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[dead] Waveform Recordings Victor Calderone & Mike Frade: Tech House 1 WAV screenshot Victor Calderone & Mike Frade: Tech House 1 WAV | 213 MB
Legendary New York producer Victor Calderone and Mike Frade's debut sample pack Essential Elements - Tech House has been our biggest seller of 2010. Now they kick off their own label with this twisted selection of 380 pounding tech-house beats, glitched vocals, tribal rhythms, music loops and more.

Waveform Recordings is run by Mike Frade and Victor Calderone, whose residencies at New York's infamous Limelight, Crobar and Pacha clubs have cemented his status as one of the top-ranking DJ/producers in the world.

What's in the collection?

Drum Basics - The collection opens with 30 pared down beat loops - kick only, snare only and hat only, for backbone beatmaking.

Beat Loops & Tops - 67 deep and detailed tech-house beats with kick-free tops and variants for pure production ease.

Bass Loops - 21 funky, fried and filtered low-enders - all tinged with tech sensibilities.

Glitch Vox Loops - Delicious serving of 30+ twisted vocal grooves for instant topline character.

Jungle & Percussion Loops - 30+ voodoo workouts, tribal rhythms and vox'n'hit savannah grooves.

Drum Hits - 145+ fully primed kicks, claps & snares, cymbals & hats and deep percussive hits.

All loops are offered as 24-bit Wavs with tempo and key information in the filenames.

home page:

This material is no longer available for download. Sorry.. PiRAT


  Member 20.07.2015 3
Could you reupload this please ?
  Resident 8.11.2014 7 2217
All links are down, a reupload request has been sent, check back in 24hours, if still no links request again
  Member 20.07.2015 3
Thanks !
  Member 20.07.2015 3
So here's my second request
  Resident 8.11.2014 7 2217
this post is dead sorry...but just to inform you usually it getting reupped after second req

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