising Funk Guitar DLP WAV ACID
Team: ASSiGN | Date: 25 JANUARY 2011 | Size: 362.1 MB

A superb library of rhythm guitar samples - concentrating mainly on cool and slinky funk riffs. It's an excellent complement to our highly acclaimed 'Funk Guitar' library. The two products cover the same basic territory (guitar rhythm), but have a very different feel and character.

For this collection, producer Paul Godfrey teamed up with renowned guitarist 'Cheeky' Ross Charles (popular on many funk records for his unmistakeable sound and feel). They knew exactly what other producers were looking for in miking technique (valve mics were used), amplification, guitars and FX - The sound is as natural, usable and authentic as possible.

* ACIDized WAV format

"...the playing is really classy...The many 'Scratching' rhythm parts make for excellent percussion loops, giving instant feel to a sequenced drum track when mixed in at a low level, and I'm sure many a canny dance samplist will be exploiting these to death fairly quickly." - SOUND ON SOUND UK

"...All the sounds on here are fantastic breaks and should appeal to techno-happy funk nuts....Rising Funk is a worthy addition to any sample library..." - FUTURE MUSIC UK

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Zero-G Rosss Rising Funk Guitar DLP WAV ACID screenshot
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