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Native Instruments (HomeCooked TinyToolz 1-6)-TRACEROutput Sounds REV X-Loops KONTAKTTone2 Gladiator 2 v2.5 WiNPSPaudioware PSP Xenon v1.5.2 Incl.KeyGen-CHAOSSM101 Deep Deep Atmospheres Ni Massive-AUDIOSTRiKESnow Audio PULSE for Omnisphere OMN-SYNTHiC4TEKuassa Amplifikation Vermilion v1.0.0b VST x86 x64 BiRTHDAY Release-CHAOS



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I can write music, sing and play instruments but I have no idea how to be an artist. Let's Make An Encyclopedia of Sound Mangling Techniques Duran Duran - Songwriting (tick) Performance (tick) Can't delete a Plugin! Help my Protools keeps crashing! Omnisphere 2 on Win XP Rhythmic Robot release PLATTER – a vintage vinyl synthesiser FL Studio 12.x Color-Fading Background Help to finish my trap remix GZ'UP - No Remorse Kontakt library loading too long!


fresh releases

sound effects, loops, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Sample Tweakers EDM Mega Producer Bundle WAV MiDi Spire and Serum Presets screenshot
AUDIOSTRiKE 19/03/2015 | 839 MB
Sample Tweakers are proud to present this crazy bundle of samples for modern EDM producers!

1.25 GB of HQ samples suitable for EDM, Bigroom, Progressive and Electro House.

8 Full Construction Kits (with 290 wav and midi loops) + Exclusive 160 Punchy One Shots, 40 Drum Loops, 90 Sound FX, 20 Drum Fills, 40 VST Synth Patches (20 Patches for Spire, 20 patches for Serum) and 3 demo tracks are also included to pack!
Education » Video Tutorials
Lynda - Up and Running with ABSYNTH 5 TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P 20.03.2015 | 134 MB
In this quick Up and Running course, author J. Scott Giaquinta covers another of Native Instruments KOMPLETE components, ABSYNTH. ABYSYNTH is a powerful synthesizer that allows for almost unlimited combinations of oscillators, modulations controls, and filters—leading to some truly unique sounds. Here J. Scott G. gives a brief overview of ABSYNTH's features and main sound making components, including its modules, oscillators, filters, modulation controls, effects, and automation. Then he puts its features and sound-making abilities to work, so you can see how ABSYNTH fits into a real musician's workflow.
Windows, Mac
KV331 Synthmaster 2 v2.6.21 Mac/Win Incl.Keyfile HEXWARS screenshot
20.03.2015 | Windows/MacOSX AU/VST/RTAS/AAX | HEXWARS
SynthMaster is an 'all-around' semi-modular software synthesizer and effect plug-in
that features many different synthesis methods including VA, Additive, Wavetable, Wavescanning, Phase Modulation, Frequency Modulation, Pulse Width Modulation, Ring Modulation, Amplitude Modulation, Physical Modeling and SFZ Sample Playback synthesis.
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Fox Samples Tribal Trap 2 WAV MiDi-AUDIOSTRiKE screenshot
AUDIOSTRiKE 19/03/2015 | 217 MB
Tribal Trap 2′ from Fox Samples is the follow up to the first banging volume. Containing nothing but the hottest elements of trap blended with a tribal flavor. Containing over 380MB of top quality content, this product is sure to deliver you everything you need to create your next hit!
Software » Mac
SoundMate v2.5 MacOSX Retail-CORE screenshot
TEAM CORE 2015/03/20 | 1,68 MB
Desktop client for SoundCloud. No more 'trying to find in which tab is SoundCloud running, close the window and your music keeps playing in the background. SoundMate is built on to of the same SoundCloud website, you already know and love so it is easy to use.
Software » Mac
iZotope Ozone Advanced v6.10 MacOSX-HEXWARS screenshot
20.03.2015 | 385,9 MB | HEXWARS
Elevate a good-sounding mix to a professional-sounding master with Ozone. iZotope’s critically acclaimed mastering software has all the tools you need to produce a full and polished sound. With a striking new interface and a modern workflow, Ozone 6 both guides and inspires your creativity at every step.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Software » Windows
SoftDiv Dexster v4.4 Patch-SND screenshot
TEAM SND 2015 03 20 | 12,08 MB
Those of you who enjoy mixing music and enhancing audio files know that there are a lot of editing solutions out there that can help you in this regard. Dexster is one of the ones which offer users a complete solution for improving audio quality and creating music.


Education » Video Tutorials
VGuitar Lessons – Aerosmith - Walk This Way (by Ben Lowrey) screenshot
83 MB | MPEG4, 640x480, 30 fps, 1020 kbps| 44,1 kHz
The video lessons are filmed and edited to the highest quality and include animated tab and chord charts which light-up as Ben teaches you the notes. There are several camera angles so you can see clearly what Ben is playing as he explains it. You can download the lessons straight to your computer as a Quicktime .mp4 file. Each lesson also comes with a PDF document containing all of the tab and chord charts which can be printed out for convenience.
Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
The Gershwin Songbook (by Fred Sokolow) screenshot
DVDRip| XviD, 640×480, 30 fps | 810 MB
In this dvd, Fred plays and teaches six complete Gershwin arrangements, including guitar backup (for singing) and instrumental chord solos for each tune. Just for fun, Fred includes the rarely-heard introductory verses to the songs, as well as ad-lib instrumental solos.
After playing each tune, Fred gives you a rundown on the arrangement, going over tricky spots and analyzing the chord progression and substitutions. Then he replays it slower, on a split screen with close-ups of both hands. Best of all, you can read all six arrangements (tablature, music and chord grids) in the booklet that comes with this dvd.
Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
Slayer - Riff by Riff screenshot
English | August 1, 1998 | ISBN: 157560079X | 77 pages | PDF | 24,6 MB
This folio features the greatest riffs from this popular speed metal band's hottest songs. Including more than 100 riffs and commentary from inch.Show No Mercy inch. through inch.Undisputed Attitude inch., plus photos, band history, gear setups and more!
Education » Literary » Magazines
The Strad – May 2015 screenshot
English | 196 pages | True PDF | 43,5 MB
The Strad’s May 2015 issue is on sale now ― a special edition celebrating 125 years of the publication, featuring pictures from The Strad’s archive, spanning May 1890 to the present day.
Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
Sepultura - Just the Riffs screenshot
English | October 1995 | ISBN: 0895249553 | 34 Pages | PDF | 6,4 MB
Your guide to playing more than 40 burning riffs from these metal guitar maulers. Features riffs and lessons from 18 of their hottest songs, including: The Abyss * Inquisition Symphony * Stronger Than Hate * Dead Embryonic Cells * Refuse/Resist * Slave New World * and more.
Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
Metallica - Legendary Licks 1983-1988 screenshot
English | Mar 1, 2000 | ISBN: 1575602814 | 88 Pages | PDF | 2,4 MB
This new book in the Legendary Licks series features note-for-note transcriptions and detailed performance notes for 17 metal masterpieces from Metallica's early years. Guitarists will learn dozens of classic licks, riffs, fills and solos.
Education » Literary
The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music screenshot
2009 | ISBN: 0199792038, 0195331613 | English | 624 pages | PDF | 5 MB
The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music offers a state-of-the-art cross-section of the most field-defining topics and debates in computer music today. A unique contribution to the field, it situates computer music in the broad context of its creation and performance across the range of issues - from music cognition to pedagogy to sociocultural topics - that shape contemporary discourse in the field.
Education » Literary
Soundgarden - Riff by Riff screenshot
English | Feb 1, 1997 | ISBN: 1575600374 | 78 pages | PDF | 9 MB
The most comprehensive book to date on the music of Soundgarden. Features over 90 of the band's classic riffs, licks, and solos, complete with detailed performance notes covering their entire career, from Ultramega OK to Down on the Upside, plus gear, history, photos and feature articles.
Education » Literary
Stride & Swing Piano: Hal Leonard Keyboard Style Series screenshot
English | Mar 1, 2003 | ISBN: 0634046632 | 96 Pages | PDF Only| 9 MB
(Keyboard Instruction). Focusing on styles such as classic ragtime, early blues & boogie woogie, New Orleans jazz, stride and swing, this new book in the Hal Leonard Keyboard Style Series teaches left- and right-hand techniques including chords, bass runs, patterns and more. Key players of these styles Scott Joplin, Jimmy Yancey, Pete Johnson, Jelly Roll Morton, James P. Johnson, Fats Waller, Teddy Wilson and Art Tatum are prominently referenced.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Rhythm – May 2015 screenshot
English | 116 pages | True PDF | 20 MB
Fusing tradition and technology to make you a better drummer. Featuring the mini kit revolution,as we give expert advice on small set-ups. Also master those essential Big Band drumming techniques. Plus the top-end kit buyer's guide.

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