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Education » Methods
Alfred Music - The Serious Guitarist - Left Hand Techniques screenshot
English | PDF + WMA | 67 Pages | 32 MB
Until now, serious rock, blues, and jazz guitarists have not had a book devoted entirely to the left hand. The Serious Guitarist: Left-Hand Techniques fills this gap with a unique, dedicated approach to proper left-hand position and dexterity that you've always been looking for. Learn the most effective approach to left-hand technique, and discover ways to increase efficiency when you move up and down the guitar neck.
Education » Methods
Gear Secrets of the Guitar Legends screenshot
English | PDF | 124 Pages | 17 MB
Explore the sounds of more than 30 guitar legends, from '50s rock'n'rollers to today's nu-metal practitioners. You'll discover the secrets of their classic tones, learn how they played their most famous rhythms & leads, and find out what gear they used to forge their unique styles.
Education » Methods
Joe Charupakorn - Play Blues-Fusion Guitar screenshot
English | PDF + MP3 | 98 Pages | 117 MB
Learn to play guitar like Robben Ford,Joe Bonamassa, Larry Carlton, John Scofield, Eric Johnson,
and other blues/fusion masters! Blues/fusion merges the soulfulness of the blues with the sophistication of jazz. In How to Play Blues/Fusion Guitar, you'll study the key elements of style what scales, chords, and arpeggios are most commonly used, and how to use them. You'll also take a look at examples in the style of artists like Matt Schofield, Mike Stern, Scott Henderson, and John Scofield, to see how these masters put their own unique spin on the blues/fusion
format. Book includes access to audio online for download or streaming, with loads of demonstration tracks, plus play-along tracks for practicing!
Education » Methods
Truefire - Country Guitar Survival Guide: Rhythm(2015) - WEBRIP screenshot
Include: .FLV .MP3 .PDF .GP5 | 1.10GB
An audience can forgive a mediocre solo if the band is grooving but it's much harder to get an audience on board if the rhythm and groove is uncertain or inconsistent. Yet, guitarists tend to focus only on lead playing ignoring the fact that, for the majority of the time, they’re responsible for establishing the feel, style and harmonic palette of a tune through their rhythm playing.
Education » Methods
Truefire - Dweezil Zappa's - Phrase Generators (2015) - WEBRIP screenshot
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: FLV (includes Tabs and Guitar Pro Files), 864x486 (16:9), | 726MB
Audio: MP3

Improvisation is the most primal manifestation of music and the pinnacle of creative expression for musicians. Across the entire evolution of music, improvisational skills have been requisite for virtually every world-wide genre of music from Classical to Middle Eastern to contemporary Jazz, Blues and Rock.
Education » Methods
Guitarjamz.com - Music Theory Survival Guide 4 DVD Set screenshot
Publisher: Guitarjamz.com | Language: English
Video: MP4, 640x480 (4:3), 1159 Kbps, 29.970 fps | 2,94 Gb
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 channels | Includes PDF Tabs | Length: 6h

Music Theory DVD 1:
In the first DVD Marty lays out the groundwork to Music theory specifically designed for YOU the guitar player.To get things started Marty teaches the most important basic building block of music theory a device called "Intervals". In this DVD you will learn that these create different emotional states on your guitar playing & much more.
Education » Methods
Guitarjamz.com - Beginner Blues 4 DVD Set screenshot
Publisher: Guitarjamz.com | Language: English
Video: MP4, 640x480 (4:3), 1159 Kbps, 29.970 fps | 3,61 Gb
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 channels | Includes PDF Tabs | Length: 7h

Blues DVD 1: The first blues DVD is nearly 2 hours in length. Marty goes over the lesson plan in the DVD Intro module. Jump right in to the 12 bar blues, broken down step by step have alot of fun playing along with Marty in the DVD section Marty then teaches all the important Blues Turnaround this takes your blues playing to a whole new level.As you progress through this DVD Marty unleashes more Blues tricks and techniques. To finish up the Blues DVD 1 Marty breaks out some awesome guitar licks and beginning solo techniques.
Education » Methods
Truefire - Robben Ford's Songcraft (2013) screenshot
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, data-dvd (includes Tabs, Jamtracks and PowerTab Files),
864x486 (16:9), 1624 Kbps, 29.970 fps | 2,38 Gb
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 channels | Length: 03h 28min

Robben Ford is not only an innovative master of electric guitar, he's also widely respected as a gifted composer, passionate songwriter and performing artist with a long history of chart-topping hits and Grammy nominations to his credit.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Education » Methods
Truefire - Chris Buono's 40 Day Rhythm Guitar SWAT Camp (2009) screenshot
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, data-dvd (includes Tabs and Power Tab Files), 854x480 (16:9),
775 Kbps, 29.970 fps | 6,52 Gb
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 channels | Length: 11h

One of TrueFire's top-ranked interactive audio courses of all time is 40-Day Rhythm Guitar SWAT Camp, a compilation of 40 "rhythm" audio lessons that we produced for Guitar Player magazine. The 40 lessons were authored by a veritable “who’s who” of guitar educators who cover a very distinctive range of rhythm guitar styles and techniques.


Education » Methods
A Modern Approach to Jazz Rock and Fusion Guitar by Jean Marc Belkadi screenshot Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3) | 26 pages | 51 MB |
This book is not for beginners and geared toward advanced players who have a good technique and already grasped a solid understanding of the jazz music theory. Minimal explanations are given within the examples, though the musical ideas are not difficult to figure out if the player is equipped with a sound jazz theory background.
There are totally 30 great modern sounding licks to learn and extrapolate, in the categories of:
Major scale and chromaticism (applied in different harmonic situations).
Triads (superimposition over chords, some with chromaticism).
Arpeggios (superimposition over chords, some with chromaticism).
Additional ideas (mainly arpeggios with chromaticism).
Video Tutorials, Methods
MJS Easy Guitar Theory Play Write and Understand Music Theory For Guitar TUTORiAL  DVDR-SONiTUS screenshot
TEAM SONiTUS | 05.2013 | 3.09 GB
Play, write, and understand music theory for guitar.

After decades of dedicated music study and 17 years of teaching music, expert musician and educator Mark John Sternal has created a guitar theory method that simplifies the foundations and structure for playing, writing, and understanding music for the guitarist. Easy Guitar Theory is an instructional DVD containing all you need to know about music theory on the guitar. Lesson material is presented in a progressive, easy to follow format that will be cherished by everyone from complete beginners to dedicated professionals.
Education » Methods
Paul Gilbert - Intense Rock screenshot
2006 | 5.21 GB
Intense Rock takes you step by step through the techniques that will enable you to play terrifying licks. In this exciting presentation, Paul Gilbert teaches you his personal exercises and sequences for incredibly fast and clean alternate picking, 3-note-per-string scales, sweep picking and string skipping.
Education » Methods
Guitar for Beginners - 4th Revised Edition screenshot
English | Pages 164 | PDF | 50 Mb
Starting at the very beginning from choosing a guitar, this book guides you every step of the way, teaching techniques such as strumming, picking and much more, to learning how to read guitar tab and musical notation. The Revised Edition of Guitar for Beginners has updated apps to assist your learning process, as well as brand new pieces of practice music from a range of genres.
Education » Methods
Musicians institute - Jean Marc Belkadi- - Technique Exercises For Guitar screenshot
English | 41 pages |MP3 + PDF | 47 Mb

The prestigious Musicians Institute presents a comprehensive set of exercises that covers a huge range of techniques to meet the demands of the modern guitarist. These studies concentrate on the motor skills needed to play with greater clarity, power and speed, including:StretchingAlternate pickingString skippingSweep pickingTappingLegatoChordsFinger picking Each example is presented in standard notation and tablature, and supported with a recorded demonstration on the accompanying CD. Hone your precision, endurance, dexterity and synchronisation skills.
Education » Methods
Kenny Serane - Apprendre Le Funk screenshot
HTML+MKV | French | 130 MB
Résumé du cours

Dans les années 60, un nouveau courant musical fit son apparition grâce notamment à James Brown. Ce savant mélange de soul et de rhythm & blues sera nommé « funk ». La musique funk tourne autour d’une chose, le « groove ». Nul besoin de technique moderne ou autre artifice : c’est l’art de trouver une partie guitare, subtile ou enrichie, qui fera rebondir un morceau afin que la cohésion de tous les instruments devienne « magique ».
Education » Methods
Richard Chuat - Le tapping pour tous screenshot
HTML+MKV | French | 95 MB

Résumé du cours

Bonjour à tous. Je suis sûr que vous avez tous déjà entendu parler de la technique du tapping. Peut-être même l’avez déjà essayé au moins une fois ? Voici une série de 7 cours consacrés à cette technique. Des cours progressifs, comme d’habitude pour ceux qui me connaissent. L’idée étant de pouvoir dans quelques temps utiliser tous les doigts pour taper... Mais sans violence s'il vous plait !
Education » Methods
Richard Chuat - aller-retour de A à Z screenshot
HTML+MKV | French | 109 MB

Résumé du cours

J’aimerais aborder et même étudier de manière assez complète la technique de l’aller-retour au médiator. Cette technique se retrouve quel que soit le style musical, du jazz au metal. Je vous propose donc une série de cours de guitare pour vous permettre, que vous soyez novice ou plus confirmé, de développer ou d’améliorer cette technique. Les nombreux exemples utilisés seront des fragments de gammes ou d’arpèges pour la plupart. Nous allons travailler de manière très progressive sur plusieurs mois et si vous suivez attentivement les cours vous devriez sentir de sérieux progrès dans seulement quelques semaines ! Bien sûr cela ne vient pas tout seul sans un (gros) minimum de travail.

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