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MeldaProduction MMultiBandGranular v7.00 VST VST3 x86 screenshot
CHAOS | August 04 2012 | 6.07 MB

MMultiBandGranular is an extremely versatile granular resynthesizer, which can make your lead sound like a pad, make your drums more powerful and much more. The plugin cuts your audio material into small pieces and creates a whole new material from them, in multiple bands as usual. Besides standard panorama and pitch shifting, the plugin can also perform true graph based transformations, adjust pitch of each grain to harmony, layer up to 20 of them at once creating a true grain clouds. And that's just a beginning...

Dual user interface - the plugin is not only extremely versatile, but also quick and easy-to-use thanks to 2 graphical user interfaces. First there is a simple default one with several predefined modes, but just a few controls, which lets you start quickly and easily without any knowledge. All you need to do is choose what you want and use a few knobs. And the plugins also has an advanced mode, which provides all the extreme features the plugin offers.
1-6 fully configurable independent bands built on 3 perfectly transparent crossover algorithms (analog with slopes from 12dB/oct to 120dB/oct, linear-phase and hybrid) with fully adjustable limits and input gains. Includes peak meters for all bands and the master.
Continuously adjustable oscillator shape - every oscillator in our plugins is defined by a mix of predefined oscillator shapes, custom waveforms edited using our MeldaProduction Envelope System (MES), step-sequencer and several methods for algorithmic postprocessing. It is the most advanced approach for defining oscillator shapes.
4 global modulators - in each instance you can have up to 4 fully-featured modulators that can modulate any set of parameters including other modulators! In this way you can make the sound move in time, be less static and more interesting. Each modulator works as LFO, follower, midi/audio triggered ADSR envelopes, a pitch detector or even a combination.
M/S, single channel, up to 8 channels surround processing - our plugins can handle not only mono and stereo signals, but also mono/stereo encoding, separate channels and encodings, and up to 8 channels of surround audio, which makes them ideal for audio production for movies, games etc.
Smart randomization - using a single button you can generate completely new settings. By clicking the button you can walk through the billions of possible settings and find the best one for you! The smart randomization algorithm wisely chooses between which parameters can be randomized and how. It can even randomize modulators for you. And if that's too much, you can just hold ctrl and MMultiBandGranular will only slightly modify existing settings.
Automatic gain compensation (AGC) - most plugins can change loudness of the output audio, which makes browsing presets not convenient, not mentioning randomization. Our plugins include automatic gain compensation, which quickly adapts to current settings and ensure the output sounds as loud as the input. This even protects you from thinking that something sounds better in cases it's just louder.
Adjustable up-sampling 1x-16x to minimize aliasing and get an even clearer sound. Includes both minimum-phase and high-quality linear-phase algorithms.
Extremely advanced and easy-to-use user interface - our products are always designed to enhance the workflow. You can easily change all values, fine-tune each control in multiple ways. Easy orientation in a standardized GUI, textual editing and smooth visualization with almost unlimited zooming are standard in all of our plugins. Moreover our plugins are the world first (and still the only ones), which support resizable and stylable GUI's.
MIDI controllers with MIDI learn - you can map any parameter to any MIDI controller or MIDI keyboard and control it realtime or record and automate it.
Very fast, optimized for SSE and SSE2 processors.
Global preset management and online preset exchange - using a title button you can save your settings (which are shared on the computer) so you can easily access these in other songs. Moreover all plugins can automatically share your presets and download presets of other users from our servers (if this feature is enabled). We are building a community and you can be a part of it!
Fully automatable.

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Thanks again CHAOS

Reupped. PiRAT

download fast directly from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB
en.usenet.nl/download/MeldaProduction MMultiBandGranular v7.00 VST VST3 x86


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Many thanks
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You should try the "MMultiBandHarmonizer" - sounds much better!!

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Thanks Horsemen wink
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Dead link
Zeus,...keeping him in mind until he is well!
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  Resident 4.05.2011 238
dead link
Zeus,...keeping him in mind until he is well!
"There is more to life than increasing its speed." Mahatma Gandhi
  Moderator 25.04.2012 79 6940
A) Please don't post twice, it doesn't help your chances of getting a reup. B) It helps if you post reup please instead of dead link. Check back in 24 hours and if it's still not up post again and I will take care of it.
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reup done
Greetz..ASSiGN, AudioP2P, ST3REO, 0TH3Rside, CHAOS, R2R
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That was quick. You're the man, thanks Horsemen.
Those that don't appreciate AudioZ, don't deserve AudioZ.

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