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Native Instruments Traktor Pro v2.5.1 screenshot
CHAOS | July 31 2012 | 137.71 MB

TRAKTOR offers DJs of all genres a wide range of professional, integrated DJ solutions for spinning in the club or at home. Each TRAKTOR product now comes with the full version of the flagship TRAKTOR PRO 2.5 software and combines flexibility with an unmatched creative arsenal and absolute ease of use.

TRAKTOR products cover everything from the world’s smallest USB DJ soundcard to all-in-one controllers containing everything you need to DJ in one package. No matter what your current DJ setup looks like: whether you use dedicated add-on controllers or digital vinyl systems for controlling MP3s using your turntables and CDJs – TRAKTOR has it all.




Thanks again CHAOS
download fast directly from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB
en.usenet.nl/download/Native Instruments Traktor Pro v2.5.1


  Releaser 10.10.2011 110 756
thanks chaos & horseman for this "Exclusiv AudioZ Scene Release", not testet yet, but maybe we have not to wait for a "union" rel. :)
9 of my 10 headvocs say im crazy&the oth.1 is humming the melody of tetris
  guest -- 0
Uploaded + Rapidgator

  Resident 30.10.2011 686
perfect. i am anxious to test this new version

thanks much all of you
Dance _ while my records spin
  guest -- 0
does it work as scratch pro also? any one tried yet?

  Resident 5.01.2008 1 152

does it work as scratch pro also?

its scratch pro only
  Member 22.03.2012 10
anychance for mac version soon ?
  guest -- 0
Working 100%! thankss! :D
  guest -- 0
Thanks a lot
  guest -- 0
  guest -- 0
Timecode function not found...
  guest -- 0
mac version out? :(

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