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Zero-G Pure Brazilian Beats MULTIFORMAT (2 CDs) screenshot
Team: SoSISO | Size: 1.01 GB
Formats: CDDA/ACiD/WAV/AiFF/Apple Loops/REX2/HALiON/EXS24

PURE BRAZILIAN BEATS: Zero-G bring you the unmistakable flavour of Latin American drums in the 21st Century - the feel, the groove, the life. Performed & recorded in Brazil by in-demand session musician Duda Moura, Pure Brazilian Beats is an incredible collection of completely authentic Brazilian drum rhythms with an infectious feel, suitable for anyone with a desire to add rhythmic life to their productions.

"This shows off the talents of session musician Duda Moura as he drums his way through sambas, bossas, batucadas and the like to give a slice of 21st Century Latin American rhythms that work well...it's money well spent!"

"Never has a sample library been so aptly titled...the playing - by Duda Moura - is accomplished...There are plenty of variations in each style, too. Fans of Brazilian rhythms will lap this one up, but at this price.... worth a punt if you fancy trying something a bit different."

Features acoustic drum groove/loops including: samba, baião, axé, bossa nova, ijexá, samba reggae, samba rock, batucada, samba do Ilê, pagode, samba enrêdo, samba funk and other Brazilian fusion experiences.


Zero-G Pure Brazilian Beats MULTIFORMAT (2 CDs) screenshot


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I downloaded the file three times, and each one of them, CD1 presented error!!! please check your UPLOAD!!!
KRock   status registered posts comments rating
  Releaser 6.01.2011 1527 3463

As I explained in my personal message for you - you cannot convert this image to ISO because it has original copy protection.
Try to burn CD and then try to make ISO from this CD if you need it...
Sonorite   status registered comments rating
  Resident 25.02.2012 92
yeah ... for Mac users this does the Bin and cue file thing that you need to chmod or something - can't remember how to do it, so I'm off for revise how to do it - there's a starter here chmod primer - if anyone knows of anything simpler - please advise!

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