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Mixing a Rock Song in Pro-Tools-QUASAR screenshot
Team QUASAR | 05-07-2012 | 1.00 GB
Watch professional mixer Brian Lee White take a rock song from the raw recorded tracks to a great-sounding, polished mix in Avid Pro Tools. The course moves at a quick pace, showing how to establish a workflow for a particular song and make mixing decisions on the fly. Watch as Brian quickly sets initial levels, sculpts the individual tracks with EQ and compression, uses spatial and special effects to create depth and interest, balances the lead vocal and rhythm section, and adds the finishing touches before bouncing down the mix. Brian also stresses the importance of “thinking like a mixer” by being creative and serving the song, exploring ideas that inspire you, and breaking away from the template mindset.

Author: Brian Lee White
Software: Pro Tools 8, 9, 10
Level: Advanced
Duration: 2h 12m
Released: May 04, 2012


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Reuploaded. PiRAT


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Much Appreciated!
  Resident 4.06.2011 158
thanxs a lot !!!
  Resident 12.08.2011 77
I love these mixing videos... so helpful. Thanks for posting!!
  Member 9.01.2012 62
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It's available on the Green Monster wink

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