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Sommer-Leiter B Side feat SES, Mercurio, Loris Brega & + AntiSample - Cinematic Grand - 50% off How do you make this "wind" sound? Do you need SCWFs? Groove Agent 4 is finally here! Zero-G - Electro Cinematic released Steinberg Groove Agent 4 released Topo Presents_Active Brand 051 (Insomniafm) How to unlock NI Komplete 9 Ultimate? Celldweller StudioTour


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Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Best Service Sound Spectral WAV screenshot
Best Service Sound Spectral WAV-AudioP2P | 400 MB

Unique sounds and genious basic sound stuff/ waveforms (feel free to layer!) for film, ambient and xperimental musicans: virtual and nature-like atmospheres, ambient pads, biospheres, sub`n`drones, short mechanic and electronic fx (switches, beeps,..), mechaspheres, electrospheres.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Urban Warfare - Hard N' Heavy Stylez screenshot
Urban Warfare - Hard N' Heavy Stylez | 107.01 MB
URBAN WARFARE, "Hard N Heavy Stylez" is a complete solution for those producers who are looking for a raw, pumping, teeth shattering sound library. It is an entire hard n' heavy concept meant to shake the foundations of Hip Hop. This totally urban soundscape is jammed with over 700 hardcore drum hits, instruments and FX that are sure to light your samplers on fire.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] DiscoveryFirm - Bom Dia Brazil (Wav/Rex2) screenshot
DiscoveryFirm - Bom Dia Brazil (Wav/Rex2) |461 MB
The South American continent is bursting with musical energy and inspiration. The Brazilian Samba, Sokka, Fandango, Rambada , Bossa Nova , and Folk Rele Tango are musical styles of incredible brilliance and colorful. On this CD, those rhythms are brought to life in stunning clarity, along with other South American styles that are filling dance clubs in Japan, and around the world.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Trilogy Total Bass Module screenshot
Trilogy Total Bass Module | 1.4G

Trilogy is a one stop bass shop with more bottom than Jennifer Lopez. The sound is professional and full while the selection is varied. This VSTi focuses on three types of bass sounds; electric bass guitar, acoustic bass guitar, and electronic bass synthesizer.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] Beats 45 The Platinum Club Hip Hop and R&B screenshot
Beats45 Proudly Presents The Platinum Club Hip Hop and R&B Collection. If youпїЅre looking for that sound that will get you that commercial success, you came to the right place! This brand new Hip Hop and R&B Sample CD features today's Platinum music with sounds including loops, Keys , Flutes , Strings , Drums kits and much more, All inspired by hot prouducers like Scott Storch , Timbaland , Pharrell and Lil Jon. Most of the sounds are loopable for a broad range of musical genres.
Samples, multi-libraries
[dead] BT Breakz From The Nu Skool (Aiff) screenshot
The loops on Breakz from the Nu Skool are divided into two main categories: Dirt Breaks (mostly electronic with extreme editing and processing) and Live Breakz (aggressive acoustic loops, many of which are compressed, distressed, and creatively processed). Strap on a seatbelt for loops such as “Rumbler,” one of many in-your-face live offerings. The styles on Breakz range from trance and big beat to drum & bass and beyond. Lengths range from two to four bars long, tempos from 60 to a soaring 180.

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