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Klanghelm MJUC variable-tube compressor v1.0.1 WiN/OSX RETAiL-SYNTHiC4TEAudioThing Plugins Pack 07.31.15 By UNIONAoN Sylenth Utility v1.0Impact Soundworks Bravura Scoring Brass Complete KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TERealiTone - RealiVox Blue KONTAKTRealiTone - RealiWhistle (KONTAKT)Guilhermeosilva.com Nord Stage 2 Piano KONTAKT



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Stop the High Pass Filters Madness HPF explained Wow. M-Audio Trigger Finger is currently $150 new - Why? Researchers Create First Firmware Worm That Attacks Macs Progressive Psy-Trance and Goa, Majestic Dawn : Skyward Dreams Don't upgrade to Win 10 yet....... Guitar Rig 5 Pro v5.2.0 no cracked .AAX plugin file Mac 2C-Audio B2 Presets from v1.2.1 Presonus release VU Meter plugin for Studio One Kontakt not remembering the last modulation/key switch after S1v3 restart. Modelonia 2.0 public Beta PC&Mac + 5 Free License Giveaway


fresh releases

loops, sound effects, MIDI, SF, Akai
Smash up the studio Ambience (Wav&Midi&Aiff) screenshot Smash up the studio Ambience (Wav&Midi&Aiff) | 720.4 MB
A wonderfully absorbing collection of ambient samples and loops from Smash Up The Studio. From beautiful, uplifting musical sensations to dark and menacing atmospheres. Designed specifically for producers of Soundtrack, Ambient, Chill-Out, Hip Hop, Trip Hop and Glitch.

Floating ambient textures, huge down-sampled and filtered beats,lush ethereal pads, Bit-crushed synthesizers, hypnotic guitars,mesmerizing sound effects and beautifully sculpted musical progressions are the elements that make up this new pack from Smash Up The Studio.
Windows, Mac

Voxengo GlissEQ v3.5.1 [WiN/OSX] screenshot
Voxengo GlissEQ v3.5.1 [WiN/OSX]
ASSiGN | 8.2.2012 | WiN x86/x64: 8.05 MB | OSX: 28.2 MB

GlissEQ is a parametric equalizer plug-in for professional music production applications. The most interesting and unique feature GlissEQ offers you is its filters with dynamic behavior. While when using a normal equalizer you always get what you have set: if you specify 6 dB boost at 100 Hz you get exactly 6 dB boost at 100 Hz. GlissEQ offers you a slightly different approach: when you specify +6 dB at 100 Hz, you don't necessarily get 6 dB of gain, filter’s effective gain is adjusted dynamically according to the sound material you are filtering.
Software » Windows

whiteLABEL sideFIRE v1.3 screenshot
whiteLABEL sideFIRE v1.3
ASSiGN | 8.2.2012 | 6.48 MB

Freshly updated to verion 1.3, sideFIRE is a stereo distorter - that is to say it works by messing with the stereo part of the input signal. It can be used to widen and lengthen a stereo input, create false stereo from a mono input, code/decode mid/side format recordings or alternatively create monster stereo distortions.
Software » Mac
JS8 Media AudioLobe v5.9 Mac OS X screenshot JS8 Media AudioLobe v5.9 Mac OS X | 1.8 MB
AudioLobe allows you to alter the speed of audio playback without changing the pitch rate. Great for learning difficult notes in a musical sequence. You can set a very small section of the audio to loop at whatever playback speed you want and easily follow what is happening, without having pitch changes. AudioLobe 5 has the ability to save audio and video files with altered playback speeds.
Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
Smash Up The Studio - MIDI Keys Disco Fever [MIDI] screenshot
Smash Up The Studio - MIDI Keys Disco Fever [MIDI] | 600KB
'MIDI Keys: Disco Fever' from Smash Up The Studio is a timeless collection of MIDI loops for producers who need to capture the classic feel of old school music in their tracks. Featuring 70 royalty-free professionally performed MIDI loops for Horns, Strings, Piano, Bass, Rhodes, Synths, Guitar and Clavinet.'MIDI Keys: Disco Fever' features 3 MIDI Construction Kits as heard in the preview track. Each kit is broken down into separate loops so you can build and arrange the track to suit your own requirements.
Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
Tonic Audio - Soulful House Grooves [MIDI] screenshot
Tonic Audio - Soulful House Grooves [MIDI] | 8MB
'Soulful House Grooves' is proudly presented to you by Tonic Audio and is a set of inspirational and uplifting House MIDI Construction Kits and keyboard loops inspired by the soulful sounds of Grant Nelson, Richard Earnshaw and Joey Negro.All loops are in MIDI format, which means you have total freedom and flexibility to change tempo, key, quantization and more.If you groove to the sound of labels of like Salted Music, Swing City, Duffnote and Soulfuric Records, then this is a must-have collection, as these riffs will give you the musicality to take your productions to the next level.
Samples » loops
Studio Wormbone - Algo-Rhythms Uber Sleek Electro Percussion [WAV] screenshot
Studio Wormbone - Algo-Rhythms
Uber Sleek Electro Percussion [WAV] | 100MB

'Algo-Rhythms: Uber Sleek Electro Percussion' is the most exhilarating assemblage of forward thinking grooves available. This sound pack contains 100 synthetically percussive loops organised into down/mid/up tempo folders and includes an extra folder with 20 bonus loops. It represents musical refinement exponentially calculated. It embodies invigorating technological artistry in the most elegant and fresh of formulations.
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
AoS Projects Bounce & Scouse Construction Kits (Wav&Midi) screenshot AoS Projects Bounce & Scouse Construction Kits (Wav&Midi) | 60.7 MB
Molgli presents 7 amazing Bounce & Scouse construction kits created by AoS Project. These fantastic construction kits are full of top quality WAV & MIDI files including a bonus folder. Each track has been specially designed to help give you insight on how to achieve similar sounds as the pro's such as; Alex K, Bounce Enforcers, Delusion, Hypasonic, KB Project, Kritkal Mass & more. These superb tracks are sure to get you noticed and help you keep the scene alive. Size: 77MB compressed Each Kit is Key & Tempo Tagged 7 Kits 1 Bonus Folder 38 MIDIs 95 WAVs
Samples, presets, patches, impulses
Amsterdamage Music London 2 Miami (Rex2&Aiff&NI MASCHINE PATCHES) screenshot Amsterdamage Music London 2 Miami (Rex2&Aiff&NI MASCHINE PATCHES) | 381.4 MB
This is the first in a new series of Dirty Dutch Electro style sample packs inspired by top DJ/Producers such Laidback Luke, Afrojack, Steve Aoki and DJ Chuckie. It contains 5 Exclusive contruction kits in variable formats and includes Drums, NI Maschine Patches, Synths, Bass, FX and Melodies.

If you are looking for Big Room harder Dutch Electro styles, then this pack wont disappoint. Developed by Amsterdamage in-house engineer/producer Juice String also known for his work on Roger Sanchez imprint Stealth Recordings.
Samples » multi-libraries
FatLoud - Digi Beats Volume 1 (WAV&REX&ReFill&AIFF) screenshot FatLoud - Digi Beats Volume 1 (WAV&REX&ReFill&AIFF) | 0.99 GB
Digital Beats Volume 1 is a collecton of 10 top quality synth based constructon kits (1,26GB of multiformat material), designed to use in new school urban / dance music genres, like ie.: hip hop, r&b, modern-pop, electro etc.

Digital Beats Volume 1 was created in co-operation with producers from FatLoud’s new sublabel 'DigiNoiz' and it includes over 200 professional mixed & mastered loops (1,26GB of multiformat material), plus almost 100 drum hits.


Makka Samples From Film, TV & VINYL (WAV) screenshot Makka Samples From Film, TV & VINYL (WAV) | 2,26 GB
What this consists of is 3.8 gig of samples that have been taken from Film, TV & Vinyl. This kind of stuff you generally dont get in normal sample CDs. Great for inspiration or unusual samples.

Some of the samples are good for looping up and using in live performances, and some good for productions.
I think anyone making any genre could find a useable sample amongst these. Particularly good for beat makers.
Anyway I wont waffle on, I would just recommend getting this because samples like these arent easy to come by, unless you sample from sources like Film, TV & Vinyl.
Samples » loops
Wildfunk - Video Game Sounds [WAV] screenshot
Wildfunk - Video Game Sounds [WAV] | 32MB
'Video Game Sounds' from Wildfunk features 250 classic video game effects. Enrich your tracks with that "oldschool" sound from the early 80s. This awesome pack includes Laserzaps, Animals, Electricity, Alerts, Explosions, Swoshes, and more.

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