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Prime Loops Lee Coombs Presents Tech Funk Vol 2 [WAV] screenshot
Prime Loops Lee Coombs Presents Tech Funk Vol 2 [WAV]
Following on from the critically acclaimed "Tech Funk Vol. 1" sample pack, we are extremely proud to present "Tech Funk Vol.2" - the wait is over!

Lee Coombs has packed this collection to bursting point with only the phattest selected analogue synth riffs, grooves, basslines, percussives and FX ready to add a pinch of funk and a punch of tech to your studio creations.
All the sounds were recorded from scratch exclusively for Prime Loops at Lee Coombs' highly established, state-of-the-art studio. Using some of the most respected analogue synths available on the market, including the Moog Voyager, ATC1, and the original Roland TB303 amongst many others.


download fast directly from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB
en.usenet.nl/download/Prime Loops Lee Coombs Presents Tech Funk Vol 2 [WAV]


  Releaser 6.01.2011 1077 3001

Mate, why you never post normal content??
All your uploads are natural bullshit and NOT full releases!
See here:

342 MB
343 MB

Where you can see 223Mb ???
  Resident 10.05.2011 205 26
rofl Natural bullshit!!!What on earth is that???Does it come from natural bulls???
Anyway,I 'ultra' compressed them with 7zip could explain why!
You could,if you feel so strongly about my posts,download it and compare contents!!!!!
  Releaser 6.01.2011 1077 3001

Official releases always has best compression.
As I see you are really natural LAMER.

Also I saw content and 90% of your uploads are INCOMPLETE BULLSHIT!
  Resident 10.05.2011 205 26
Official releases always has best compression.

Please explain this to me then!!
After re-compressing Industrial Strength-United Colours Of Techno that I d/loaded from your recent post
I ended up with a 144Mb File compared to your OFFICIALLY RELEASED & BEST COMPRESSED 199Mb file!!!!! dunno
and you call me a LAMER!!!!
You really shouldn't slag people off about something before you've done a bit of homework and are armed with ALL the facts,it really does make you look like a MORON
The only incomplete bullshit in this post mate has come from your mouth!! rofl
so my advice to you would be..wind your neck in and concentrate on your own activities.

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