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Studio One v3 + win7 64bit: drag & drop NOT WORKING Is time going faster or Is it just me ? BP Charts EDM Vol.4 for Spire by Orion Sounds UAD Plugins Authorization Nexus2 Update v2.7.0 S1 v3 Uninstall\Content. Studio One 3 Blacklisting VST's Dear moji20 and alexfduch Looking for ... [SOUND DEMO] Omnisphere 2 - Ambient Soundscapes


fresh releases

sound effects, loops
Twisted Brainwrong Broken Cirkits WAV-ZiNC screenshot
ZiNC | Dec 21 2014 | 156 MB
A collection of 1600 individual sounds created purely with custom made analogue circuits, processed through circuit-bent delay units to produce a unique library of piercing electronic percussive tones, drones and glitches.
99 loops created with these unique sounds using various software and hardware sequencers.
Samples » Kontakt
Atomic Shadow Panoramic Wave Generator KONTAKT-ZiNC screenshot
ZiNC | Dec 21 2014 | 464 MB
The Panoramic Wave Generator is an experimental sound generating sample library for the Kontakt sampler from Native Instruments.Do you remember the early days of sampling? Or making long, low speed tape loops? That was the inspiration for the Panoramic Wave Generator. I still have an old Akai S-612 and it is one of those things that I just never get tired of. You can take a sound and stretch it across the entire keyboard. Depending on your sound it can sound like a howling demon in the low registers or a shrieking bird of prey on the high notes. Of course the old Akai has something like 2 seconds of sampling time.
Samples » Kontakt
IceBreaker Audio ToyBreaker KONTAKT-ZiNC screenshot
ZiNC | Dec 21 2014 | 182 MB
A collection of 3 circuit bent 80s keyboard instruments for Kontakt 5.
HandySynth - A custom circuit-bent Yamaha HandySound HS-200 Includes 8 instrument sounds and 8 circuit-bent variations.
PortaSynth - A custom circuit-bent Yamaha PortaSound PSS-130 Includes 8 instrument sounds and 8 circuit-bent variations.
Calc-U-Synth - An emulation of the Casio VL-Tone programmable synthesizer. Includes all original waveforms and accurate emulation of the
Samples » Kontakt
Soundiron Fountain Wires KONTAKT-ZiNC screenshot
ZiNC| Dec 21 2014 | 505 MB
Fountain Wires is a unique experimental stringed, tuned percussion and ambient/FX library born of pure chance. During a recent exploration to the California Southland, with it’s sun-baked chrome, glass, plastic and steel landscape and high-octane energy, we happened across a cool piece of ordinary architecture with some very cool sonic potential - a shady fountain sanctuary ringed by tightly strung steel cable fencing, hidden in the midst of Hollywood’s grit. We pulled out our trusty field recording gear and a heavy guitar pick and set to work, sampling a wide range of different wires, each with it’s own tone and character.
Software » Mac
Positive Grid BIAS Professional v1.1.0.374 MacOSX Incl Patch and Keygen-Egg screenshot
Team Egg | Dec 21 2014 | 449 MB
BIAS Desktop is the world’s most accurate, thorough and versatile guitar-amp modeler and designer. Its advanced amp-modeling engine captures the warmth and feel of real tube amps in every aspect, component by component. To start, the plug-in includes 36 authentic models of the most sought-after vintage and modern amps in rock ‘n’ roll history.
Software » Windows
Positive Grid BIAS Professional v1.1.0 374 Patch and Fixed Keygen Only-Egg screenshot
TEAM Egg | Dec 20 2014 | 6 MB
BIAS Desktop is the world’s most accurate, thorough and versatile guitar-amp modeler and designer. Its advanced amp-modeling engine captures the warmth and feel of real tube amps in every aspect, component by component. To start, the plug-in includes 36 authentic models of the most sought-after vintage and modern amps in rock ‘n’ roll history.
presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Aiyn Zahev Sounds Halcyon For Serum FXP MIDI screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | Dec 21 2014 | 25.6 MB
Halcyon is a brand new 128 patch sound-bank for Xfer Serum, using the hybrid engine to give you the edge and complexity of wavetable synthesis with the warmth of analog waveforms and filters all in one place. Halcyon covers warm and lush to digital and edgy but always remains musically useful.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Education » Video Tutorials
Guitarjamz - Intro to Jazz Guitar 3dvd Set (Complete) screenshot
Publisher: Guitarjamz.com | Language: English
Video: DvdRip, MP4,640x480(4:3), 862 Kbps, 29.970 fps |
1'55 Gb |Includes PDF and Jamtracks
Audio: MP3, 109 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 channels | Length: 04h 10min

Have you ever listened to a sweet Jazz Guitar Riff and thought to yourself, man that sounds sweet but I heard learning JAZZ was hours of boring theory and thousands of chords to memorize.Have you ever wished you could sit in with some Jazz guitar players kick back and play some silky smooth rhythm with them?Have you ever looked for an easy way to add Jazz to your guitar style? If are nodding your head to any of the above questions, keep reading…
Software » Mac
Avid Media Composer 8.3.0 screenshot
2014 |MAC OSX | 1.9 GB
Media Composer is proven and trusted by professional editors in every segment of film, television, and broadcast. Designed to handle high volumes of disparate file-based media, Media Composer delivers accelerated high-res-to-HD workflows, real-time collaboration, and powerful media management, eliminating time-consuming tasks so you can focus on telling a great story. And now the choice is yours-edit on premises, remotely through the cloud, on demand, through a low-cost subscription, or purchase a license outright-making Media Composer the most versatile and accessible tool for professional creative editorial.


Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
East West Ultimate String Collection 1CD AKAI screenshot
East West Ultimate String Collection 1CD AKAI
Size: 333 MB

Classy, expensive-sounding string ensembles which must have cost a packet to record, even though the players only had to get one note right at a time. Especially strong in the low register. Violin, viola and cello sections were recorded in both the USA and Europe, the latter with more 'hall' in the sound and broader tuning (though the booklet's claim that this makes them more suitable for 'atonal or minor keys' makes no musical sense to me). Double basses were captured in the USA.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Mixdown - December 2014 screenshot
Mixdown - December 2014
English | PDF | 42.78 MB

Australia's ONLY monthly Music Magazine distributed nation wide. Filled with the latest interviews, gear reviews and the most awesome columns for musos, producers and fans alike.
Education » Video Tutorials
Lick Library – Rhythm Guitar for Absolute Beginners screenshot
2011 | AVI/XviD, ~520 Kbps | 656×352 (DVD: 688×550), 25 fps | MP3 (DVD: MP4A), 48 kHz, 128 kbps (DVD: 192 kbps) | English | ~ 90 min | 540 MB
This DVD includes a selection of easy to absorb lessons that are designed to teach the beginner guitarist some of the essential basics of rhythm guitar playing. Over the course of this DVD you will learn some essential rhythm guitar techniques that can be used in any style of guitar playing from jazz to metal.
Samples » ReFill, Elastik etc.
Propellerhead Reason Pianos Refill DVDR-AiRISO screenshot
Team AiRISO | 08/2006 | 2.33 GB
The Reason Pianos ReFill gives you three amazing-sounding Hypersampled acoustic pianos with the kind of presence and playability you normally wouldn't associate with sampled pianos. Until now. Where other piano libraries leave you with a fixed piano sound that may or may not suit your project, Reason Pianos does just the opposite: these pianos were recorded using multiple microphones, leaving the mixing and shaping of your piano sound to you.

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