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Foundations of Audio: EQ and Filters screenshot Foundations of Audio: EQ and Filters | 1.94 GB Duration: 2h 30m | Video: AVC (.mov) 960x540 | Audio: AAC 48KHz stereo
In this installment of the Foundations of Audio series, author Brian Lee White shows producers and audio engineers how to properly apply equalization (EQ) and improve the sound of their mixes. The course covers the use of parametric and graphic EQs—and filters such as the high/low pass filters and shelf filters—in a variety of musical settings. These principles can be applied to any digital audio workstation platform, including Logic and Pro Tools, as well as analog workflows.

Topics include:
Measuring frequency and amplitude
Understanding the relationship between frequency and pitch
Working with EQ controls such as bandwidth (Q) and gain
Using graphic EQ
Understanding the shelving and high-pass and low-pass filters
Creating focus with EQ
Creating complementary EQ curves
Performing frequency bracketing with filters
Automating EQ
Using frequency analyzers
Using harmonic generators to excite frequency content

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